2017-07 July

These are the rides of the Findon Gentlemen’s Cyling Club in July 2017

Saturday 1st July 08.00 am The not-Trek ‘n Brek at the tank
JR, PT, RK, RT and newcomer Sid Roberts (aka Electric Sid due to the arrival of the first e-bike on an FGCC ride)
Greetings and welcome to Sid to our ranks, combined with study of the new-fangled invention which is his steed. Due to limited numbers the Tank brek had been cancelled and instead Mr Roche wished to treat us to a brek at Amberley tea rooms. However, a visit to the tank seemed in order just in case Mr Derrick had made his annual visit there. FGCC colours updated, though noting again that a visit there with machete sometime is a necessity, we returned to the SDW and over to Amberley for an excellent brek al fresco. Normal route back via North Stoke, but just before Kithurst Hill car park Mr Roche decided to have a little lie down becoming “a victim of that dreaded Isaac Newton’s infernal creation” as Mr Topley put it. JR ok but bruised and grazed, his smashed helmet proving the benefit of wearing one yet again. After checking that he was ok the talk immediately switched to a meeting about whether a memorial or not-memorial should be established with a quick review of the criteria. However, it was decided that this should be the subject of a further EPM, and PT took photo as evidence for the discussion:

Mr Roche has a little lie down

The peleton had a slow journey back to Findon but via Collarbone alley to part company from SR at Long Furlong.

Total 18 miles

Saturday 8th July 08.00am ride
Today’s route took the peleton up Stable lane, then to Chanctonbury to descend the Lion trail (guess whose idea that was), then through the mean streets of Steyning to the Downslink, where we headed north to to Henfield. After KBS had taken his leave (to return to take brek with Mrs BS), the remainder of the peloton brekked at Truffles al fresco in customary Truffles style. Heading back down the Downslink, we continued past Bramber and tuned on to the SDW, climbing up through the pig farm, which looked more like a crow farm. Reaching Langmead, we took the track down into No Man’s Land, and turned south at the bottom to follow the valley. A final turn to the right brought ius up past the green barn to Cissbury. All in fine sunshine, blue sky, fluffy clouds, etc.
14.4 miles and 1860 feet of climbing.
Minor mishaps on the Lion trail included Electric Sid having a little lie down, and Paul very slowly hitting a tree. Also the Dane, who, upon hitting a route found himself heading straight down the steep hill off piste with severe damage to his pride.

Saturday 15th July 08.00am ride
KBS comments that “after we went into APE, we found my favorite wroom route through the wood and ended at the exit of APE towards Arundel. Back through the bluebell area and home via Dover car park and Monarchs Way to Tolmare. Great ride and great discussions.

And we went into APE via Church Hill, Clapham Wood crossed Long Furlong and in to APE via Patching.

On out way Home (and I’m sure I have taken you this route) we choose at the end to follow Monarchs way but out APE we turned left on the bridle way, round the ‘light’house at the bend of Long Furlong and up to Monarchs Way back home. Here Zach came in for a coffee but ended up joining us for a very entertaining breakfast until he was called to his newly purchased house in Findon by Margaret !”

By favourite vroom route the FD means the route above the gallops ending at the west end of Angmering Park Estate.
Total approx 14 miles?

Saturday 22nd July 08.00am ride
PT comments
A fine ride this morning, Paul, Mark A and Sid proceeded at a leisurely pace over Cissbury and carried on to cross the Steyning road and drop down past Coombes and Botolphs churches. Over the bridge to pick up the Downslink, enjoy several companionable silences and then back across the Adur at the wooden bridge. An excellent brek at the airport, followed by PT providing an opportunity to mend a spectacular puncture. To the beach, battling into the wind until it helped us up Grand Avenue and through Tarring to Mill lane. Sid departed up Bost Hill, and PT suffered two simultaneous punctures at Rogers Farm. PT and MA walked through the village to the cars at Pond Green.

Altogether a great day, as we avoided being rained on, despite havin passed through showers while driving to Findon. 20 miles or so, but no accurate climb data as PT failed to set the satmap until after brek! estimated at 950 feet, based on last trip over Lancing Clump.

Thanks to Mark and Sid for making it happen”

Saturday 29th July 08.00am ride
PT writes: “As well as my usual “lanterne rouge” spot in the peloton, I also occupied the “maillot jaune” position! I got to choose the route, and to do all the gates (there were none, due to the route-choosing process).

Just a short two peaks round Cissbury and Chanctonbury in bright sunshine, and back down by the Fire station. 6 miles and 646 feet of climb”