01.2021 January

FGCC rides in January 2021.

The year starts off with segregated rides due to COVID.

Saturday 2nd January 08.00 am ride

AM reports:

Went to the garage at 8.am only to find the rear tyre flat again on the Epic. Swore a lot

then took the road bike instead. A24 to the A259. To Ferring. Through the village down to the sea and east to Shoreham fort. Back over the footbridge for a bacon sandwich at Toast on the Coast and  chat with Rex and Louis two ebikers from Hove and Brighton. Some of you gentlemen met them on the seafront a few weeks ago. Back up the Downslink over the wooden bridge and back  via the A27 and A24
mostly cycle path. Up the hill to Nepcote Green
down to the paper shop and home. Cateye says 26.2 miles. Dull to start off with but brightened up no wind to speak of but a chill northerly breeze. Plotaroute total 25.9 miles and 656 ft.
MA reports:
First ride of the year, APE lived up to its reputation! Now to spend nearly as long washing the bike… Plotaroute total 12.3 miles and 919 ft.
PT reports:
PT looped through to Rusper and discovered a bridleway from back Warnham so new as not to be on the OS map yet. Plotaroute total 13.1 miles and 712 ft.
RT reports:

Desperate attempt to recover my position in the Bling table:

It looks like Strava has already given away my 2 rides of yesterday (to followers). My original thoughts for a route were to ride to Coombe Farm, Shoreham and the seafront to Worthing. There being no one at Pond Green I set off and chanced upon Team Chaplain near Dee Dee’s. Zach was intent on continuing his desire for tarmac and take advantage of limited traffic for a ride to Storrington + Amberley and up the road to Kithurst Car Park returning to Findon via SDW and the Crematorium to be back early enough to get a coffee and sausage roll at The Gun at opening time (10.00am). A pleasant but short ride in good company – and thank you Zach for the refreshments. Plotaroute total 12.4 miles and 938 ft
However, feeling ready to ride a bit further and needing some provisions I decided upon a circuitous route to the shops in the valley and proceeded up to Cissbury, where I chanced upon Mr Kersley who was out for his Saturday morning ride, albeit a bit late. It would have been rude not to accept his kind invitation to join him for his ride. Agreeing that the east side of Cissbury would be a bit of a slide we set off east from the car park and ended up doing my original route. A mid point stop at Truffles in Shoreham found it temporarily transferred across the road whilst renovations took place, though we were greeted with the traditional abuse to our entertainment. Plotaroute total 19.5 miles and 1,063ft.
So a question to the Blingstats Master. Does this qualify as two rides as both will qualify as rides for my companions? And what mileage and height to be recorded? The individual longest and highest from the two? Or added together since again the individual stats will be recorded for Zach and Tim?
A quandary to be settled at a virtual APM? And are we all set for APM this coming Friday as per the calendar?
As regards yesterday’s rides – great to be out in good company. Thank you again Zach and Tim.

Saturday 9th January 08.00 am ride

A speedy first report from Mr Mead as follows:

Start delayed by major evacuation of three bilges proportions. To Cissbury car park, SDW and down the Bost Hill to Steyning. Downs Link to Shoreham, over the footbridge and onwards to Shoreham Fort. Return to Shoreham and a bacon sandwich and coffee from Hectors. Back along the seafront to Ferring, on to Rustington over the railway bridge and eventually left through EP and back along the 259 to Durrington. Up past Tescos

