2016-10 October

FGCC rides in October 2016

Saturday 1st October Trek ‘n brek to Nepcroft.
Set of up Cissbury over to SDW and Langmead with the intention of a loop down from Langmead and back to Cissbury and a relatively early brek at Nepcroft. However at Langmead, having enjoyed sunshine all the way so far, a massive dark cloud appeared to the south and it was felt that by retracing steps it might be avoided. Not so and the deluge commenced. Along the SDW PT decided to have a little lie down courtesy of some green chalk which he had commented upon only 20 minutes or so earlier as looking rather slippery.
The drowned rats returned to Findon to dry out and brek at Nepcroft, with an appropriate amount of b******s talking as usual.
Total 6 miles?

Saturday 8th October 08.00am ride.
Cissbury, towards Steyning Road, Langmead, SDW, Buddington Bottom, Stable Lane Farm.
Total 11 miles?

Saturday 15th October 08.00am ride.
Amberley loop. RT blasteet just as he came into the village.
Total 18 miles.

Saturday 22nd October The Not-Turvey-House trek ‘n lunch.
Riders: PT, RT, KBS, NW + son Stephen
Non-riders: AM, MA
Inaugural ride to the newly established Topley towers in Horsham.
Route up Cissbury, north to the SDW, then left down parallel to the jumps to Water Lane. Through Steyning and to the Downslink via Kings Barn Lane. Up past Henfield for a light brek at Stans Bike Hut in Partridge Green. Onwards up the Downslink to Copsale, then north up Broadwater Lane turning right into Sedgwick Lane which continues north, after which I have no idea where we went other than it was an off-road route to the east of Horsham, with a short ride through the North East streets of Horsham to arrive at Topley Towers at the appointed time. However, this was not before we had a bit of confusion caused by the FD flying off (following from in front again) just as PT was still deliberating the route. The peloton waited whilst PT went after the FD to bring him back, but when he didn’t return after about 5 minutes the remaining riders headed off in the same direction reaching a point at which leading riders would normally have stopped, only to discover that we must have taken the wrong route. Benefitting from mobile communications we were able to re-group close to where the problem had started.
A total of 15 of us enjoyed a splendid lunch thanks to the Topleys, another most enjoyable FGCC event.
Total 22 miles.

Saturday 29th October 08.00am ride
JR reported as follows:
Our ride last Saturday involved us riding to the RSPB sanctuary at Wiggonholt. near Pulborough.

I suggested that we take a route to enjoy the Autumn colours; Roy added that he had never enjoyed the Pulborough ride as a stand-alone event – much like the (eventually resolved) delay in his enjoying a Henfield ride (thwarted you may remember by various events preventing Roy from achieving that destination).

The route took us to the SDW, Rackham Hill, down the escarpment to the Rackham road past the back of Parham House, then the trek through the woods to the RSPB place. In order to ensure that Roy again failed to achieve a wanted destination we stayed at the Wildbrooks for brek which was (in my view) a mistake as it was just rolls and coffee and not what we would have enjoyed at Jackie’s in Pulborough.

The return ride had us following in our own bike tracks.