2009.04 April

Saturday 4th April
The continental sat-nav ride to Arundel for a brek and return.
Messrs Bang-Sorensen, Leroux, Budd and Thomas discussed the route outside the FGCC headquarters just before the ride as per usual agreeing to go via the Tank and the Gallops. All went well until M Leroux “following” the peleton from about 5 miles in front in the fog missed the turning to the tank. A phone call revealed that he had got to the top of the hill past the car park before noticing that he was on his own. The regrouped peleton had to skirt round the heavily ploughed field just down from the Tank. After that an unremarkable ride in light rain to Arundel to the Edible Sandwich Shop.
Another excellent brek, but a shock for Mr Budd to discover that “the best poached eggs he’s ever had that haven’t been cooked in a microwave” are in fact cooked in a microwave using a secret method.
Agreed that we would try to take the fastest route home as Mr Thomas had to be back by around 11.00, but as we entered Angmering Park Estate it was all too much for Mr Bang-Sorensen who set off on a “nice little route”. On being challenged as to whether this would be just as quick he confirmed that it would be. Well we ended up on the A27 and after going about 15 times round the woods eventually arrived in Patching, returning via Clapham Woods getting back to Findon around mid day.
So much for continental guidance.
Total 22 miles.

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