2008.11 Nov

November 2008 FGCC rides
Sat 1 7.30am Saturday ride
RT writes:
Messrs Le Bas, Leroux, Avery and yours truly.
Route was Muntham, and up to high barn and the South Downs way, forking off to the left to take the long drop down to Burpham. A fork off to the left, with a puncture for M Leroux and general castigation of all things Michelin, a fabulous hidden valley somewhere around this area and then on to Angmering Park Estate which we must have circumnavigated about 3 times before emerging above Patcham. Back through Clapham woods before the peleton split up at the top of church hill – total 19 miles.

Sat 8 7.30am Turvey Trek ‘n lunch – PT
PT followed an off-road route from HH to Hickstead, then west on minor roads and the odd bit of bridlepath to The Chalet, a transport caff in the traditional mould, on the A281 south of Cowfold and just north of the Monastery. JR, RT, KB-S, CB and FL appeared from Partridge Green, having come up the Downslink, and light brek was had. The route from HH was retraced, with the added joy of a puncture, and we reached Kevin House at about 12:30. Mesdames Budd, Leroux and Bang-Sorensen joined us, as did les minor Leroux and Bang-Sorensens, and we were honoured to receive the LSV Director and his Lady. A curry lunch ensued, while children occupied themselves with a mix of virtual and actual games.

Fri 14 Not Gala Night @ Ghurka T,DJ – RT/PT
NGN truly lived up to its name, as all bar PT, AM, CB and EN were unable to attend, and RT arrived late from Switzerland (Splendid effort). It had been agreed via cyclenet that the ceremonies were to be dispensed with due to the lack of a quorum, but PT had neglected to inform EN. His immaculate turnout put our casual sartorial efforts to shame, and a presentation to AM was made by EN. Feasting of a mild nature replaced the enthusiasm customary at Gala Nights.

Sat 15 7.30am Saturday ride
CB, RT and PT set off up through Muntham, intending to circuit Myrtle Grove. KB-S telephoned as we were half way up to Muntham Farm, to inform us that he was half way up to Cissbury car park, and to enquire as to our whereabouts. He caught us before we reached the gate at the Gun club. All proceeded towards the Tank, until PT’s rear mech gave up with a siezed jockey wheel after Kithurst. RT and KB-S decided to continue, while CB and PT returned to Findon with jury repairs holding together.

Sat 22 7.30
RT reports ”only Mr Budd and myself out. A24 and up to Chanctonbury, Langmead, down the gravel road and then to Cissbury. No incidents to report.”

Sat 29 7.30am
RT again reports “Just M Leroux and myself out this weekend. Did the 4 peaks (gentlemanly version starting Cissbury). Very foggy – only incident being that I discovered that my rear wheel was loose after the descent of the North Face – could have been nasty. Very boggy ride, almost the whole route. Just managed to survive it having had our company christmas bash last night. Still struggling to accept M Leroux’s attempts to convince me that he cannot get a word in edgeways at home!”