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Findon Gentlemen’s Cycling Club rides in August 2022.

Saturday 6th August 08.00am ride

JR, KBS RT & Philip

Team chaplain appeared at the start of the ride on his road bike headed for a service that he wanted to attend. Route or subsequent return unknown.

Henfield chosen for the brek. Route up Stable Lane and over to Chanctonbury and west and north down the SDW towards the A24. Turning off towards the bottom we headed east through the woods on the north side of Chanctonbury and onto Chanctonbury ring road. Excellent riding through the dry woods.

Through Wiston village and onto Spithandle Lane along which the Flying Brit was get anti-tarmac fever and suggested turning off onto each bridleway that we passed, but stayed on course when he was informed that these could well have resulted in even more tarmac.

Straight across the Horsham Road and onto the track across the Adur river and into Henfield to the Old Post House for an excellent brek in the sunshine. Philip justified his OBE  tucking into his brek with gusto.

Return route was chosen to give KBS a bit more off-road and he had earlier recalled an excellent route along the river found by our team cartographer so we started off down the Downslink to turn off at the river crossing. The FD did not recognise where we were and although informed that we were to simply follow the river, elected to in another direction only to have to backtrack to join the peloton that had pressed on. (Evidencing his itching to try other routes Strava has recorded that his total for the whole ride was over a mile more than RT)

Returning along Spithandle Lane, RT experienced a disaster with a “blasteet” of the Kruger style though not as dramatic, but sufficient for a passing motorist to shout “I heard that”. Disaster because the cause was found to be a split in the tyre meaning that, against his instincts, RT would have to dispose of it. A repair was made to enable him to complete the journey home.

Another ride through the woods with Philip reaching the top and opening the gate before the FD who was no doubt exhausted by his frequent off-shoots from the route. Back of Windlesham and Collarbone alley, through the Long Furlong field and back to the village.

Total 25.7 miles and 1,832ft

subsequent email summaries received from PT and JR:


Today, an inspection of Strava shows there were five gentlemen a velo variously representing the FGCC in Sussex and the Isle of Wight.
Messrs Roche and Bang-Sorensen accompanied the Thomas twins (Richard and Philip) on a jaunt to Henfield:
While Mr Avery scouted out new routes for us from Mottistone on the IoW:
Sadly yours truly was hors de combat due to domestic exigencies.  Of Messrs Mead, Allen and Kersley I have no news, but Mr Budd was afoot sur le continong to inflame the local ladies.  No bike, so no bling!
JR followed with:
Paul et Al,

You are correct in your summary here. For our ride apologies for absence were earlier received from:
* Mr. Paul Topley FGCC TM (so no tech-support then)
* Mr. Tim Kersley FGCC (so we decided to avoid all potentially unsafe bridges)
The hat-trick of disappointments occurred when we were lulled into a false sense of security at 08.00 at OPG.
* Rev. Zach Allen FGCC CCTV (and club historian) arrived but announced that he had to attend a function associated with his duties on the subs bench for the C of E (so we decided to avoid all sites of relevance to the Civil War).
Mr. Phillip Thomas FGCC OBE did indeed attend to double up on the Thomas count and thereby swell the dwindling numbers displayed. Phillip brough along a shiny Electric Trek, the rest of us were on our usual steeds.
Route was as correctly defined below. Brek was at the Post House in Henfield.
The only noteworthy events included some interesting requests to vary the route by the ever-pioneering KBS, with practical demonstration as we rode aside the River Adur and a blasteet in Digginwell Lane.
The latter was caused, not by a stone or thorn, but by Mr. Thomas’ equally pioneering use of an ex-JR tyre which had worn a hole big enough to expose the innertube to the elements. A leading-edge method of reparation was used: rather than repairing the innertube and discarding the tyre Mr. Thomas did the reverse. He patched the tyre and replaced the innertube – deliberately NOT folding the broken spare tube (in a way that would make Mr. Avery proud), there-by ensuring that the puncture would later be repaired to save turning up on future rides with an innertube with a ready-made puncture (we’ve all done it haven’t we).
It was noticed that the patch which Richard adhered to his tyre was placed next to a similar patch from a previous tyre episode!
Whilst thanking Mr. Thomas for his efforts at recycling and re-use – not just on behalf of the FGCC but on behalf of us all on planet Earth – the idea was mooted that perhaps a new tyre might be appropriate. Discussion ensued at which it became apparent that there was more chance of pigs flying (or seeing Mr. Andy Mead sporting a blue rosette).
Later email from PT:

News has flooded in from AM and ZA confirming their outings on Saturday last:
Andy writes:
The Mead ride started early on the road at 7.30.

To the end of Worthing Seafront via West Worthing and George V Ave. Eastward to the Fort where coffee was taken, before returning via Teddy’s, the back streets of Shoreham, the airport
and then westwards along the seafront to Ferring.
A quick whizz round to The Bluebird (didn’t stop) and back eastward to Worthing via Goring. Left down Clifton Road to the South Farm Road gates
and then to follow the well signposted official cycle route to Findon. A chilly start but much warmer as the sun rose higher. The eye of the cat says 34 miles. Bon Chance.
Zach writes:
6 Aug being the Feast of the Transfiguration, as well as the anniversary of the atomic bomb being dropped over Hiroshima in 1945, I chose to join the congregation at St John the Divine, W Worthing for their service, 09.30 Sat. Thus, from Pond Green, I made my way down High St, up the Bostal over High Salvington, across A27, down Durrington Hill; turned R along New Road to pass Tesco Superstore, Durrington and Columbia House, thence L down to Yeomans R’abt on the A259: crossed A259 to take Limbrick Lane which eventually culminates in an underpass under the Railway Line, bringing me on to Woods Way, Mulberry Lane, Passing Goring shops to turn R down Alinora Avenue to seafront. Along to Wallace Ave & thence up to St JtD Church.
Return route via Reigate Rd, W Worthing level crossing, Rectory Rd, Offington Lane and Findon Rd …

Saturday 13th August 08.00am ride


Saturday 20th August 08.00am ride


Saturday 27th August 08.00am ride

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