2008.06 June

June 2008 FGCC rides
Sat 7 7.30am Saturday ride
Intended to be a trip to Henfield for brek at Truffles, PT FL RT and KB-S had to curtail due to time constraints, with FL and KB-S involved in the School Revels. A brek at Storrington was agreed, so up to the tank via Muntham, where FL turned south for the Tank, myrtle grove and home while the rest turned north for a descent through trees into Storrington and a fine brek (albeit without tomatoes nor pots of tea). Climbed back up the downs via Sullington church then to the silver barn, where EN called to say he was in Henfield so where were we. Apologies all round, then continue down SDW to collarbone lane and leaving KB-S at Tolmare PT and RT returned to the square via the Furlong. 11.5 miles, bright sun to test RT’s new sniper specs.

Sat 14 7.30am Trek ‘n brek @ le Tanque, F – JR
RT PT MA JR ZA EN AM KB-S – Up to the tank via Muntham and the silver barn, calling at Kithurst for Buck’s fizz with EN
Bucks Fizz at Kithurst hill car park
and then AM before decamping to the tank. Fine brek of Tony’s Bacons and sausages, EN’s scrambled eggs, mushrooms tomato beans, with toast and marmalade by MA to follow.
Brek at the tank
Return leg marred by punctures and broken spoke for PT, but good turn done by RT providing petrol to tiny stranded biker found pushing huge bike down the A24 just north of the Fire Station. 11 miles on a sunny day – views to the IOW

Sunday 15th June – JR, MA and Surrey Dave do the London to Brighton ride

Sat 21 7.30am Saturday ride
RT writes: Gentlemen,
So where were you all on Saturday morning? OK, Kim was enjoying himself in the pouring rain chasing fit young ladies in wettest wales, but what of others? A warm misty moist morning solo ride up the A24 and to Chanctonbury, across to Langmead, down to the east side of Cissbury, and thence down past Lyons Farm, East Worthing and destination the Bike Store. Alas they had run out of Shimano Deore front mech’s – apparently there’s been a run on them – so, sorry TM and Kim; you’ll just have to put up with the horror of my floating front mech for a little longer.

Sat 28 7.30am Trek ‘n brek-ich – RT
CB EN AM ZA JR MA RT at least – names garnered from email „Thank you“s
Indeed you were present at the brek and it was the Clapham Wood ride – returning to follow the fire brigade up Cote Street. – thanks for the reminder and apologies for missing you from the list..

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