2012.01 January

7th January 8.00am Saturday morning ride.
Start of the ride had been delayed by half an hour at the previous evening’s APM and Curry night, with an emergency communication to those not present. However, IT expert AC had not checked his emails and ended up on a solo ride at 7.40am – route to be advised.
PT,RT,CB & FL struggled away at 8.10 am for a brek ride to Arundel, coming across GD on Puckamuck duty:-


Due to the combination of ground conditions and our general state the selected route was up to the SDW, past Kithurst with FL departing company from the peleton at the top of the next hill, and then the straight drop to Burpham, along the road to the A27 and then into Arundel.

After a hearty breakfast route was through Angmering Park estate, dropping down to Seldon Lane and the Fox Inn, parallel to and along the A27, then up the bridlepath before Cote Street through the easterly end of Clapham woods and to the top of Church Hill.

No mishaps, a slow ride because of RT’s excessive intake the previous evening – having been persuaded to have a curry although he had already fed – and a total of 22.5 miles.

Saturday 14th January 7.30am ride.
ZA, FL, CB, MA & RT and the “Pots and kettles ride”
Start to the ride was delayed due to a blasteet for FL. Intended route was the four peaks including the trig point to be a short ride but to make the most of a glorious morning. Just as we were setting off CB demonstrated spinning of the pedals for zero progress, as the free-wheel device decided that it was too early in the morning to operate. However it woke up and we set off, but again causing difficulties at Cissbury car park – thereafter the opening of gates was organised to ensure that CB didn’t have to stop and experience the same problem. Round the west side of the ring and then up to the trig point at which moment it was clear that the free-wheel unit had decided enough was enough. In a contrast to reputations, RT suggested and unsuccessfully tried to kick the **** out of the hub to see if it might engage again, whilst MA calmly suggested the application of light oil and proceeded to resolve the problem.
Onwards down in a south easterly direction with a fun fast ride through the frost hardened fields, doubling back in the direction of Langmead. During the long climb to Langmead, and after successfully winding up RT over his “coughing habit” FL surprisingly commented “Richard, if you are able to talk you are not going fast enough”, leading, unsurprisingly, to comments of pots and kettles.
MA experienced a blasteet just below Langmead alongside a Puckamuck high pile and whilst the blasteet was being fixed FL received and ornithological lecture on wagtails and the original meaning of “pied”. On the way up to Langmead ZA and FL disappeared off into the field to the left to chase a Skylark!
After a short stop to enjoy the scenery at Chanctonbury RT and MA decided to return direct to Findon via the A24, whereas the remaining peleton took the route down to the A24 and round the back of Windlesham, up to collarbone alley, and over the clump back to the village, but with FL experiencing another blasteet along the way.
Total 11.5miles RT,MA – more for the others.

Saturday 21st January 7.30am ride
A training ride to Henfield was agreed. Up the Monarch’s Way, north and then onto the SDW, to Bloody Norse Corner, down the hill to join the Bostal, and then the usual route along the Downslink to Henfield. MR and AC parted company from the peleton at BNC to return home.
During the brek ZA firstly advised that he now has a personal trainer and that he is doing pilates (he’s after that golden bum award again) and then even more surprising that he wanted to get a fashionable phone – leading to concerns that this might lead to 7.30am pilates on Pond Green to the Nokia ring tone!
A fast ride back with no significant stops and with all cycling up Bost hill, albeit at slightly different speeds! ZA may yet achieve his goal!
Total distance 23 miles?

Saturday 28th January 2012.
RT, CB, FL and GD assembled at Pond Green at 0730 hours today to ride. A north westerly wind blew steadily towards Findon, taking that into the reckoning and without time restrictions we decided to head out toward Arundel for a brek and allow the wind to blow us back.
We left Findon and headed out past Muntham Farm and up to the barn on the SDW. Arriving at the tank turn RT and CB were seen smirking to themselves as they plotted.
We cycled to the tank and after a quick photo call headed down the valley towards the gallops by Lee Farm. GD was out on a new hardtail bike and it soon became apparent this route was not designed for a hardtail bike, GD was left in the wake of the others as he struggled with the rough terrain, resulting in an urgent call of nature (much to the entertainment of CB and RT! Every dog has his day, beware.) Another casualty of the route was FL whose rear brake lever came away which caused an early retirement and after farewells, FL limped back to Findon. Onwards to Arundel and a fine breakfast in the Moathouse Cafe accompanied by several pots of tea.

Refreshed, we took a great route back, cutting across the south side of the A27 on bridleways, through to Poling, past the church and to Ham Manor Estate. From there we entered Angmering, up to Highdown and crossing the A27 again we tackled Cote Street up to High Salvington. From there is was all downhill back to Findon via Church Hill, 22 miles and a fantastic morning’s cycling.

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