2019-12 December

FGCC Rides in December 2019

Saturday 7th December 08.00am ride
Shortish ride proposed due to time availability for both. Stable Lane, Gallops Farm round the back of Findon Park house to the track between Cissbury & Chanctonbury. On to the SDW past Belsen for bacons and to the Downslink. Downslink to Bramber roundabout, Maudlin Lane, Sopers Lane (aka the concrete road), SDW to Chanctonbury, down to the A24 and return to Findon. Finished with a brek in Dee Dee’s.
Total 15.7 miles 1,417 ft climbed

Saturday 14th December 08.00am ride
A reverse Shoreham loop. In order to avoid the Church hill slide following the ultra wet weather the peloton set off down the A24, up to and alongthe Bostal to the gallops to Mill Lane, Salvington, TAB and WW Station. Straight across the line with a right left at the end to Grand Avenue and then east on the shorefront to and round Shoreham airport. Across the footbridge, along the Downslink to the Bramber roundabout onto Maudlin Lane. Up the concrete road, onto the SDW then south and down StableLane for a brek at Dee Dee’s.
Total 21.3 miles and 854 ft climbed

Saturday 21st December 08.00am Avery Trek & Lunch
MA, RT. (+ ZA & MA on road)
A wet ride in prospect it was agreed that the Angmering Park Estate was a no-go area, so least boggy route to Arundel and then to Angmering sought. Muntham and then past the gun club to the high barn, the field at the top just before the high barn being very heavy going due to the sodden ground having been churned up by the cattle – possibly the most exhausting section of the ride. Along the SDW to Kithurst and then the long drop to Burpham and then Arundel, stopping here and there for a photo session – difficult to see the course of the river due to the flooding. Refreshments at the cafe alongside the river with a background of the market and carol singers, with greater entertainment being provided by an altercation between the “Save Binstead Woods” carol singers and the Red Cross carol singers for occupation of the corner spot with the Red Cross winning. Refreshed we headed back to Crossbush and south to pick up the track to Poling, but then back to and along the A27 to Hammerpot and down into Angmering to the Avery residence for a splendid lunch.

Total 17.3 miles and 950 ft.

Saturday 28th December 08.00am ride

Mr Kruger was joined by Messrs Roche (BNTR), Allen (TV) and Topley (TM) last Saturday.  The route, as Strava has acknowledged, was over Cissbury car park and on toward the Steyning Road.  As we pulled up the slightly less level bit, a mature yet youthful looking gent sped past on an ebike.  We caught up with him again at Langmead, and from the ensuing conversation it became clear that he had the gift of vox testiculorum.  Jake (for it was he) joined us for the return via Chanctonbury, and stayed for brek at DDs, where more b%£*^”ks was enjoyed.  He threatened to appear next week, and does not admit to having any American ancestors, so my bet is that those who haven’t can meet him on Saturday.  Btw, for camper van lovers, Jake runs an outfit called Bongo Mad, servicing Bongo campers.

Total 8.26 miles and 867 ft.