2009.02 February

Sat 7 February 2009 Brek chez Meads

In the snow PT RT ZA KB-S and JR climbed Long Furlong to Tolmare, then went straight on the Monarch’s Way to Longfurlong Farm. Heading north towards Blackpatch Hill, then a right and left to reach the SDW. Slow progress due to snow between 10cm and 45cm thick. Back along SDW and Muntham to arrive at School Hill at 10ish, where AM and EN had ensured Shirley prepared a superb brek assisted by Margaret. A paltry 9 miles in two hours, mainly due to a long push up to the SDW in unrideably deep snow.

Sat 14 February 2009 7.30am Saturday ride

JR CB FL MA and PT set off up through Muntham to the tank, after mending two punctures in FL’s garish green latex innertube (Ooh La La). South towards Myrtle grove, where FL had to return to base, but the remainder carried on down to Burpham, Warningcamp and Arundel to partake of a gourmet brek in the riverside sandwich bar/deli. Out of Arundel to Crossbush then south on the Lyminster road to take a bridleway left across the fields to Poling, then a footpath to Angmering. On road through Angmering to the bypass, then back on Bridleway east to Highdown, where we turned north to climb over the hill and descend through the copse to the A27/Titnore lane junction. North to Clapham, then up through the village to climb through Clapham woods to return to Findon down Church Hill at 1pm. 23 miles, PT being without the benefit of a middle chainring (Avery two-speed syndrome – the opposite of Mead’s Disease) due to a new chain but old chainrings.

Sat 21 February 2009 7.30am

JR and PT set out from Kevin House, while RT, FL and CB set off from Findon to RV at the Chalet – After a jury repair which left JR in a single gear (“there’s ONLY one in there”) the HH contingent, who were slowed down by mud and JR’s broken rear mech hanger arrived 40 minutes after the Findon Peleton. All reflected on the culinary contrast of the present and previous breks, the set to mending punctures caused by thorns from hedge trimming. FL and CB sped back to Findon, brownie points at stake, and made it in just over the hour. PT JR and RT cruised down to Partridge Green, where PT took the Downslink to Henfield then returned to HH by road via Hickstead and Burgess Hill. JR and RT returned to Findon by road, nursing JR’s remaining gear.

FL helps RT with the mending