Monarch’s Way Ride – Monday

Day 1 ride – Wincanton to Salisbury.

Events of the day:

Coffee stop in Mere attended to by potential fiancee’s for John and grumpy proprietor due to our muddy state.

Paul having a little lie down in the nettles just as a car had stopped to let us all across a busy road, much to the amusement of the kind driver.

Leaving half of our group at the pub when we had hired a seven seater taxi to take those going back to the hotel on the outskirts of Salisbury.

Andy having a rant at being left behind only finding us due to assistance from a postman who had observed the peloton.

The continentals starting the ride leading from in front as usual and by the end one leading and one taking up the rear of the peloton.

John having a lie down in the road in the suburbs of Salisbury with his head in the road just as a few cars were approaching.

The continental standoff as to which of two chains was the one that had been taken off and the one to be installed – this is the new one; no this is the new one…


Total 42.1 miles & 2776ft

Slide show of the day (+ Sunday):

TAMITS ( There’s a medal in there somewhere) of the day:

PT passing driver entertainment award

AM all by myself award

JR’s it’s all too much for me award