08 Jan 2005

Saturday after the APM – ZA RT KB-S PT

Up church hill to top, where Kim’s pedal fell off and bearings scattered in mud.  Kim returns home, as RT PT and ZA continue up to where the barn was (burnt down in October or November 2004), and see Kim running over the hilltop out of the sunrise, pushing his wife’s bike and carrying its chain.

Blood curdling cries heralds the Fying Dane running up hill carrying the bike

Mend chain in gale on top of Downs,

TM at work

and continue to A24.  Kim and PT swap bikes, PT and RT returning to Nepcroft via A24 for bacons sarnies, while ZA and Kim complete 4 peaks (5 for KB-S as he did Church Hill twice) and get caught in rain shower.

26 Feb 2005

RT, AM, MA, CB, PP, KBS. A misty ride.

05 March 2005

RT & KBS go for a reverse 4 peaks in the snow. KBS yet again manages to break his chain on the North face climb to Chanctonbury from Washington.

KBS has to walk to the top

01 October 2005

Kim, Richard and PT ascended Cissbury and continued up through gate to climb round behind the Fort.  Down very slippy slope to Lytchpole Farm, then north to tarmac track and Langmead memorial.  SDW towards Chanctonbury, then left to descend Buddington Bottom: dewy grass, bright sunshine.  At A24 PT returns to Findon, while Kim and RT make for Tolmare to have coffee chez KB-S.


08 October 2005 – Avery’s Trek’n’brek

Kim, Adam, John, Zach and Paul climb up stable lane towards Chanctonbury, hen join SDW to Langmead.  South on tarmac track toward Cissbury, where PT and JR descend to Nepcote by road while others climb over Cissbury to drop into Findon valley, all meeting at the Lingalonga where Ewart and David join for brek (moved from Chatham Road).  Fine brek, and DT toasted with cava to celebrate his 70th.


15 October 2005

Kim, Richard and Paul climb up to the tank via Muntham, (Barn rebuilt after fire, and spanking new) then drop south to the site of ZA falling off due to the “office bike” incident, then east to Myrtle Grove, PT pausing only to recover from a trouser-ripping crash on the chalk track.  Cross the field rather than follow road from Myrtle Grove, then back through Lee farm to Tolmare.  Last post attempt from top of Long Furlong thwarted by traffic at roundabout.


22 October 2005 – Lunch chez Kevin

AM, ZA RT JR and K-BS departed from Findon, disaster striking when the newly-fitted rear mech on MA’s banshee dissolved into the rear wheel.  Undaunted, MA returned home, organised a replacement bike, and motored to Henfield to meet us for bacons sarnies at our now usual tables at Truffles.  PT had ridden from Kevin House to Truffles, and after a restorative break all saddled up for the onward leg to Kevin.  RT obtained a puncture after 100 yards, and an impromptu repair session ensued with puncture mending and mudguard fitting featured.  Turning right right after the funeral parlour, we proceeded to Blackstone, then north and east via Reeds Lane to Sayers Common.  Crossing the A23, head east then turn south into Pompers Lane to approach Burgess Hill.  A short off road stretch at the end of Pompers Lane brought us onto Malthouse Lane, and we took the bypass to enter BH via Gatehouse lane, passing PT’s former estate now infested with trekkies and paedophiles.  Out of BH to the north, then east off-road to join Rocky Lane by the railway.  Turn left to climb into HH, passing the ex-loony bin and into Kevin House for rehydrating stubbies.  The Laydeez (Julie, Jo, Jackie) and Ewart completed the gathering for lunch.