03. March 2024

FGCC rides in March 2024

Saturday 2nd Monarch’s Way ride

TK, CB, JR, PT, MA, RT with ZA on road

Early departure from OPG with a minor debacle as the analogues were meant to head off first whilst ebikes went to find a faffing vicar and JR followed the latter. Ride to station into strong wind and driving cold rain – would it be like this for the day? Lakes everywhere either side of the railway for much of the journey.

Train to Havant with MA joining at Angmering and meeting PT there. Another debacle as to whether to wait for train to Rowlands Castle or cycle there instead, with it being suggested that each do whatever he wanted and in the event all cycled.

Excellent brek at the Bumblebee cafe and a discussion as to whether to go up to Buriton and onto the SDW then down to Bosham and take train home as proposed by JR, or to follow the Monarch’s Way but with road diversions wherever we anticipated almost impossible cycling conditions with the latter selected. Team Chaplain had an all road route to follow, summary from whom is below.

Heavily flooded road just as we set off, though with a footbridge that we could use, indicated the conditions to expect. Through Stansted Park and on the road.



Saturday 9th 08.00am ride


Friday 15th/Sat16th Downslink/NW Passage ride


Saturday 23rd 08.00am MA Septuagenarian Ride


Saturday 30th 08.00am ride.