2019-10 October

Findon Gentlemen’s Cycling Club rides in October 2019.

Saturday 5th October 08.00am ride
PT writes:
Two Tims, John, Roy and Paul turned up at the appointed hour, and resolved to traverse the Amberley Loop.
An unconventional start through the Crem got us to Puckamuck’s executive headquarters compound, and the SDW got us to the tank turn. At this point a further route discussion ensued, and ambitions were revised. On to Kithurst hill, then a left and a left got us on to the Flying Brit’s favourite “zoom” track south to Lee Farm. A slog up to Chantry car park, then back along the SDW to Muntham. PT and JR descended to the village to attend to a flat tyre on PT’s car, while Roy and the Tims carried the Satmap along Collarbone alley and over Church Hill.
The Peleton convened for brek at the Not Wyvale cafe. A cool, initially misty, yet dry ride. Extra effort required as the ground gets softer.
13.3 miles and 1578 feet according to Satmap

Kithurst Hill and Lee Farm route

Saturday 12th October “Not-Turvey-House” ride ride
Downslink route to Horsham. Cissbury towards Chanctonbury with a long debate as to whether to have a split peloton with some going via the Lion’s trail and others a more gentle route to Steyning. In the end all decided to stick together as a group and we descended the Bostal for a breakfast in Steyning. Then onto the Downslink past Southwater to turn off north-is just before Christ’s Hospital, though not before a ‘following from in front” section had to be called back.
JR needed to return home by mid-day and around 11.00am decided that the time had come to turn round.
Arrival on time (or just before to the angst of our hostess who proceeded to admonish PT for not phoning) bikes taken round the back of the house for washing, but in the process of which an impatient Flying Brit disappeared in a perfect nose-dive into a flower bed though gashing his head on a window cill to the concern of one of the neighbours. It was established that the owner of the flower bad is Swedish so the damage would be ok.
An excellent lunch and beverage provided by our hosts along with the usual FGCC banter made for a convivial end to the day’s event.
24.6 miles and 1,016ft (Strava)

NTH ride 2019

TAMIT: KBS neatly sky diving into PT’s neighbour’s front garden.
JR’s idea of time.

Saturday 19th October 08.00am ride
PT short report: Six departed Findon, with ZA having to return just before the 3 mile marker. PT, JR, MA, CB and KBS proceeded over Highdown and along Ilex Way to the beach for brek at Splash Point. Back along the Gallops. Sunny day. 17 miles and about 900 feet

JR slightly longer report:
At 8.00 a.m. last Saturday (19th inst.), a number of athletically minded gentlemen assembled at Pond Green and immediately immersed themselves in discussion as to a route.


Rev. Z Allen (Club Chaplain)
Mr. P Topley (TM)
Mr. Kim Bang Sorenson (the Flying Brit)
Mr. M. Avery (TA)
Mr. C. Budd (restaurant critic)
Mr. J Roche (insignificant nobody).

As we were honoured with the presence of the TA – who had previously taken the time and trouble to research suitable brekking establishments for the club – and we had with us a visiting restaurant critic, it was suggested that we take a circuitous route and end up at Coast in Worthing: the TA’s chosen café. Here CB could undertake a full audit, thereby ticking off on his list one of our newly found brek establishments.

Led by the Flying Brit, Church Hill was assaulted and a slow downhill descent followed through Clapham Woods. I say slow because thick mud (and the talking of absolute b*$$oc$s) slowed our progress. Half way into Clapham Woods the Club Chaplain decided that he must turn back as he was AMUA (a man under authority). However his onward progress was further impeded by a ‘Blasteeeett”. Anxious turmoil arose in the minds of all present. The choices being:

1. Do we carry on and make good progress towards our goal, leaving the CC to mend his own tyre at the mercy of the Almighty and the elements – although of course it wasn’t raining. or:

2. Do we stick around and take the p!$$ whilst the TM (who by this time was itching to undertake major surgery on any mechanical object that showed even the slightest signs of malfunction), gets scrubbed up and places the screens in position.

