2013.03 March

Saturday 1st March The NTH ride.
The long awaited ride to PT’s new abode.
TK, CB, RT met at Pond Green as planned and set off to Worthing station, wondering what had happened to AM. However, he materialised on the route.
Change of train at Haywards Heath delayed arrival at PT’s second home where we met him – though he had not rested overnight there on this occasion. Departure along the ???? Way was further delayed by AM challenging the plumbing system.
We had planned to meet ZA and son RA at E.Grinstead at 10.00am, but were about an hour late, joining them at EG’s supposedly best brek stop according to Trip Advisor, a mediocre greasy spoon.
Set off along the ???? Way at a fast pace, with one “blasted” suffered by CB, with a gash in the outer tyre requiring special surgery by TM.
Arrived late at PT’s new magnificent home and to a great welcome and fine fare.

Saturday 9th March 08.00 am ride.
TK, CB, MA, RT & SP.
MT at the start to make his apologies and to see Samuel off. Setting off delayed by MA keen to discuss the demo specialised carbon fibre stump jumper borrowed from the bike store.
Ride to Shoreham selected with the intention of getting back by around 11.00am, TK’s deadline. Just after No Man’s Land RT suffered a “blasteet”. Another fine break at Shoreham, some time spent disturbing sales of The Dane’s chocolates at the Farmers market, and a return via the seafront. However, RT suffered another blasteet, this time a slow one, so he tried pumping up the tyre in order to not hold up the now-late TK. Eventually TK went on ahead and the tyre was fixed. Route via the Gallops, but this time RT suffered another blasteet this time to the front wheel, but was able to limp home.
Total 20 miles.