05. May 2024

Saturday 4th May 08.00am ride

PT was out for an 18 mile circuit round the Cheese shop on the Downslink at Rudgwick, returning via Rowhook.  Back home by 10, to be ready for  hospital appointment in Reigate at 1.

Meanwhile Mark was in t’north, making a pilgrimmage of 23 miles from York to Riccall

Tim and John upheld tradition in the soft south with a brek at the Bumblebee in Rustington.  JR reports thus:

“Today’s ride was attended by just three riders: TK, ZA and JR, the latter being the only one not (in the words of the late Dusty Springfield) the son of a preacher man. If truth be told the ride itself was wonderfully uneventful, all be it that bluebells were to the fore. We ventured from OPG to Church Hill, then Clapham Woods to Holt Farm, the A27 to Titnore Lane, then to Highdown, Angmering and onto Rustington, aiming for the second visit of the week to the Beehive cafe in Sea Lane by influential men from the FGCC

This area being the former parish of the CCTV, he immediately ventured down memory lane, first insisting that we did not ride through the church yard, but rather pushed our steeds in order to remain compliant with local tradition (and probably by-law). Within the brek hostelry the CCTV managed to continue his nostalgia trip by reminiscing about old times with various Rustington lady parishioners.

The route home was dictated by the nagging need by the foundation members to again take a trip down memory lane by attending a local fete, this time at St. Mary’s Church in Goring, thereby reprising the actions of a previous peloton who (many years ago) attended the fete at Bury School whilst returning from the first ‘Ride to Reg’.

Our route took us through the private parts (estates) of Rustington, East Preston etc. to cross the line, take the A259 to Ferring, then the Ilex Way to Goring.

At the fete itself vast amounts of money were then invested, not just by TK and JR, but by subsequent family members who also visited the fete to gamble away their hard earned fortunes on various tables.

All proceeded peacefully from then on, with TK and JR quietly departing and leaving ZA to chat to a number of current-day Goring lady parishioners. A ride through Goring, Durrington and Findon Valley saw us back at Findon, with TK proceeding to his temporary abode at Kersley Lodge in Steyning and JR heading back to WHQ.

Normally our story would end here but the gambling machinations back at St. Mary’s had yet to take place. Lots were drawn, dice thrown and lottery tickets were plucked after we had departed Goring. The results of this heightened activity on the turf were not made manifest until later when phone call after phone call was received at WHQ during Saturday evening.

The switch board at WHQ was lit up by incoming calls from various important overseers of the frenetic gambling activities that had subsequently occurred at St. Mary’s in Goring. Each call announcing that a prize had been won by various members of staff at WHQ. It can now be announced formally that adorning the Trophy cabinet at WHQ are: 1. A bootle of fairly decent brandy. 2. A bottle of Banks best bitter. 3. A child’s colouring set and: 4. A mystery prize details of which will only be revealed during the 10 o’clock service tomorrow morning.

Life is never dull when the paths of determined FGCC men intersect those of the gambling fraternity at these wonderfully English fetes.”

JR, TK and ZA’s route:  TK clocked up 30 miles, while ZA and JR rode about 20.

Likewise, The Flying Brit/Dane was out, but his Strava was not active so no idea how far/how much climb.

It therefore behooves one to observe that JR’s statement “just three riders” is misleading, as it completely disregards the audacious and pioneering work done in remote regions of the country and indeed of the continent, by TFD, MA and (closer to home) PT.

Saturday 11th May 08.00am ride

PT was out early for an e-ride before heading off to Devizes:

22.8 miles and 823ft


After the usual faffing to decide a route the proposal to start the ride was given, followed by a chorus of “I think so” and then silence as it transpired that Team Chaplain had already set off without giving the traditional approval. This situation was repeated a short while later at the top of the crem hill.

Up through the crem and onto the SDW to Chantry Post. Along the way an opportunity to stop and stare was followed again by the usual call to proceed and this time Team Chaplain gave the approval to an instant round of cheering that traditions had been restored.

Leigh farm, the gallops and on to Warningcamp, then to Arundel to pay a visit to the Moathouse for a brek.

Return journey via Warningcamp and APE with MA parting company at Dover lane to head for home in Angmering. Remainder carried on the Monarchs Way to Findon without incident.

21.2 miles and 1,624ft.

TAMITS: ZA heading off prior to giving the formal approval, twice.

Saturday 18th May 08.00am ride

TK biked over from Steyning via SDW and Stable lane, while MA rode across from Angmering via Highdown, Durrington and the Gallops to rv with PT, MB and ZA at OPG.  After a brief visit from Ian Hollyholmes and Reg, the peleton of five departed Findon for Cissbury and Coombes, crossing the Adur at Botolphs and taking the Downslink to Shorehm old bridge.  Slight ran failed to diminish the spirits as we passed under the A27.  Crossing over to the west bank, ZA peeled off at the top of the airport for an important birthday party, and the remaining four turned south to take brek at the airport.

After a fine brek, MA decided to take the beach route home while PT, TK and MB headed over Lancing Clump after negotiating the rerouted cycleway at the A27 to pass in front of the old Sussex Pad pub.

At cissbury car park TK peeled off for the return to Steyning, leaving PT and MB to hurtle down to OPG.

Red – PT and MB

Blue – MA

Puce – TK

Saturday 25th May 08.00am ride