2017-10 October

Rides of the Findon Gentlemen’s Cycling Club.

Saturday 7th October 08.00am ride
A drizzly morning to challenge those who had participated in the EPM the previous evening, JR proposed a ride to the tank and round to finish via Cote street.
Route to the tank as usual, down across the ploughed field gathering huge quantities of mud and being thankful for not having calliper brakes. Over the hill through APE to pick up a very muddy Monarch’s Way and towards Patching at top of which RT acquired a blasteet, quickly repaired with all hands. Down Selden Lane and along the A27 to go up Cote Street. Finally High Salvington and the Bostal, with the intention of finishing via the gallops, but SR galloping along on his e-bike led us to the A24 instead.

Tank, APE, Cote Street ride

Total distance 15 miles, height climbed c1,500ft (Satmap) 1,131 Strava.
This last statistic led to a discussion at the subsequent brek as to how we could test the accuracy of the two methods or recording heights climbed.

Saturday 14th October Not-Turvey House ride
All well met en train and at the setting off point at Haywards Heath Station. An opportunity for TM to make use of the bike repair station there to tighten up JR’s cones.
Worth way to East Grinstead where we took breakfast at Rumbling Tums cafe (presumably referring to one’s condition before rather than after the experience) at which the service proved to be excellent with good value. Then north and east past Lingfield and south of Edenbridge to the entrance to Hever castle, where a blocked pathway required a change from the planned route. Through Chiddingstone and then south and east to Penshurst Place. Continued in an easterly direction, Haysden Country park and finishing with a pleasant off-road section past Barsden Lake and through Tonbridge Park to arrive directly in Tonbridge and our destination.

NTH ride Haywards Heath to Tonbridge

Saturday 21st October 08.00am ride

Total distance 31 miles. Height climbed 1,660ft (SV)

Saturday 28th October 09.00am ride
Amberley loop ride. No incidents.
16.5 miles 1416ft climbed