2017-04 April

These are the rides of the FGCC in April 2017

Saturday 1st April 08.00am ride
Report from Mr Roche:
The ride was a fairly uneventful occasion but for Paul’s ‘blast eet’ which occurred on the second of the intended four peaks ride. No cow trough or puddle presenting itself due to the dry conditions prevailing at the time meant that, as he struggled to find the hole, we had to ‘repair’ to the dew pond at Chanctonbury to gain a source of water to detect the little blighter. Then on to the remaining 2 peaks and Julia’s for Brek. Attending were: Paul (TM), Bob, Mark and yours truly.

Saturday 8th April 08.00am Mead trek ‘n brek

A controversial start to the ride was caused by Mr. Avery who wrestled from the club chaplain the award for forgetting a wheel. He then sped home to collect said wheel whilst the rest of us faffed. Emphasis on the word ‘sped’: On his return a mathematical calculation of time and distance proved that Mark must have broken the recommended speed limits; light interrogation in the presence of a police officer extracted an immediate confession but given the choice of processing (faffing) with the administration​ or heading off on the ride we chose the latter and hence the pending prosecution was cancelled with all witnesses and the prisoner being released.

In view of the request to be at the Mead establishment by 10.00am route selected was to the tank and a return via Myrtle Grove and the long slope back to Chantry Lane car park thence to Findon via collarbone alley. At the gate just after the gun club location RK decided that he had a blasteet resulting in a long stop only to discover that all was ok – a fake blasteet?

JR commented: I would like to say many thanks to Shirley and Andy for a splendid brek, and to all who attended for marvellous company, the whole affair capped off nicely by the official inauguration of yet another atalier and a sight-read recital of the official atalier anthem, (words by P Topley, music by Mrs. Carol Thomas), by Zach and Richard.

A full inspection of the new atelier brought to light Bob Crawford’s extensive knowledge of the subject of shed construction.

Total 10 miles
TAMITS – Mr Avery forgetting his front wheel
– Mr Kruger faking a blasteet in order to have a break.
– Mr Crawford showing great knowledge of shed building advising now to deal with shrink gaps.

Saturday 15th April 08.00am Nepcroft trek ‘n brek
PT, TK, RK, JR, BC, RT, PT2,
ZA brek only.
Route up to Cissbury car park and down the track to turn off to No Mans Land at which point RT and PT2 returned to Nepcroft for preparations and TK suffered a blasteet. Peloton continued along No Mans Land and then right turn up the hill to Langmead. SDW to Chanctonbury down to the A24 and return to Findon – short ride to arrive at Nepcroft for the brek.
Total 10 miles?

Saturday 22nd April 08.00am ride
A post-EPM ride, the EPM having successfully (!) decided the logistics for the upcoming C2C.
Stable Lane, north and across to the SDW, then left to take the hill-top track to the Bloody Norse Corner memorial which was in dire need of maintenance. Recital of the FGCC ode to the fallen and then straight down the hill into Steyning. Past the church and the usual route to the Downslink. All the way to the Shoreham footbridge and back via Lancing college, the Lancing clump, Cissbury and back to Findon for a brek at Julia’s.
Total 14 miles?

Saturday 29th April 08.00am ride
Bluebell ride. Up Church Hill, over to join the Monarch’s Way and into Angmering Park Estate right the way through but with a detour left along the tarmac section to ride through and enjoy the bluebells. At the west entry to the estate we observed the loss of the formerly wonderful bluebell woods that have been lost to brambles.
Then down the track to the gallops and up and round to Leigh farm then the long hill up to Chantry Lane car park, on to the SDW and return to Findon.
Total 14 miles?