Annual planning meeting 2019

January 8th, 2019

Another successful planning meeting held in the Tajdar followed by a nightcap at the Village House.

The first item on the agenda was the hotly contested bling award for attendance on rides, with statistics meticulously collected, prepared and presented by Mr Topley. Keeping everyone on tenterhooks Mr Topley advised the number of rides, total distance and heights climbed in ascending order, finally revealing that the latest winner of this coveted award was Mr Thomas, retrieving it back from Mr Kruger (who probably would have retained the award had he not been involved in so much regime change around the world during the year). The runner up was Mr Roche who had apparently climbed around 17,000ft more than Mr Thomas, leading to debate about the need for algorithms to be included in the detailed calculations for the award:

2018 FGCC rides stats

Presentation of the Bling award

The next item was the long ride for 2019. Mr Kersley had undertaken extensive and impressive research into a ride on the Oxford Ridgeway (aka the Halloumi ride) and after some debate it was agreed that this would take place in April rather than May. A show of hands indicated that there would be around 6 or 7 up for the ride and TK agreed to continue to be the Project Manager.

The remainder of the calendar was completed in time for the arrival of the meal – yes it took that long – and the calendar updated and posted on the website prior to the next morning’s ride – see FGCC 2019 calendar.

2018 Not-gala night

February 11th, 2018

10 members of the Findon Gentlemen’s Cycling club assembled at the Gurkha Tandoori, Thomas a Beckett, suitably dressed in black tie and cycling shorts, with the exception of Mr Roche resplendent in his Daura Suruwal-style outfit. Following a toast to absent friends and the FGCC, gentlemen welcomed our newest member SR, aka “electric Sid”, and it transpired that the first medal of the evening was presented to him for his introduction of electromotive force to the club. The remaining 9 medals were presented during the course of the evening with much entertainment and merriment to the enjoyment of all, the final entertainment being observing Mr Roche trying to re-thread the cord to his hareem trousers – difficult at the best of times but after 8 or so Cobras definitely a challenge.

A toast to the FGCC and absent friends

And the damage….

The damage

2018 APM

January 21st, 2018

Another well attended annual planning meeting for the FGCC was held at the Village House, Findon, on Friday 19th January with a fine repast provided by our hosts there – our thanks go to the VH.

The final approved calendar has since been posted on the website and includes the main expeditions and rides – Monarch’s Way ride, Normandy invasion, Isle of Wight/New Forest ride and the Go West ride on the South Downs Way.

Stats on the 2017 rides were also presented, with the Bulldog Bling award being awarded to Mr Roy Kruger the following morning at the brek at Julia’s. Mr Kruger had just pipped Mr Thomas, the previous holder, to the post with 38 attendances at rides throughout the year.

Ride stats totals for the FGCC for 2017

The Bling Award 2017 – Roy’s proud moment.

Not-gala night – Friday 17th February 2017

February 26th, 2017

All looking very smart in DJ’s and cycling shorts and wearing medals honouring great achievements, eleven gentlemen of the FGCC thoroughly enjoyed our annual not-gala night of “vox testiculae” at the Gurkha Tandoori.
Newest member Bob was welcomed with a toast followed by toasts to absent friends and our great institution. And then time for the presentations … leading to one of the other diners in the restaurant making some comment about the noise…

FGCC Not-gala night 2017

FGCC Not-gala night 2017

Unfortunately the Gurkha had run out of Gurkha beer, so we had to help them run out of Cobra…

Evidence of a good time

Evidence of a good time

2017 APM – Friday 20th January

January 24th, 2017

A record turn-out for the APM, with 11 of us packed into a corner of the Village House and amazingly we managed to churn our way through the draft calendar within an hour and a quarter, and in time for our booking at the Tajdar.
Plenty of b******s spoken, needless to say and every drop of the Cobra beer drained. Another highly entertaining evening.

Not a drop wasted

Not a drop wasted

The new calendar was duly posted on the website later that night:-

2017 calendar

EPM Friday 4th November

November 7th, 2016

During the ride on the previous Saturday JR and the Rev. Z Allan TV. FGCC (Club Chaplain) agreed that “weighty matters were in need of discussions” and began to do so when JR remembered that they were not quorate at an EPM. I couldn’t remember the exact (proposed) agenda but recalls something about King Canute.
Hence the call for an EPM Friday (say 8 to 8.30 onwards), at the VH with a 10pm (latest) curry at Tim’s favourite restaurant/second home: The Tajdar?
With 5 attending at the VH, as far as can be remembered much was discussed but nothing concluded making it yet another great evening with plenty of entertaining discussion.
One idea raised was that we should have an overnight ride scheduled for the end of October each year to one of the UK forests so as to be able to enjoy the wonderful Autumn colours, such as JR experienced in the Forest of Dean. The draft calendar for 2017 has been updated to include this suggestion.
Below is a picture taken at Sheffield Park as an example.

Autumn colours in Sheffield Park

Autumn colours in Sheffield Park

Next year’s long ride? South America?

November 4th, 2016

How about this for a long ride? A couple from the Netherlands and friends of RT are embarking on a ride up the length of South America, having given up their jobs and sold their house!

Rene & Miriam's South America ride route

Rene & Miriam’s South America ride route

You can follow their ride on the following link, though they may have difficulty updating due to connection:

Bon voyage Rene & Miriam.

The FGCC celebrates the 950th anniversary of the Battle of Hastings with a jousting session.

September 17th, 2016

To applause from great crowds the FGCC provides splendid entertainment to the masses with our knights on their steeds demonstrating their specially honed jousting skills.

FGCC gentleman Roy Kruger cycles for charity again.

June 13th, 2016

Once again FGCC gentleman Roy Kruger is helping to raise money for the COINS foundation by riding across Wales, from the Severn Bridge to the Menai Straights. This year it is only 220 miles over 3 days, but when consulting the map it indicated far too many contour lines a bit to close together, so will probably be the same if not more challenging than the 300 miles that he completed last year. The ride is this weekend, leaving on Saturday 18th June.

The sponsorship is for the COINS charity which Roy has had the privilege of seeing first hand in the UK, but also operates overseas. The aim is to use the power of business to create a better and more sustainable future. The easiest way to sponsor is by going to Roy’s company’s Just Giving page:

For more information about COINS see:-

Coins foundation website

Roy in training for riding in wet Wales

Roy in training for riding in wet Wales

Views of the South Downs

May 18th, 2016

Visit the award winning blog site, the Anxious Gardener, for views of our favourite part of the country, the South Downs, via the following link:-

The Anxious Gardener – South Downs views

Chanctonbury - FGCC

Chanctonbury in the sunshine