Monarch’s Way ride – Wednesday

Day 3 ride – Winchester to Rowlands Castle

Events of the day:

Breakfast at the Handlebar Cafe with it’s association to an excellent (5 llamas) institution , a charity dedicated to getting people who cannot afford new bikes onto two wheels.

Mr Mead trying to take the top of his oil can off with his teeth, needing the TM to demonstrate the correct easier method.

2 hour lunch stop at the George and Falcom – 1 llama for that organisation

TK’s “thwack thwack” noise every rotation of his rear wheel eventually being diagnosed as coming from the delamination of part of his tubeless tyre, resulting in TK riding very cautiously for fear of a Kruger-style explosion

TK leading from in front at Winchester Hill thus avoiding the off-road section (not admitted but didn’t want to do the horrendous off-road climb as well as fear of rear explosion)

CB headed off to Havant with bag to go home for second jab with plan to meet us later next day

TK and MA went to Evans in Havant for new tyre – amazed at ease of removal of tubeless tyre by the expert

Dinner in the Harvester with no bitter, but the keg being passable. Discussion at the end of the evening to agree next morning’s departure time in order to avoid confused What’s App traffic in the morning. Only for RT the next morning to ask what time had been agreed and AM to show that he had a different time.


Total 32.6 miles & 2,608ft