2011.05 May

Saturday 7th May.
PT was out for a tentative circuit of Ditchling Common. Who was out from Findon?

Saturday 14th May – Brek chez NW
A peleton of six, RT, KBS, GD, MA, PT and NW, left Findon to climb Church Hill and ride in the sunshine over to Clapham woods past the FL memorial.
NW’s route then took us down to cross Long Furlong and up into Patching by road, then up into Angmering woods over Patching Hill. Picking up the main route through the woods, we came out at the CB memorial, where a spot of maintenance soon brought it up to scratch.
The route then carried on to wards Arundel, but instead of turning right on the A27 for the town, we went left up to crossbush the on the Lyminster road to pick up the bridleway east to Poling.
Through a field of deep yellow flowers, we came out at the west end of Angmering.
Paul aglowThreading through the estates, we were welcomed by Lisa and the boys and treated to a bumper brek, NW’s brother ED joining the company.
Thomas and Steven joined the main peleton for the return leg to Findon, Ed leading GD over to visit his dad and MA heading down to the coast to return to No 10.
The main peleton went north through the village to Dappers lane, then past the Fox and World’s end to France Lane for Patching, to retrace the outward route. PT and KBS were unexpectedly (for PT anyway) out in front, and descended Church hill toward Tolmare. Taking leave, PT took the Furlong to Findon.
PT’s route was 19.1 miles, with 1919 feet climbed.

Sat 28th May
A small peleton of just MA, FL and AC met and, even without persuasion from KBS, decided on a route that took in Church Hill to Clapham Woods, though not the off piste section that delivers one to the church as FL “forgot to turn right” and went straight on to the end of The Street. Lifting bikes over the gate; padlocked in an unfriendly way; we headed towards Angmering Park. Still influenced by the Flying Dane, we thought it would be fun to try the bridlepath up from Long Furlong but, taking one look at the extensive display of stinging nettles that awaited any traveller foolish enough to attempt that route, we retraced our steps(?) and took Coldharbour Lane through Patching up to the car park at the top of The Street, up dog-shit alley and straight on into the glorious woods.
Decided to rely on the satnav app in MA’s iPhone to find an exit route when required, we cycled where the whimsy took us, turning hither and thither until we ended up on the edge of neatly cultivated land forming the immediate grounds surrounding Angmering House. Seeing as the way ahead was a long walk on what was only a footpath through these ground, we checked our location and decided to retrace our route, circumvented those grounds to the West and rode up divers paths to join the Monarchs Way at Keepers Cottage.
At this point AC professed that energy reserves were starting to run low (having cycled up to the village from Durrington before the start) we chose to head back along the Monarchs Way back to the top of Tolmare Farm. AC returned home via Church Hill and High Salvington; MA and FL using Long Furlong to regain Findon. A ride of 16 miles with a total of 1890 ft climbed.