05.2022 May

Findon Gentlemen’s Cycling Club rides in May 2022.

Saturday 7th May 08.00am ride

PT JR MA ZA TB, meeting AM for brek at Teddies

AM rode direct to Shoreham  with return home via Rustington

24,3 miles and 1,504ft for the peloton. 29 miles for AM

Saturday 14th May 08.00am ride

Report awaited and participants unknown other than definitely MA from his Strava record and presumably KBS because of the route taking in the “jumps route” on north face near the Langmead memorial.

What’s app reveals that AM took a road route and that other member of the peloton was TK.

A route to Shoreham via Steyning for a brek at Teddies and returning home via Lancing clump.

AM reports that he rode direct to Teddies via the Fort, returning via Yapton, Middleton, LA, etc. as he needed to up his mileage after low mileage in Cornwall sans bike

MA total 32.4 miles and 2,798ft. AM 51 miles


Saturday 21st May 08.00am ride

TK, ZA, TB, MA & RT with MA on road.

With TK suffering from home-made cider tasting the night before, RT from having not ridden for over a month, ZA on a time limit for domestic duties and MA for a sailing event, a less demanding westerly route was chosen.

Through the crem, along to SDW, Burpham and into Arundel for a brek at the Moat House meeting AM there. Two tables needed and TB sitting with AM was soon being shown a picture of his Smart car having been vandalised for the catalytic converter. Whilst this was awful vehicle news yet again besetting the AM (apparently the 16th car crime against them), TB was warned that the should be prepared for a long discussion on all the crimes including possible murder, many thefts from vehicles and theft of whole vehicles.

After the brek AM headed off somewhere and the main peleton headed to the top of Dover Lane via Warningcamp where the first split took place. ZA being late (we trust that any repercussions were not too severe) took the Monarch’s Way directly to Findon and the peloton turned down the Dover Lane route. Along the A27 and into Angmering where MA took his leave and the pelethree climbed Highdown with RT now trailing. Via Durrington to lower Salvington where TB parted and the remaining peletwo returned to Findon via the Gallops.

Great riding weather and a total of 24.9 miles and 1,668 ft for the peloton. 26 miles for AM on road.

Meanwhile the Italian Stallion was out and about with a ride from his house there finishing at the Abbaye:

Saturday 28th May 08.00am ride

The Catfish and Koi (aka Kia) ride.


PT reports:

“A morning particularly characterised by indecision over the route resulted in a ride up through the crem to the SDW and on to Amberley for brek at the riverside tearooms:

There we were entertained by a crow surfing on the river eating something, followed by staff from the tearooms recovering a 4ft catfish from the Arun, the catfish having expired some time ago and drifted up with the tide.
Onward by the river to South Stoke, where the peleton split and Kim followed the riverside bridleway while the rest (Andy, John, Paul, Richard and Tim) took the road.  Reunited at Offham we continued en peleton to Arundel and out to Warningcamp, Wepham Wood and Barpham Hill (Kim’s “vroom” route in reverse).  North up to Lee Farm and the tank site to regain the SDW home via Muntham, again leaving Kim at Collarbone Alley for his direct route home.
The new satnav reckoned 3050 feet of climb, but Strava thinks much differently! (24 miles and 2,020ft).”
Additional matters. “Barkles” and TAMITS:

During the debate on a route at the start of the ride, AM raised the subject of the Not-Jubilee brek at the tank “as after all it was scheduled in the calendar” for 4th June and it was decided that this could be a subject for the breakfast later. Needless to say as with any gathering to discuss a particular subject VT took over during the brek and it was overlooked.

However, the subject of events on the calendar was particularly relevant as in the week leading up to the ride there was a bit of an email “barkle” over the subject of the Go-West ride later in the year with TK (Project Manager) having suggested dates for this ride. The situation was eloquently described in a mournful communication from Mr Topley as follows

“Mr Tim Kersley, and Gentlemen,
After a long and illustrious career organising the nation’s train set, Mr Kersley clearly appreciates the value of careful planning and attention to detail in the execution of any project.
Imagine, if you will, a relaxed group of Gentlemen who are keen to undertake excursions a velo in divers parts of our fair country throughout the year, but also have domestic and uxorial claims on their precious time against which to balance the days earmarked for two-wheeled fun.  In this scenario, it would clearly be prudent if such a group could meet, say at the beginning of the year, to establish a series of dates for cycling sojourns which could then be used in the domestic sphere to avoid those conflicts which can so mar the harmony of the home.
I again entreat you to picture, in the mind’s eye as it were, the quiet enjoyment that could be had in perusing such a list of dates (or “Calendar”, if you will) and savouring the anticipation of each unique outing, the character of which is stamped not only by the chosen location but also by the personality of the Gentleman organising the event.
The keen-eyed observer will have noticed that we in the FGCC have prudently adopted the practice of an Annual Planning Meeting to set dates for each outing, so that other social engagements can be made without impinging on those much-valued times set aside for velocipedal fellowship.
As scholars of human nature, Gentlemen will appreciate that disbelief and confusion that arise when a carefully considered plan is suddenly upturned.  Exercising once again that metaphorical window on the soul, contemplate the surge of excitement engendered by the receipt of Mr Kersley’s “Return to Lewes” email announcing the dates for this year’s circuit of Lewes, followed by the depth of depression into which I am plunged by the realisation that neither of the proposed dates bears any similarity to the date of 7/8 October set in the FGCC Calendar for its execution.
Having, as it now seems unwisely, relied on the FGCC calendar when arranging a cruise to the Canaries in September from which we shall return on 1 October, the result is that I am unavailable on both of the proposed dates for the Return to Lewes ride.
I am, Gentlemen, your obedient but heartbroken servant”

There followed several communications resulting in the ride being restored to the scheduled date and PT being able to participate.

TAMITS: AM for (unusually Mrs M might say) taking note of events on the calendar.

PT for planning his holiday excursions around the FGCC calendar

TK for not taking note of the FGCC calendar when PM-ing an event.

A further matter during this eventful ride again featured Mr Mead, who, along with Messrs Roche and Kersley wished to do a “last post” from the top down through Muntham Farm. AM, otherwise known as “Moses Mead” for his expectation of traffic to move aside in his presence, descended the track to join the Gun Club track at the same time as a vehicle (a Kia with two men) heading in the same direction. In the interests of another vehicle coming in the other direction the Kia stopped very suddenly and swerving into the side and path of Mr Mead, who looked back at his fellow cyclists with a very serious expression full of expletives (though not uttered) as well as implying “don’t they know who I am”. The situation was repeated several times down the route until the third stop to wait for an approaching vehicle led to him overtaking in the face of the latest oncoming vehicle.

TAMITS: AM – “Don’t they know who I am”?