2016-11 November

Rides of the Findon Gentlemen’s Cycling Club in November 2016

Saturday 5th November 08.00am ride
TK was meant to be joining us but “overslept” – something to do with the EPM the night before? Nevertheless a short ride called for by RT due to recovering back injury.
Up Cissbury, over towards Steyning Road, left up the half-metalled track to Langmead, SDW to Chanctonbury and then back to go down Buddington Bottom, A24 and return to Findon.
Total 9.5 miles.

Saturday 12th November – Trek ‘n Brek to Rustington. ZA
Cycling: KBS, PT, RT, RK, MA. Chefs – ZA plus son Richard.
Rain, rain and more rain. A bit of a typical start with the FD heading for the slippery green chalk track that is Church Hill because it got mentioned and the rest of the peloton heading up School Hill. Re-grouped, and up to Tolmere and along the Monarch’s Way to Michelgrove then left and into Angmering Park estate. Straight on, a fork right a fork left and we were lost, somehow ending up on the A27 to the west of Hammerpot. Only choice a ride along the A27 then down into Angmering, through Ham Manor and into Rustington to arrive around 15 minutes late.
A sumptuous brek served up by Team Vicar, ably supported by son Richard,to the drowned rats. Return to Findon via A259 and the valley due to time.
Total 18 miles.

Saturday 19th November 08.00am ride
JR, RT, (RK)
RK turned up for the ride, but then got a phone call to say that he had locked the girlfriend out of the house and he had to go ….. Sounds like a medal in there somewhere.
JR wanted to visit Stan’s Bike Shack at Partridge Green, one of his new Malaysian Tea outlets.
Cissbury, Chantonbury then west on the SDW and over the hill past the dew pond to rejoin the SDA further down. Sharp right just before the gas distribution unit, at which point JR suffered a chain jam. The steed is the one that had the mobile pedal arm which tested the patience of the Frenchman a few years ago, the JR solution to which had been heftily “malleting” it into place, the result of which was an oversized gap between the gears and the frame into which his chain had neatly jammed. A lot of brute force and ignorance (TM would have cringed if he were present) by RT and JR and the chain was freed.
We continued down the muddy track through the woods to end up at the bottom of Llama lane. Left down the road, crossing the A 283 into Water Lane, right into Spithandle Lane, left at the end and onto the Horsham Road (B2135) to Stan’s Bike Shack at Partridge Green. Treated ourselves to a full english breakfast bap, having arrived just before a massive influx of road riders.
Return to Findon via Downslink, SDW, Langmead and Stable Lane with the last section being a bit of a struggle for such a relatively long ride.
Total 28 miles.

Saturday 26th November 08.00am ride.