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Reg 14

Monday, September 24th, 2007

Fri 21 Sep 2007 Reg 14 – PMed by CB

MA JR RT PT CB KB-S and EN with LSV for dinner and brek. After Tea and Doughnuts at Roche Towers, depart at 2:45ish to climb up Long Furlong, then right at Tolmare. Roche memorial retouched and photographed as the peleton passed along Collarbone Alley. mr-roche-and-his-memorial1.jpg Toby’s Stone atop Bignor Hill has been restored after a decline from vandalism over recent years. No walking up any of the hills (that’s Bury, Bignor and the climb up Littleton Down), for the first time in anyone’s recollection. Budd memorial repainted and recorded, as new fence has been erected at the site.). mr-budd-and-his-memorial-1.jpg

Peleton arrived at Blue Bell at 6pm, and in the absence of the LSV repaired to the Greyhound (northward a mile or so) for rehydration until joined by EN. Sue and Steve (the new folk at Moonlight Cottage, aka Reg’s) made MA RT KB-S and JR welcome, while Janet and Malcolm provided excellent hospitality to PT, CB and EN at the B&B opposite Ruth’s. Excellent dinner at the Greyhound, with taxi return by MA to deliver drinkers to their digs (v much appreciated).


Sat 22 Return from Reg

Return leg over to Singleton then left at East Dean to Forrestry Commission site at Droke, then stiff climb up through forest to Selhurst Park. East along road and then take bridleway to end up at Whiteways lodge for tea, after PT and JR have punctures on final climb. Over the bridge at Amberley and complete the return along the Amberley loop. Last post from above Muntham thwarted, despite dry conditions, by barbed wire at gun club gate. Discussion of Reg 15 as a Gala occasion, at Moonlight Cottage, on 19 September 2008. Evening meals are now available at MC, wines to be negotiated.

New Forest and IOW Ride 2007

Saturday, August 18th, 2007

Fri/Sun 10/11/12  August 2007, organised by RT


PT collects MA from No 10, JR from Offington Roundabout, and ZA from McDonalds carpark at Crossbush, then proceed to Brockenhust to park in the station car park. 20 mile circular tour to Lyndhurst via tracks to east of main road, returning to Brockenhurst after picnic lunch stop via circular loop west of main road.  RT arrives with FL and CB, and all proceed to Lymington with PT towing his and JR’s luggage on trailer.  Embark on ferry, waving ZA farewell as he catches train home.  Tea, and bickies from RT, on ferry.  Proceed to High Down Hotel, now with JR towing trailer.  Arrive 7 ish with 31 miles for the day.


All set off to climb to Needles Old Battery, then up to Tennyson memorial for stop, then downhill plummet to Freshwater, where swim/tea debate is resolved in favour of tea.  Visit keys memorial, for repaint while golf progresses.  Climb up to Tennyson trail, then down to road passing three girls.  Stop at road, where RT distributes KMC to all (including said three girls), and depart to climb next hill.  One girl passes PT, having given him a five-minute start, remarking that the KMC has “kicked in” nicely.  PT goes straight on instead of turning left at top, so all follow for downhill to road, where we turn north for Carisbrooke, stopping at Eight Bells for sandwich lunch and rehydration, JR and MA skipping lunch to head off to Ryde for the ferry (made 2:15 ferry in smart time).  Remaining four take detour to Halfords to pump up CB’s front shock, then to White Mountain for brake pads for FL.  Spell on road then path north along the Medina to Cowes, to thread through crowds at Cowes week.  Coastal path round Gurnard, but path closed due to erosion and we are diverted by road to Rew Street to take footpath (with stiles, corrugations, brambles etc) towards beach at Sticeletts Farm.  After a spell along the beach we climbed up into a mobile home holiday camp, and eventually escaped by finding the concealed entrance to the coastal path through a hedge.  Over stiles, past wrecked cars, and eventually hit the road again and turn right for Porchfield.  Past a tandem parked by the road with a sign “free to a good home”, but unable to take advantage!  Pass through Shalfleet and Wellow. Refuel stop at Thorley, scones courtesy FL, then continue by road via Wilmingham to turn right on to track leading to the disused railway from Yarmouth to Freshwater.  Down railway, right at end then left at Garage to long climb up to High Down.  42 miles for the day.


MA writes “John and I set a blistering pace from the usual haunt in Carisbrooke and reached Ryde pierhead at 14:00 (Lance Armstrong eat your heart out…) and said goodbye to the island on a ferry shortly thereafter and with only one officious  “jobs worth” train company employee to mar the journey, arrived back in the Worthing environs at about 16:30.”.


Uphill out of pub with FL towing his and PT’s gear on trailer, to retrace yesterday’s route to the disused rly, then retrace Fridays route to ferry, with a cash stop in Yarmouth.  Tea on ferry, then by A337 road out of Lymington, fork right towards Boldre, continue to Sandy Down then take track north to Roydon Manor and Brockenhurst.  Only one spill, when trailer hit root and flipped over.  PT loaded up the van and went home, having done 83 miles in total, while RT CB and FL left gear in RT’s car and went for a circular tour in the forest.  Details to be sought from RT.


