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Findon Gentlemen’s Cycling Club rides in May 2021

Saturday 1st May 08.00am ride – e-bikers play hide and seek with a vicar.

A peleton of eight hardy souls (AM JR MA PT RK RT TK and ZA) assembled at OPG, to be dazzled by JR’s new golden bike.  JR also produced a razor-saddled road bike he has recently acquired, so that Gentlemen could assist him in discovering where the gearshifters were.  This search completed successfully (they were cunningly integrated with the brake levers), the road bike was returned within the security cordon surrounding World HQ and a ride to Arundel for bacons was agreed on.
Pausing at the top of Muntham to regroup, our dear TVCC was struck by a nostalgia for the Golden Bum, and disappeared over the crest heading up towards the SDW.
At this moment disaster struck. With a technical elegance worthy of the engineers who laid the first transatlantic telegraph cables, RT proceeded to lay the entire length of his chain in a perfect line along the track.  Catastrophe was compounded by the timing – it was a Saturday, so we had no chance of being able to afford the weekend consultancy fees of our expert chain-break locator (now representing the Club in the Far East).  We were therefore reduced to guessing where the break had occurred, with rival factions favouring the respective ends.  The matter was resolved by uniting both of the broken ends together, remembering to pass the chain inside the chainstay to avoid later embarrassment.
A relieved peleton then set off in the wake of our TVCC (in very much a “John the Baptist” role) until we reached Chantry car park, at which point a familiar yellow speck was seen on the skyline, on the track leading to the tank site.  Ever keen to expose e-riders to ridicule by exhausting their batteries, RT suggested that MA and PT should pursue the escaping cleric, and then meet the peleton at Wepham Down.
Accepting this challenge PT and MA turned their bikes to warp speed and set off along the SDW, reaching the tank turn in time to see the TVCC disappear again into the trees east of the tank site, en route to Lee Farm.  The “turbo twins” continued south from the tank site eventually reaching Wepham Down to rejoin the remainder, who had ridden south down from Chantry and west to pass through Lee Farm (presumably before the TVCC).  A delightful and uneventful progress to Arundel ensued on the traditional route via the CB memorial (which remains in good order), anxiety  alleviated by messages from the TVCC assuring us of his well-being.
Bacons duly consumed and vt spoken and heard, the remaining seven set off for Ford prison, Climping, and the sea at Littlehampton.  A second stop for tea on the seafront in the sunshine was enjoyed,
and the ride continued east through the built-up area and along the A259.  As we passed Ferring, MA peeled off to return home by skirting north of Highdown (he had already climbed it once on the way to Findon).  The peleton, now six, percolated through to Offington and returned to Findon via Mill lane and the gallops.  PT’s ride was 28.29 miles, but various distances were logged by others.
Blue is MA’s pre-ride ride to Findon to begin the ride (overall 34 miles & 1,655ft)
Red is PT’s route
Yellow is the main peleton’s route from Chantry to Wepham (28.43ft & 1,112ft)
Green is MA’s route home after peeling off
Purple is the TVCC’c possible route fom the tank to Findon – later information allowed a complete plot as follows (9.8 miles& 935 ft):
On the mainland, our European Representative was spreading the word amongst hill and valley, with a ride of 30.7 miles and 2,231 feet of climbing:
A splendid solitary effort – the plot is reconstructed from CB’s description, as Strava decided to take a break in the middle of his ride.
Nine riders – a goodly turnout for May day
TAMITS: ZA playing hide and seek with the e-bikers
                  RT suggesting hide and seek in order to drain e-bikers batteries
                  JT dazzling bike

Saturday 8th May 08.00am ride

A wet and windy day made for a number of separate rides.

AM first to report:

Didn’t wake up in time to join whoever made it to OPG. Set off later. Across the gallops down to Tescos round to Hightown, over the top to Angmering, up to the A27 along to Poling, down to LA. Along the seafront Coffee and Chocolate brownie at Edge by The Sea. Back to Worthing via Rustington EP and Ferring. Along Ilex way pausing only to admire the Art Deco Architecture, down to Sea Lane Cafe straight through to East Worthing and back up through Worthing and Findon Valley.

30 miles, missed the rain all good.

MA, KBS, ZA & KBS all met at OPG at the official time.

RT reports:

Definitely a good idea to have set off later, as I gather that the fair-weather Kersley was also going to do.

Four of us made it to OPG in the rain – Zach, Mark, Kim and myself. Arundel selected as the destination, via Lee Farm to provide a little more shelter from the wind in comparison to going via Burpham. ZA needed to get to Durrington by 11.00am for his second jab and so would peel off at some point.

Up through the crem and on to Chantry Post in pouring rain and strong wind, by which time a soaked RT decided that he hadn’t the energy to continue possibly due to the Covid jab the previous day and would head straight back. KBS decided that he wouldn’t last all the way to Arundel and back due to his minimal clothing and also being soaked and would head home via Lee Farm and Myrtlegrove, so ZA decided to go the same route. MA would do Lee Farm and up to the top and through APE to home.
Not sure of the exact route that the others took but my crawl back heading into the wind was via Muntham and a mere 8 miles and 576ft returning to Nepcroft absolutely soaked and wiped out.
MA’s route (16 miles and 1,387 ft)
Meanwhile CB, our FGCC continental representative, was demonstrating the vertical nature of his region by going for a short ride of a similar distance to RT of 8 miles but climbing over double the height (1,202ft):

Saturday 15th May 08.00am ride 


Saturday 22nd May 08.00am ride


Sunday 23rd to Saturday 29th May Monarch’s Way ride.



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