along to the John Selden pub. Left then right along the Plantation to the A27 and up the A24. Up the incline to Nepcote Green to sweep down into the village amd home via the paper shop. Very cold and misty up on the downs but the hedgerows bedecked with frost were beautiful. Sun came out in Shoreham and remained with me for the rest of the ride.
Cateye says 37.6 miles. Good to see everyone last night (virtually). (Plotaroute 34.1 miles and 1,234ft)
PT followed with:
Full of enthusiasm after yesterday’s e-APM, I got kitted up and hauled the bike out of its cupboard and set off.  The new chain fitted yesterday did not like running on the worn sprockets, and whenever any pressure was applied to the pedals it skipped playfully across the teeth of the rear cassette.  After a while, I had the idea to increase the chain tension, so I stopped and removed a couple of links from the chain.  This failed to cure the problem, so I cut short the frustrating ride and headed home. A paltry 5 miles and 177 feet!  Worse, the new sprockets will take a week to arrive, so no BDN rides for me this week!
ZA next:
Well wrapped up against the sub-zero temperatures, took A280 (Long Furlong) to Patching; Coldharbour – France Lane – Arundel Rd; A 27 cycle path (crossing at Hammerpot) to Poling; turned S to take in St Nicholas Church (closed) & view Lord Cowdrey of Tonbridge’s fine memorial stone ( ‘ … some cover drive’); bridleway W to A284, thence to Blenheim Drive, Rustington (via Toddington Lane, Worthing Rd) for welcome bacon & egg sarnie and update on repairs to CUBE at No.1 Son’s.
Return via A259 cycle path, Salvington Hill, Cross Lane. Cold, but – as ever – good to be out. (Plotaroute 19.0 miles and 935ft).
RT & CB:
We chose to head to Arundel, with the possibility of coming across Mr Avery there at 09.40 as he was heading west also from Angmering. A debate as to whether to chance the bogs of APE, but we (RT) chickened out and we took the route via Chantry Lane CP, Lee Farm and the Gallops. Arriving at Arundel at 09.30 due to fast riding on solid ground we took a short trip up towards the Black Rabbit rather than standing around freezing, only to subsequently discover that MA had messaged to say that he went through Arundel at 09.00am and had headed on rather than wait. An excellent bacons in breadstick with teas taken and a return route via Crossbush, Blakehurst Lane, alongside the A27 to Hammerpot, Angmering and the usual route to Highdown, Salvington and Findon Gallops. (Plotaroute 23.3 miles – Strava 24.3miles and 1,528ft as we added a section  up to the bird sanctuary not shown on plotaroute)

Saturday 16th January 08.00 am ride

A cold wet miserable day, so who was out?

First to report was Mr Topley:

Not a marathon ride today, as it is distinctly less attractive biking on your tod as compared to vt-enhanced rides en peleton.  New cassette held up well, with gear changes much improved.  New chainring next week, with any luck!
Setting off at the crack of dawn, I took a road route to Copsale, then returned along the soggy Downslink through Southwater and Christ’s Hospital to Broadbridge Heath and home.  Roads flooded at the crossing by Southwater country park
and at Christ’s Hospital
A mere 12ish miles in the rain at about 1 above zero.  Character built enough for one day. (Plotaroute 12miles and 594ft)
AM next to report:

Delayed by problem with the lights in the hall and upstairs. Dont know why still don’t work will have to summon a Sparkie.

Eventually, down School Hill, up to Nepcote Green down to A24 and A259 , westward to Climping. Left at the Ford R/about and back eastwards towards the footbridge in LA. down to West Beach then back to the seafront  via the footbridge. Back through Rustington EP and Durrington up to Offington R/about then A24. Up to Nepcote Green and swept down into the village final climb up School Hill and home. Cateye says 26.7 miles. Weather not good but got to get the miles in. See you all soon I hope. When’s the next zoom meeting?
We probably need one pretty soon, cant keep all this bollocks bottled up, not good for one.

Saturday 23rd January 08.00 am ride

TAMIT? A social media message the previous day from Mr Avery announced the christening of his new electric bike:

TK first to report:

A great ride from Findon, muntham, SDW, lee farm, gallops past Budd memorial to road near warning Camp
Headed north through wepham / burpham and climbed all way up to SDW .. returned via puckamuck, north end.

Great conditions first thing – very few others about and crisp clear skies . Plotaroute total 17.9 miles & 1,558ft

MA next:

I hope those fellow members who managed to get out this morning had as much fun as I did!

A domestic situation requiring a judicious application of TEMKEK caused a somewhat delayed start but happenstance meant that by heading down to Goring seafront via HighDown, Ferring and Ilex Way (which resembled APE at its finest in terms of mud) to surprise Clare at the end of her run along the seafront.

