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This is what a BDN ride is all about

Thursday, March 3rd, 2016

Excellent weather to enjoy a BDN ride on the beautiful South Downs, though with a strong north-westerly winds.

View from Amberley Mount to Bury Hill

View from Amberley Mount to Bury Hill

Messrs Bang-Sorensen, Budd and Thomas set out from Findon intending to get onto the SDW and go over to Bury Hill, round to Whiteways and back down to Houghton, North Stoke and back to Findon. However, a delayed start with 2 “blasteets” for CB and an unusual stop by the FD to admire the snowdrops by the side of the A24 left us with limited time so the straight Amberley loop was taken instead – SDW to Amberley, North Stoke and back up to Kithurst Hill and return to Findon.