2012.05 May

Saturday 5th May 7.30 am ride.
Combination of recovery from C2C and more likely the heavy rain resulted in solo ride for CB, in spite of suggestion of Shoreham brek and return.
What was route Chris?

Saturday 12th May 7.30 am ride – FGCC goes intercontinental.
PT, AC, RT & Wayne.
AC had brought along Kiwi friend Wayne for an introductory ride. AC in preparation for triathlon in early June.
Route up Cissbury, towards Chanctonbury to join SDW. Down concrete road to join Downslink to Shoreham fora brek. Disruption of KBS stall in the farmers market there, then along the sea front, up past West Worthing station, TAB, where AC & W parted company, up Mill Lane and along the gallops to return to Findon.
Total 21 miles.

Saturday 19th May 7.30 am ride
PT, CB, RT, MR, AC and Wayne.
Up to Muntham, half-way up which RT received phone call from MR to say he had been delayed by a blasteet, asking for route.
On to SDW, past Kithurst to join Kim’s “vroom” pathway to the left after Kithurst hill. Up to the start of the gallops, where MR left to return home. On to Arundel for a brek.
Disruption of KBS stall at the farmers market there, before setting off on the southerly route via Highdown and Cote Street, at the bottom of which AC and Wayne parted from the peleton.
Total 22 miles.

Saturday 26th May 7.30 am ride
MA, AC, RT, Wayne, and T. Kearsley + A.Stevens
MA, AC and Wayne had ridden up from Worthing, and TK,AS were the unexpected addition to the peloton, training for the SDW ride in aid of WCHT.
Glorious day, Amberley loop proposed. Slight diversion onto the track to the right of the tank turn-off, for the benefit of those on hard tails, and generally an uneventful ride.
RT, TK and AS returned via Church Hill, and the others continued on to Worthing.
Total 18 miles

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