Socially distanced meeting achieved, I decided to cycle to Shoreham fort and back and then home via Ilex Way again and along the A259 and up the bridleway (also a quagmire!) by Angmering bypass to the Spotted Cow and home to carefully wash the bike again.

What a bike! (Plotaroute total 25.8 miles and 699 ft)

Next ZA:

Enjoyed reading Mark’s & Tim’s accounts of their rides

With less traffic on the roads than usual, I rode N along the A24, around
Washington Rbt taking next Left (Rock Lane) to the Sullington site of
Steyning Grammar School.

Thence towards Storrington before turning Rt along Fryern Rd SP W
Chiltington: at the jn, took the L fork, passing the Roundabout Hotel –
Monkmead Rd, by Alex’s place and on to join the A283 E of Pulborough.

Into Pulborough, pausing on the old bridge alongside the A29 to see the R
Arun in flood.

S, passing Hardham Church and on to Coldwaltham; L down Brook Lane and
thence crossing R Arun at Greatham Bridge. Next R towards Rackham, and
thence N up Rackham St to join B-road, Amberley to Storrington.

Stopped in Storrington at Farncombe’s, butchers, to procure some ‘bacons’
for brek at Cherry Cott.

Glad to have wrapped up warm – cold when setting out – colder, N of the
Downs ..

As ever, good to be out (Plotaroute total 27.1 miles & 1,476ft)

RT then reported:

Those of you on Strava will have seen Mr Avery’s new very grand emf powered steed and that he had an average speed of 12.9 mph compared with my rather pathetic 4.5mph for my first ride, but there was a reason for the latter.
Yes 2 rides Thomas in action again but not because of accompanying a tarmac-loving vicar this time.
Setting off with Mr Budd with the intention of riding to Arundel we got as far as Chantry Lane car park when a loud report echoing around made us look to see if “The Croc” was in action, but then realised that my rear tyre had exploded in true Kruger style. I wouldn’t have minded but this was a recent acquisition – serves me right for getting something new rather than making the most of a cast-off.
We contemplated an IOW-style repair but being so far from tarmac decided it wasn’t worth the effort. Besides it wouldn’t have been the same carrying out such a repair without the helpful commentary from a full peloton.
Encouraging Mr Budd to carry on to represent us in Arundel I walked back to Findon.  Hence the slow average speed. I am pleased to report that most of the half dozen or so passing cyclists asked if there was anything they could do to help. Total 7.4 miles and 580ft.
It still being early and a very pleasant day for a ride I hopped on the Pivot and did a sort of one third Shoreham loop. Up to Cissbury and over to Lytchpole farm, down to Sompting and main road to Brooklands. Along a surprisingly quiet seafront , although in Worthing itself I stuck to the road to avoid the infected masses, then usual route back via Grand Avenue, the Gallops and Rogers farm. Total 14.2 miles and 779 ft.
Must look in the garage to see if I can find an old reliable tyre. (Plotaroute total 21.1 miles & 1,404ft)

CB ride: continued from the point of RT’s exploding tyre on the planned ride to Arundel returning via Wepham Wood, Angmering and Findon valley (Plotaroute total 24 miles and 1,821ft)

PT last to report a Saturday ride:

I elected for a road route to take in part of Stane Street, and mused how much further the romans might have gone if they had been equipped with bikes – maybe even Scotland would have been part of the empire. (Plotaroute total 14.1 miles & 554ft)


Saturday 30th January 08.00 am ride

MA first to report today:

Another wonderful ride only marred by the lack of vox testiculorum.

Decided to ride into the wind to start with so took the now regular route towards Highdown, to Ferring, Sea Lane which lived up to its name had 6inches of water across it, Ilex Way then seafront to Shoreham where I bought a coffee to celebrate the end of riding into the wind.

Via Ropetackle to cross the old bridge then up to Lancing Clump and after a short lie down, straight on to join the SDW above Budd’s bacons. Staying on it to Chantry Post, I dropped down to Lee Farm then West and over Barpham Hill to slither home through APE. (Plotaroute 30.4 miles and 1.962ft)

ZA’s ride:

09.30 dep; A280 Long Furlong, Coldharbour/France Lane, Patching; Arundel Rd, A27 cyclepath to Crossbush; A27/The Causeway into Arundel – spotted Messrs Budd & Thomas just E of road bridge over railway line ..

