07. July 2024

FGCC rides in July 2024

Saturday 6th July 08.00am Septuagenarian JR ride.


The morning after JR’s 70th (and a few pints!) and surprise visit from the Italian wing of the FGCC made for a celebratory ride.

Arundel via Muntham, SDW, Burpham for a brek in the Moat House cafe where the presence of ZA resulted in Erica taking control of service, which was excellent as usual.

Return via Warningcamp, APE and Monarch’s Way to Tolmere, at which point MB decided to have a little rest enjoying a comfortable soft landing. Debate concluded that no justification could be put forward to committee on establishing a memorial.

Total 22.7 miles and 1,770ft

Saturday 13th July 08.00am ride

PT and MA convened at OPG (MA arriving a velo from Angmering), waited for the 10-minute rule to expire (well, MA had to, didn’t he?) and then set off up Stable lane, up to Chanctonbury, down Llama Lane and on to Spithandle Lane.  Turning east we made for Henfield to brek at the Post Office.  Standards there have not slipped.

To enliven the return leg, we headed north to Partridge Green then West to Dial Post, and over the A24.  Mostly bridleway from Dial post through Knepp estate, dodging a herd of horses, then down Strawberry lane to tarmac at Merrywood Lane.  Percolating south alongside Sullington Warren we crossed the A283 and climbed a bit up to Sulligton Manor Farm, where excellent coffee, tea and cakes were to be had, and were.

MA in blue, PT in red.

Fortified we climbed a lot up to the silver barn (as was before it burnt down) on the SDW, then turned and came down past the gun club and the JR memorial.  Parting at the gate, PT headed for Findon via the cornfield next to Long Furlong (a wheatfield this year), while MA attended to a dry patch and took the Monarch’s way home.  A sunny shirtsleeves day.  PT covered 26.72 miles, and MA 39.05.

Meanwhile, The Flying Brit was practising his moisturising techniques with a 6.2 mile ride and a saline immersion:

Back in Blighty, Richard (accompanied by his Memsahib) drifted across the green and pleasant vale just north of Leominster in a creditable nine-and-a-bit mile ride

Our CCTV also ventured out (solo): Church Hill, S through Clapham Woods to Holt Farm, A27 W to Titnore Lane, bridleway up to Highdown, descent via Highdown Gardens car park, passing Highdown Hotel, to cross A259, E on cyclepath to Northbrook R’abt, Goring Street, Aldsworth Ave, Crowborough Drive, Compton Ave using footpath by Vicarage to access St Mary’s, Goring

Footpath from churchyard to emerge on to Mulberry Lane, crossed over to access footpath leading to Goring-by-sea Primary School, Palmerston Ave, Melbourne Ave, Barrington Rd, Shaftesbury Ave, The Boulevard, Strathmore Rd, Terringes Ave, Ringmer Rd to cross A2032 (Littlehampton Rd); Roedean Rd, A’Beckett Gardens, Salvington Gardens, Stone Lane, Half Moon Lane, across A27 (Crockhurst Hill), Mill Lane, Findon Valley Gallops, across Bost Hill to access (somewhat overgrown) bridleway to Rogers Fm and thus back to Findon.  12.1miles and 669 feet climbed.

Fine efforts by all!

Saturday 20th July 08.00am ride

MA, PT and RT (all on ebikes) took a different route to Dial Post.  Stable Lane, Chanctonbury and down Llama lane to Spithandle.  Turn left off Spihandle, then miss a right turn and go back for it, to take bridleway to Lock Farm (on the DialPost to Partridge Green track).  Then left to Dial post for brek.  MA in green, PT and RT in red.

Over A24 and south through Knepp estate to Thakeham church then south to Little Thakeham and a right turn to emerge on the B2139.  Follow this south, then take th road beside Sullington Warren and cross the A283 and take a restorative coffee and cake at the Old Workshop cafe at Sullington Manor Farm.  Push on up to SDW at the High Barn, where MA took his leave to head back west and PT and RT rode down past the gun club, Collarbone Alley and the wheat field to emerge on Long Furlong.  Several interludes of tightening RT’s steering, to try to stop a persistent noise (without sucess!).

About 24 miles and 1600 feet climbed for PT and RT, while MA clocked up about 38 miles and 2700 feet

Meanwhile, The Flying Dane/Brit was again pickled in brine after a reprise of his 6 mile jaunt along the Danish coast, climbing some 70 feet:

Perhaps in his “John the Baptist” role of preparing the way, our CCTV (with Frankie – eldest grandson) rode out towards Cissbury car park and they took the higher of the 2 tracks along W flank to access Cissbury Ring from S; ascent to Trig Pt and exit via NE ‘gate’ to descend to car park: thence bridleway to meet SDW at jn above ‘Llama Lane’; W to ascend Chanctonbury and beyond to Trig Pt. Descent to A24 and thence to Village Stores (where Frankie bought himself a well-earned Kit Kat).  ZA enjoyed a chat with Angus (in June he and Jane had enjoyed a holiday in Barbados for Jane’s birthday/their 30th wedding anniversary). Thence back to Cherry Cottage for ‘brunch’, c.11.00.  7.965 miles and 833 feet climbed.

Saturday 27th July 08.00am ride