2018-06 June

Findon Gentlemen’s Cycling Club rides in June 2018

Saturday 2nd June 08.00am ride
PT, JR, MA, and TK convened at Pond Green to be greeted by a non-riding RT, who had been rendered hors de combat by an industrial injury (or perhaps a severe case of self-harm) nursing a heavily bandaged thumb.

After sharing the sad news of the loss of MA’s mother, and hearing about RT’s upcoming Grand Tour to Italy, the peleton departed for a short ride, constrained by time (JR) and a dodgy knee (PT). Climbing up to Cissbury, we rode north to Chanctonbury, over the A24, and back to Findon via Windlesham School and Muntham.

8.5 miles, 764 feet climbed, according to Bikehike.

Saturday 9th June 08.00am ride
RK,TK with new steed.

TK reports … We were both slightly short of time so decided to do the Road to Cissbury , track to chanctonbury , drop down to A24 ( much faster with full suspension) climb up to the barn and return via puckamuck – followed by BREK at Julia’s

4 peaks ride

Total: 11 miles 1,110 ft climbed.

Saturday 16th June 08.00am ride & Budd 50th Italian ride

Budd’s Italian bacons ride

A fabulous ride which included letting the Dane off the leash (resulting in a challenging crawl through dense undergrowth),
Unleashed Dane “rideable” route

lots of hills and beautiful views with Chris taking Kim on a detour till the “I die” point was successfully achieved, the OAP’s taking a more gentle route.
An excellent bacons brek of the usual Budd high standard and a most enjoyable party with sit down meal for 40 people prepared by Chris.

Budd 50th bacon’s ride in Italy

KBS commented: A photo from last Saturday’s ride in Italy where we tried (in vain) to follow our very fit host.
What a great ride although I returned more knackered than normal.

24 miles and 2,700 ft climbed (strava).

Saturday/Sunday 23rd/24th June Isle of Wight and New Forrest ride
PT, TK, RK, MA, JR .
TK and RK drive to Ashurst, leave vehicle and proceed by train to Portsmouth to rv with MA arriving by train from Angmering.

PT intends to take train from Horsham, but boards wrong end of train. Horsham train splits, sending PT towards Bognor. PT changes train, but delay means
PT misses rv and takes later ferry. PT misses ferry/island train connection, rides from Ryde via Robin Hill to 8 Bells @ Carisbrooke. TK MA and RK ride from Sandown. Garden fete with trad jazz band in pub garden.

Tennyson trail, cutting corner at golf course end to join old railway track to Yarmouth. Cream tea while waiting for ferry. 5 minute ride from ferry to digs.

Meanwhile JR positions tea van at Ashurst and rides through forest to digs.

Excellent digs near town centre, walking distance to several pubs/restaurants. Chose pub then indian then pub. PT and MA eschewed second pub and were more sprightly on Sunday as a result. Hearty breks all round (£195 for b&b for 5 of us) and off up the opposite river bank to Boldre.

Morning coffee stop in Brockenhurst, where we mend puncture for passing tactful cyclist. Proceed NE parallel to road to Ashurst. Within halfmile of destination PT nosedives into marshy ground. No injuries, but no photo either. Arrive Ashurst, PT to take train to Tonbridge and others to return to Findon etc by cars.

Excellent weather, 48 miles total, new satmap seemingly untrustworthy as to climbs total

IOW ride 2018

Total – Saturday 29 miles 1,370 ft (Strava).
Sunday 18.86m and an ascent of 523ft (Mark’s phone thingy)
Overall total 48 miles.

Saturday 30th June 08.00am ride
PT, MA and E-Sid assembled on pond green, and resolved on a shortish ride due to time constraints even though we were marking the first anniversary of Sid’s inaugural ride with the FGCC.

A heavily modified 3 Peaks ride was undertaken, starting off up past nepcote green and then branching left onto the Monarch’s way. Turning left at the top we proceeded on to Chanctonbury, and then veered right at the dew pond to descend a frighteningly steep chalk track and eventually rejoin the South Downs Way to arrive at the car park. Crossing the A24, we immediately turn left through the woods to Windlesham, then on to Muntham and back into Findon.

Gloriously sunny weather, dry tracks, and not even a single blasteet.

Total: 8.39 miles and 787 ft.