2018-11 November

FGCC rides in November 2018

Saturday 3rd November 08.00am ride.
JR, RT and newcomer Alex Ross (another e-bike owner).
Time to inspect some new technology (well still relatively new to the FGCC) resulted in a delay to the start of a ride intended to see some of the autumn colours, route suggested by JR.
Cissbury, Chanctonbury and then the northerly track just to the west of Chanctonbury down a steep slope into the woods. At the bottom we headed east to the bottom of Llama lane and then headed north down Chanctonbury Ring Road and across the A283 into Water Lane. Straight on then a right into Spithandle lane enjoying the colourful wooded area there, turning right at the end into the HOrsham Road and into Steyning for a brek at Truffles.
After the brek JR headed off to Ashington to find his car, whilst AR & RT headed up the Bostal to Langmead, SDW and Stable Lane to return to Findon.

Total 17.3 miles and 1,438 ft

Saturday 10th November Trek and Lunch to Not-Turvey house – PT
PT writes:
For those without, and who were not there, PT RT JR MA and Alex the new E-guy climbed up to the SDW and immediately descended Sullington hill, crossed the main road then doubled back into Storrington for an excellent bacon sarnie (photo) at the Vintage Rose tea rooms. Then head east and north, up Park Lane to Warmingham farm where we went off-road again.
The track north from Warmingham Farm brought us back to the road at the south end of Peacocks lane, where we again turned east to cross the Billingshurst road and pass through Bowford Farm and along an autumnal track (photos) to emerge again on road at Blonks Farm. Left to follow road to Barnhouse farm, then off-road again (after overshooting the turnoff and doing an extra mile on road).
Through Jenden’s Farm then left to Coolham and north on road to Shipley Hall. Then we proceeded west toward Newbuildings plantation and north, pausing for Alex to have a short reclining rest by the roadside, up to the Bax Castle where we joined the Downslink. Passing Christ’s Hospital station we crossed under the railway through woods to rejoin the track bed and progress to Baystaone bridge.
Leaving the downlink, turned north to pass through Batstone Copse and enter Horsham crossing the A264. Right turn, over the A24 then left to arrive chez PT.
Satmap has 23.3 miles, with 1341 feet climbed
A luckily rain-free ride enjoyed by all, or so they said.

Lunch chez P&LT was adorned by the additional presence of Lyn P, Margaret A and Andy & Shirley M. Carriages at about 4.

Bacon sarnie stop in Storrington
Autumn colours north of Storrington

Saturday 17th November 08.00am ride
PT, RT, AR, JR and RK
A short ride again – 3.5 peaks including Windlesham.

Three & a half peaks ride via Windlesham

9.3 miles and 1151 feet climbed.

Saturday 24th November 08.00am ride
A cold wet day and RT was anticipating being BNM for the morning, when Mr Roche appeared fully refreshed from only 6 pints the night before.
Due to the continuous rain expected a route up round the east of Cissbury through the golf course to Lyons Farm region and back via Lychpole Farm. However as we were riding up to Cissbury it was decided that round Cissbury would be glacial and so we switched to a 4 peaks ride.
Rain continued all the way to Chanctonbury, but by the time we had got to Washington it cleared. Up to the High Barn and decided that in view of the slightly better conditions to extend the ride to High Salvington, down Mill Lane and back along the Gallops to Findon for a brek at Julia’s, joined by Messrs Allen and Kersley.

Total: 13.8 miles and 1,182ft