04. April 2023

FGCC rides in April 2023

Saturday 1st April Return NW/Downslink ride

JR, PT, CB, MA, TB, ZA, AMAfter a fine but expensive dinner, we emerged rested to brek and depart for home.  JR turned back just north of Rowly to retrieve the anglia and bags, and drive to WHQ.  ZA followed a road pilgrimage to his old haunts, visiting the church where he was christened and seeing the clock presented to the church by his folks in celebration of the event.

Le peleton went along the riverbank to join the Downslink,

then headed south to the cheese place at Rudgewick, to rv with ZA arriving by road.  After much cheese on toast, the peleton decided to go all the way to the coast, while ZA continued his road route home.

(Peleton in blue, ZA in pink in the map)
At the airport we discovered a new brek venue, in a caravan round to the right of the airport building.  An accommodating lady (Maggie to us) provided coffees and teas etc, even as she was in the act of closing for the day.  To be returned to on a sunny day, as a more economical alternative to the Airport.
Finally, the peleton breezed along the coast and up to Findon by the approved cycle route, covering some 47 miles for the day.

Total 47.9 miles and 1,031ft


Saturday 8th April 08.00am ride


TK writes: Chris , Tommy , Zach and I all left Findon passing over Lancing clump at the Coombes road Zach headed back past Coombes church. TK, TB & CB took brek at Teddies and also took the chance to say hello to the flying chocolatier at the shoreham market .. returned back via Lancing clump this time able to enjoy the views which were initially masked by mist. No TAMITs

Total 14.7 miles and 1,315ft.

Saturday 15th April 08.00 am ride ride


A four peaks ride, short ride to assist RT to get his cycling legs back as well as to take into account sodden tracks following yet more downpours. Up Cissbury and along the very boggy ruts track from there to top of Stable lane. Ascent into a northerly gusty breeze to Chanctonbury. Down a slippery north face to Washington car park, over the A24 and up to the High Barn, not taking the Flying Brit short cut across the field. Fast drop to Collarbone Alley thanks to having the wind behind and finishing with a slippery drop down Church hill to an excellent brek sandwich at Dee Dee’s.

Total 11.4 miles and 1,174 ft.



Tuesday 18th to Sunday 23rd Long ride in Somerset 

summaries awaited from the peloton


Day 1 drive to Yeovil and afternoon ride.

14.6 miles and 1,009 ft



Day 2 ride.

34.5 miles and 2,530ft


Day 3 ride

Visit to Fleet Air Arm museum.

Day 4 ride

Day 5 ride

31 miles and 1,973 ft



TAMITS – Team chaplain at (C)Rhymehorn Farm


Sunday 23rd – return to Findon.


Saturday 22nd April 08.00am ride

Solo ride for RT.

Wanted to check the “jumps” downhill route following all the dutch elm disease felling and can report all clear again. Need to check the Lion trail again soon. Also wanted to see how I could manage the off-road section of Truleigh Hill, but sadly got derailed as ever by the ruts on steepest section. Excellent bacon and mushroom sandwich at Teddies and ride along sea front home

23.9 miles and 1,481ft


Saturday 29th April 08.00am ride

KBS, PT, RK, RT + ZA part of ride

Five gathered at OPG for the off, the dreaded tsetse fly having again struck at School Hill and “our man in Cross Lane” confined by covid isolation.
The route was over Chanctonbury to Dial Post, so we set off up Stable Lane.  All was well until the descent of the “improved” llama lane, where PT’s front brake failed and spread oil drops down the track.  The culprit was a shattered piston, a bit of which is still visible in the cylinder.
At the bottom of llama lane, ZA peeled off to the left round Chanctonbury for a shorter return via Windlesham.
After a fine brek at the Old Barn, the remainder of the peleton popped across to the bike shop in Partridge Green in the hope of finding spare brake bits, but without success.  Down the Downslink and back along the beach, with RK and RT returning via the approved route, and PT and KBS returning via Tarring and Mill lane.
33.25 miles and 1011 feet climbed.