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Annual Planning Meeting 2012

Saturday, January 7th, 2012

The Date: Friday 6th January 2012. 8.00pm.
The Venue: Findon Manor Hotel.
The Event: The Annual Planning Meeting of the Findon Gentlemen’s Cycling Club.

Members present.
RT, PT, JR, CB, and GD.
The meeting commenced at the bar of the Snooty Fox with lashings of Harveys, other brands were available and enjoyed by some members along with soft drinks for those chaps enjoying, or not, an annual period of abstinence!

Once vessels were charged we adjourned to the lounge as recent decorative work in our beloved bar had replaced our usual window bench with a couple of trendy leather bucket seats leaving woefully insufficient room for our meetings. (Note to self, have a word with Ashley re priorities!)
However, with plenty of room in the lounge we made ourselves comfortable and RT attempted to commence proceedings. He was immediately interrupted by JR with a TEMKEK point of interest appertaining to haircuts. This point was concluded at 8.15pm when we adjourned back to the bar to recharge empty vessels!

8.19pm KBS (aka Willy Wonka) arrives and showers total confusion on those present, you had to be there!

Reconvening at 8.20pm our illustrious RT was brushed aside again, this time by PT announcing the nominations for the 2011 Bling Award.

8.24pm MA arrives and the agenda is up in the air once again!

Once MA was settled we moved swiftly back to Bling, in second place was himself, Mr. PT, a mighty feat for an expat! The fact was recognised by the meeting and met with positive murmuring and some nutation of approval, but in first place with 38 outings, 682 miles and an impressive 54,489 feet of climb was RT. GD last years holder made the presentation and much applause was bestowed upon RT from those gathered.

8.35pm RT suggested we actually open the meeting! JR interrupts and respectfully suggests members consider an appropriate time within the coming year to include ‘The Redfern Memorial Ride‘ incorporating visits to the Findon church shed and all branches of Bunces in Sussex! It was decided to incorporate these milestone visits into our weekly outings.

8.38pm Moving on RT finally made a start discussing the main dates for our diary.

8.40pm ZA arrives and showers greeting to all. Meeting continues discussing main dates.

8.45pm FL arrives and showers bonsoir’s to all! Meeting continues discussing main dates.

9pm, slowing down a little now we recharge empty vessels. Following this members of the FGCC made a landmark decision; the decision was proposed and seconded with no objections whatsoever and from this day forth, following the APM or EPM’s, rides will commence at 8am! Whatever next, are we softening?

9.10pm ZA proposes a toast to the FGCC and members dutifully obliged!

9.15 DS arrives victorious from the squash courts of Brighton.

The meeting continued discussing main events before moving onto Trek and Brek dates. Much interjection and hilarity followed and finally, in record time, at 9.40pm RT commended the calendar to the members and after more cheering and shouts of ‘order’ the aye’s had it and the proposed dates were set in stone!

The meeting concluded at 9.50pm and members adjourned to the Tajdar Restaurant. See our main site for the FGCC Calendar 2012.
A good years cycling to all.

EPM Friday 3rd June

Sunday, June 5th, 2011

CN, PT, JR, MA, ZA, RT gathered for an EPM called by CB to discussed the re-scheduling of the trek ‘n brek to the tank as it was clearly not going to take place the following morning. Other subjects on the agenda included Monarch’s Way ride, IOW ride.

Initial discussion on the fact that the Harveys Sussex in the Snooty Fox is far superior to the Black Sheep we had experienced on the Dales ride.

KBS had suggested that the Monarch’s Way ride be re-scheduled for Sat 11th June. Approval given for this ride and after a number of options to ensure a longer time between breakfast and lunch, it was agreed that we should assemble at Worthing central station cafe for breakfast at approx 07.45am. Findon riders could gather at the usual location at 07.15am and PT will seek appropriately timed train from HH. JR will research group booking for reduced fares.

Unfortunately RT has failed to find available B&B’s and anyway there appeared to be limited numbers to join the IOW ride and so it has been officially cancelled.

Tank T&B has been re-scheduled to Sat 17th Sept and so the EPM planned for 19th August will also cover this subject.

JR proposed that we complete the Monarch’s Way ride in the easterly direction and it was agreed that this will take place on Sat 20th August to be another all-day ride. Details also to be a subject for the APM on 19th Aug.

Official business having been concluded a number retired to the VH to quaff a further couple of pints.

2011 Annual Planning Meeting of the FGCC @ The Manor Hotel Findon. 8pm (Promptish.) Friday 7th January 2011

Sunday, January 9th, 2011

Messrs, PT, RT, FL, ZA, JR, CB, KBS, AM, MA, MR(MD), DS, NW and GD attended this years APM. RT again took the chair and despite cries of, “one meeting.” echoing about the place he struggled to be heard above the ever increasing banter of members. The meeting began by securing dates for the historic annual events such as, ‘Reg,’ (18 this year), the Tank brek, North – West passage or was it the South – East passage? Downs-link etc., etc. Twenty minutes into this process there was a short break to recharge empty vessels.

The 2010 Bling Award was then awarded to GD having completed an astonishing, more so to GD, 42 outings, completing 873 miles of a possible 1083. RT, the 2009 holder. graciously parted company with the priceless bulldog and made the presentation.

The meeting eventually moved on to trek and brek’s, however, prior to this there was another short interval to recharge empty vessels. ZA and MR were bidding for the same date and unfortunately for ZA, MR entered his bid first and knocked ZA into touch. These dates are now in the calendar and just to set the record straight, ZA’s brek is now, ‘not the MR brek’ and the MR brek is now, ‘not the ZA brek.’ Logically following on from this, and how RT managed to finish the meeting is beyond me, the ‘Isle of Wight’ ride is now, ‘not the ‘New Forest ride’ and the ‘New Forest ride’ is now, ‘not the Isle of Wight ride.’ So at least thats sorted! It was thought that a short interval should be called at this juncture to restore order and recharge empty vessels.

DS then suggested a ‘trail ride’ in either Yorkshire, North Wales or another venue in South Wales. This received positive nods and noises of approval from members and while the meeting progressed and vessels emptied, DS broke new ground by logging into a trail website to identify a suitable weekend to go. This clashed with JR’s curry night and for fear of more, ‘not the JR curry night’ frivolity, JR swiftly put off his function to another weekend. A true gentleman.

The meeting drew to a close around 9.45pm and adjourned to the Tajdar restaurant and that’s another story. 2011 Calendar will be published as soon as the ink is dry. Thanks to Angus for not throwing us out and for top notch Harveys and Timmy Taylors, Now back to normality.

Subsequent to the meeting, the calendar has been published on the (

Many thanks to GD for taking the minutes, having been requested to do so after the meeting was closed – the remainder of the assembled company would not have been able to remember as much!