2014.03 March

Saturday 1st March 08.00am ride
PT, JR, MT, SP, ZA, RT – post quiz night ride.
As we should be getting into training for the Devon C2C, it was agreed that a longer distance would be appropriate with a ride to Henfield and brek at Truffles there.

Stable Lane, top of Llama lane, Langmead memorial, down the Bostal and over to King’s Barn Lane, following same to the Downslink and on to Henflied for the brek. Afterwards Mr Topley went on up the Downslink to The Orchards to meet with Mrs T for transportation home. Remainder of the peleton returned to Findon via Downslink, SDW via Belsen for bacons, back up to Langmead and round to top of and down Stable Lane. A bit of a struggle towards the end for Mr Roche as it was his first ride of the season,but the ride was completed without event.
Total 24 miles

Saturday 8th March 08.00am ride
PT, JR, MT, SP, MA, KBS, RT – a record turnout post Not Gala Night. But where was Mr Kersley?
Amberley loop selected and the weather was excellent.

Group shot at Kithurst Hill - excellent turnout post Not Gala Night
Group shot at Kithurst Hill – excellent turnout post Not Gala Night

It transpired that Wiggle had an organised ride from Amberley which took in part of our Amberley loop, but we only became entangled with it for the return section, providing an opportunity for communications with other riders, whilst making it clear we were with the FGCC rather than Wiggle!
Total distance 18miles?

Saturday 15th March 08.00am ride
Route selected was Cissbury and over to Steyning Road, Lancing clump and college, old footbridge at Shoreham, Ropetackle and over the new bridge to Shoreham beach, back along the seafront and over West Worthing crossing back up the valley to Findon.
JR was on car boot sale duty and turned back just before Steyning Road. Uneventful ride finishing with a brek at Julia’s.
Total 18 miles.

Saturday 22nd March 08.00am ride
As ever the Dane wanted to fly up Church Hill first for a “proper” reverse 4 peaks ride, and other reluctantly agreed, expecting a slippery ascent due to the rain the night before. However going was good and all went ok all the way over to high barn and down to the A24 until we were about to ascend the North Face at which point SP discovered he had a “blasteet”.
By the time we reached Chanctonbury clouds had rolled in and strong winds with sleet greeted us. Just as we were going along the ridge in an easterly direction a sharp bang and a hiss emitted from Mr Avery’s rear (his rear wheel on this occasion). Sheltering as we could the “blasteet” was fixed and we continued to the top of Stable lane at which point MT returned home, whilst the peleton continued up Cissbury to complete a proper 4peaks ride, and back round to the car park and down to the village.
Total 13.5 miles

Friday 28th/Saturday 29th March Downslink Ride.
PT, JR & RT for the whole ride, and MT joined for the early afternoon.
Prior to setting off PT discovered he had a “blasteet”, only. To then discover that his replacement tube was in a similar state!
First section of the ride up via Muntham to Kithurst car park, down the road due to heavier loads (overnight bags with us), and on road through Rackham to Wigginholt Woods and to the RSBP cafe at Pulborough Brooks. An excellent lunch at the cafe (future brek stop?) after which MT returned home and the peleton continued.
Along the road to Pulborough, up Holme street through Broomershill, over the A29 and past the Toat monument onto the track past Lee Place to the location of the sermon on the bridge, but no time for a repeat.
On to Wisborough Green, Newpound Common and through the woods towards Malham. As we went down the farm track RT commented that he was surprised that we had got through the woods without incident, and almost immediately afterward PT announced he had a “blasteet”. As he inverted his bike RT asked if PT should remove the Satmap, but PT said it would be ok, only to subsequently step on it and break it out of its mount. RT told not to make any more such comments. The tube was fixed and refitted, only to discover it was a “double-blasteet”.
Onwards over to the road past Drungewick Manor and onto the canal towpath for a delightful ride alongside the canal to Lockswood for a pint (or 2) generously donated by Mr Derrick (thank you). A further section along the canal before taking a road route to Cranleigh, where we joined the Downslink and proceeded all the way to Shalford. Lights provided by RT as both PT and JR had none!
Overnight at Mrs Deekes, dinner in the Parrot and a nice brek before starting on the return leg straight down the Downslink. We planned to stop for a cup of tea at the sports centre at Cranleigh, but no service this morning, so looked for tea at next village, but nothing available, so we pressed on to the end of the track prior to Christchurch at which point JR changed into his party gear before parting company to go and join friends in Horsham.
PT and RT pressed on to Southwater where they were finally able to obtain a cup of tea. Decided that in spite of exhaustion we could make it all the way back to Findon, but going road route over to Wiston after leaving the Downslink at Partridge Green. Presented with the opportunity of a tea at the very pleasant Wiston tea rooms we just had to stop and recharge prior to Llama lane. It being Lent PT was off the cakes and chocolate, so it had to be a cream tea instead. Mostly walked up Llama lane and then the welcome coast down to Findon.
Total 74 miles.