RT writes “For the record, Messrs. Budd, Leroux and yours truly initially intended to take one of the trails leading North and slightly east out of Brockenhurst to Lyndhurst and back down to Brockenhurst for about an hours’s ride. Unfortunately we missed the relevant path, and instead took the road past the Rhinefield Park Hotel (the one where you want to take afternoon tea) and into the Rhinefield Ornamental Drive, continuing along it across the A35. Around a mile beyond we took a left turn, with the intention of taking a right and left to catch a trail that leads down to Burley. Took the right turn early, and realising that we had made a mistake, we had to continue because M Leroux had insisted on dashing on ahead. Eventually got onto the right trail and rode down into Burley. Had a pint in the usual location and then rode back to Brockenhurst along the old railway line, the one hour excursion finally taking around two and a half hours.”.


Ride to Streat, with apologies to Medwin

Wednesday, May 16th, 2007

Friday 4th May 2.20pm. Group of 6 riders – Paul Topley, Zachary Allen, John Roche, Kim Bang-Sorensen, Francois Leroux and Richard Thomas – set off from Tudor Close in Findon Village. A little late, but not surprising with the plentiful supply of tea on offer from the Roche residence. Wet weather gear (which had been specially acquired for the C2C ride but had proven to not be required) was donned by most in view of the depressing conditions and light rain.

Route took us up Cissbury and straight on over towards the Steyning Road. At the top of the first hill we marvelled at the speed already being achieved following recent rides and our greatly improved levels of fitness. Wet weather gear generally removed following this exertion as it was proving wetter inside than out, only to have bared legs attacked by a bed of nettles that could not be avoided.

Onto the Steyning road and then down the concrete road in the Steyning bowl – an excellent adrenalin rush resulting in maximum speeds of over 40mph. However this indulgence prevented us from attending to the memorial at the bottom that had been the result of an achievement of 48mph and a sudden stop a few years ago.

Next across the river Adur and up Truleigh Hill. For once the whole group cycled all the way up, PT not stopping at all until the very top, though needless to say that the Dane got there in about half the time of the rest. A banana and sweet stop to re-energise and then off again.

The Nick Way memorial was reached at around 4.00pm, and its annual refurbishment was followed by the FGCC ode to the fallen – requiem post disequilibrium – though two passing walkers seemed a little confused by the occasion.

Past Devil’s Dyke and on to Nyetimber, where again a record was achieved with everyone being able to cycle all the way up, albeit a little slower this time. Time to stop and admire the scenery and comment on our luck with the weather during the ride.

On past the golf club at …… at which stage we seemed to encounter riders on an organised SDW ride. RT came across a rather unhappy rider who was walking his steed due to a puncture. FGCC team got into action and fixed the tyre, jokingly commenting that we hoped he could afford the bill that was being produced by Mr Roche, who was in fact sending yet another email on his PDA. A tenner was produced, but swiftly refused – we are the FGCC after all.

Then on to the Beacon where the rain started, with wet weather gear again being donned. A speedy and very wet descent to Streat, where we were granted another warm welcome by our hosts at North Acres, Valerie and John Eastwood, arriving at 6.00pm. Such a fast ride that for once we even arrived in advance of our LSV, Mr Ewart Nightingale.

An excellent B&B, but it has sadly had to close since then due to bureaucracy over fire regulations and competitive interests claiming that it was a hotel.

A great evening at The Winning Post pub in Plumpton Green, followed by a 2 mile stagger back through the unlit bridleway, but with no incidents of any note.

A proper full English Breakfast provided by our hosts accompanied by discussions varying from the state of our nation to the sadness of those who want punch and judy shows to be politically correct, and from culling of grey squirrels to the creation of weblogs – hence the FGCCblog (thank you John). Who wants to stay in a plastic hotel chain when you have such a great combination of entertainment and accomodation.

The return journey was a generally uneventful road ride along the north side of the south downs. One exception was the losing of the two continentals when the testosterone got too much and they insisted on chasing after two ladies on road bikes! Will they ever learn? The other exception was caused by the Dane taking us on yet another route that resulted in major injury to RT. Fortunately his camera survived, resulting in a fine picture of a fence.

The fence

Arrived back in Findon at 2.00pm, all agreed that it had been a particularly enjoyable ride. Thanks to Paul Topley for all the organisation.

Another fantastic ride to Streat

Sunday, May 13th, 2007

Oh, once again a fantastic ride to Streat with all the trimmings: Truleigh Hiil, New Timber Hill, North Acres, Winning Post. And on the ride home we also saw the first shot from the world’s only downhill singletrack photographer. Unfortunately, the result didn’t live up to the otherwise good view and position from a bike. Have a look yourselves.

The Flying Dane