2016-07 July

FGCC rides in July 2016

Saturday 2nd July 08.00am ride
Route up past Muntham and onto the SDW to Kithurst car park and then a bridle path to the left proposed by JR and not known to MA & RT. Lots of “ouches!” as we navigated through the thicket of nettles and brambles to arrive alongside a massive field of blue linseed, looking more like a sea in one’s peripheral vision as one concentrated on the pathway.
We emerged at the end of the second field down from the tank to then up to the end of the gallops and up the hill. At the top we took the bridle path above Angmering Park farm, heading towards the main bridleway through Angmering Park, turning right and then left into Dover Lane.
Across and then along the A27 to Hammerpot and then right into Angmering Village after which we took usual the Highdown route all the way to Durrington and then Salvington, up Mill Lane, along the start of the Findon Valley Gallops and down to the Ancestral Home for a re-trial. Decided that no Llama awards were owing there.
Back to Findon and an inspection of the new Malaysian Tea Company mobile display stand of a suitably Oriental design in bright colours to draw in potential buyers.
Total 19 miles?

Saturday 9th July 08.00am ride
A welcome back to Saturday rides for the TM following his many house moves. As if to demonstrate the welcome, the FD arrived with a chain problem which was promptly sorted. A short route to Lancing via Coombe Farm and back via Lancing chosen in view of PT’s having not ridden since the Cotswolds, his steed still sporting a coating of the Budd’s lubrication from that region.
Up to Cissbury and over to No Mans Land where the FD had managed to break his chain this time, yet again requiring the assistance of the TM, whilst MA and RT were able to adopt the usual role of providing entertainment (well for themselves, anyway).
At Coombe Farm the FD wanted to take a diversion even though this meant going on more tarmac than otherwise was planned. So we went left to the junction of the SDW and Downslink, down the Downslink to the Shoreham footbridge and round to Lancing College entrance and back to Findon via that route.
Total 14.2 miles and 1548 feet climbed

Saturday 16th July 08.00am ride.
JR comments “We ventured almost to the tank but then took the southerly path downhill straight to Lea Farm, then Harrow Hill before attempting the westerly escarpment of Blackpatch Hill. There-after we stopped to insult Mark’s phone and sat map, to try to discover why we had erred on our previous pioneering mission (4th June ride); that being to find a route through to Michelgrove Farm without having to return to the path from whence we came. Brilliant detective work on our part ascertained that Mark’s Sat map was wrong and so we returned via the signposted route to arrive at Michelgrove Farm and from there return to Findon on the Monarch’s Way.”
Total 11 Miles 853 feet

Saturday 23rd July 08.00am ride The “Where’s Topley” ride
TK, RK, PT and Bob the new guy
Nepcote and Cissbury, then north to Chanctonbury and cut off the corner to join the SDW east. Left toward the woods, and down to Charlton Court and then east to Steyning. Take the Downslink to Shoreham, once the rest of the peloton had found PT (he somehow overtook them in the passage through Steyning) and stop for break at Truffles. Over the new bridge and along the sea front to the Dolphin and turn inland. At Offington roundabout PT chickened out of the gallops and RK gallantly escorted him through the valley back to our cars. Tim and Bob the new guy may still be somewhere on Bost Hill, living wild in a rude shelter fashioned from discarded train parts. Hopefully they will eventually find their way home and we look forward to welcoming Bob again on future rides.
22.3 miles and 1269 feet climbed

Saturday 30th July 08.00am ride
Another ride to the far east with a slight variation on previous weeks. Nepcroft, Lancing clump and down to Lancing College, over the foot bridge and to the end of the Downslink. Along the A259 and over the new bridge, then along the sea front to Grand Avenue, West Worthing and up the valley due to time constraints.
Total 18 miles.