Temptation got the better of all those assembled and so of course we took option #2.

Afterwards, having shaken lots of hands and taken part in the club salute, the CC departed for Findon and we others headed south to the A24, west to Titnore Lane and then along a bridleway to Highdown Hill. Descent to Ferring followed, crossing the A259 before cycling through the old hamlet of Hangleton into Ferring, the Ilex way to Goring, then south to the sea front via Sea Lane. An eastward travail followed using the promenade.

A splendid brek followed; according to CB all was fine with the bacons although there was a severe lack of halloumi on the menu – it was decided that this delicacy has yet to make it this far south but we all hold out hope for the future.

A return to Findon occurred using the usual route: Promenade, Grand Avenue, W. Worthing crossing, Half Moon Lane, the gallops and Rogers Farm.

Distance: 17.5 miles.
Ascent – haven’t a clue
Descent – lots of that
Standards: Maintained at all times.

In response to this excellent report the Club Chaplain, ever mindful of the welfare of the club replied:

A most amusing and full narrative – thank you …

However your description of yourself as ‘insignificant nobody’ surely can’t be allowed to pass unchallenged.
Everyone associated with the FGCC (‘The Club’) holds you in the highest regard as (amongst various other important roles)

Our Man in Tan Arata, ever willing to represent his fellow members of the FGCC in such illustrious places as Cobham, Farnham Common,
Monmouth et al

Most Hospitable Proprietor of World HQ

Speech-Writer/Deliverer in Chief

Beer Critic

Role Model in the Art of Courtship

And generally as One whose company – a velo, or otherwise – we all enjoy.

JR further response:

Many thanks for these kind words.

My intention was merely to amplify by comparison the qualities of my fellow riders. A splendid day.
Our TM may be able to enlighten us as to the elevation achieved. Alternatively we could all have a guess with a sweepstake being created and overseen by the whip-meister to spice up the competition.
Speaking of the whip-meister, his services were briefly required on Saturday and of course he jumped into the role without prompting and yes …… we again witnessed a man at the top of his game.

TAMITS: MA research for brek locations?
CB immediate uptake of whipmeister duties in spite of long absence from rides?
JR humility??

Highdown Ferring ride

17 miles and 900 ft.

Saturday 26th October 08.00am ride
A discussion with JR during the 10 minute rule on brek venue as he couldn’t join the ride, and settled on joining Team Chaplain in the VH to watch the World Cup rugby and hopefully have a brek.
Earlier in the week RT had taken the Flying Brit down the Lion trail to try to deal with the latter’s withdrawal symptoms from having been prevented from going there on several recent rides. Well it appeared to have worked as he didn’t even mention it whilst a route was being discussed. 5 Peaks route selected as one with not so many slippery sections after the recent heavy rain.
Cissbury CP and up the east side of Cissbury with only PT managing it without stopping. Down the goat trail and along the valley to get to Lytchpole Farm. Up to Langmead and on to a very windy SDW. Almost blown over at Chanctonbury. PT was going to return via the drop to the A24 whilst RT/KBS went via High Barn, but due to the fact that the climb to High Barn would be into a very strong wind a compromise route to Washington and then via Windlesham enabled the peloton to continue together, with PT/RT taking the official bridle path on the east side of Muntham for the first time (nice view by the way) instead of dodging the badger holes through the wood, and KBS returned to Tolmare via Collarbone Alley.
An excellent breakfast bap and tea in the VH watching England beat NZ in the company of the FGCC – an excellent way to finish off a Saturday morning ride.

Total 12.2 miles, 1,220 ft climbed (Strava
11.5 miles and 2,220 ft (Satmap)

TAMIT: RT therapy treatment for the Flying Brit proving successful

Cissbury, Lytchpole Farm, Langmead, Chanctonbury and Windlesham ride
Not 5 but 3.5 Peaks ride