Tarrant St, Ford Rd, Ford Lane – refreshment stop at The Edge, Ford Lane;

L into N End Lane, L Church Lane, L footpath by Yapton & Ford Village Hall to B2233; Burndell Rd/YaptonRd to A259; Climping St down to Beach, picking up with route pioneered by Monsieur Mead, of this Parish; rough sea as per attached image:

Return up Climping St taking footpath on R emerging on Brookpits Lane at Climping School;  Crookthorn Ln/Brookpit Lane/Ferry Rd, Rope Walk down to W Beach:

backtrack to Rope Walk, crossed bridge over R Arun, River Rd cutting through houses to path along E bank of the river passing Harbour Lights Cafe emerging on to Pier Rd opposite The Gravy Boat Carvery; Arun Parade, seafront/B2140, Sea Lane (Rustington), R Knightscroft Ave, L Central Ave, R Cudlow Ave, Broadmark Ave, R Bushby Ave, The Close, Hudson Dr, Pigeonhouse Lane, Angmering Lane, Vicarage Lane/The Street (E Preston), B2140, A259 (cyclepath), Langbury Lane, Ferring St, Goring Way, Goring St, Fernhust Dr, Bury Drive, footpath from Compton Ave by St Mary’s Church emerging on to A259 (Mulberry Lane);

L Clive Ave, R Marlborough Rd, L Shaftesbury Ave, The Boulevard, R A2032, L Stone Lane, Half Moon Lane/The Plantation returning via A24/Limetree Ave, Maytree Ave, Findon Rd & Nepcote, c. 14.00 (Plotaroute 33 miles and 1,096ft)

AM’s ride:

Late start due to attendance at a Zoom Wedding in Paris. Up to Cissbury car park.

Across to SDW. Down to Steyning.Downs Link to Shoreham. Coffee and Granola bar at Toast on The Coast. To Shoreham Fort and Then back to Sea Lane Ferring with the wind. Up to A259 over the railway crossing and back to Findon Valley through Durrington past Tescos then back to School Hill via Nepcote Green.
Wet and very muddy on the downs Wind cold and persistently in one’s face, on the first and last leg ,combined with heavy mud tyres made it hard work. Good to be out though and the all seeing Cateye says exactly 30.00 miles.
Bon Chance Amis. (Plotatoute total 32.4 miles & 695ft)
CB’s & RT’s ride:

Saturday’s ride for Mr Budd and myself was Arundel again, but this time hoping to get further than Chantry Lane CP.

Up to Muntham with a quick faff at the top to remove outer layer of waterproofing as the rain was minimal. Of course that didn’t last too long. A shout of joy as RT managed to make it past Chantry Lane without  mishap and we got as far along the Burpham route as the farm where the tarmac starts before needing to cover up again due to the heavy precipitation. That lasted all the way into Arundel where we took tea and bacons baguettes with mushrooms (a high scoring choice on Buddadvisor by Mr Budd) sheltering at the front of the museum by the river. Return journey via Warningcamp, APE, Dover Lane, A27, Angmering and to Highdown. Very heavy going soggy climb up Highdown (not having an extra form of propulsion as has the Team Aromatherapist) and down past Tescos. Now at this point towards the end of a ride most Gentlemen choose a relatively less demanding route, but clearly the Italian Stallion is missing the mountains so the route took a climb (well more like crawl in my case) up Salvington Hill, down Bost hill and home to Findon via Cross Lane. Although not as spectacular as Mr Avery’s discovery, the bottom of Bost Hill was a lake about 20ft wide and 6” deep – there has certainly been a lot of rain.

Total 24 miles and 1,764 ft according to Strava.

PT’s ride:

My ride was an uneventful road circuit north-east from Horsham nearly to Pease Pottage then south-west to Copsale and back through Southwater, as follows: (Plotaroute total 20.2 miles and 1,192ft)


PT adds:

Mileages and climbs have been added to the bling table, which currently looks like this:

TAMITS: MA running out of emf.