2008.08 Aug

August 2008 FGCC rides
Sat 2 7.30am Saturday ride
CB writes:
“On the 2nd August I was out for a ride on my own.

It was a cool morning and slightly damp (not wet) and I decided to take Nepcote lane up to Cissbury (thinking I might meet one of the Gentlemen) then up to Chanctonbury, down to the A24 at Washington and then back through Windlesham to Findon. Incident free, I arrived back in Findon at 8.55am I went straight to the butchers to stock up on Bacons for an early morning feast.”

Sat 9 7.30am Saturday ride
MA and KB-S

Sat 16 7.30am Saturday ride
PT MA and KB-S gathered at the butchers, in time to see Tina Gifford arrive back from the Olympics with her bronze medal. Excitement over, we set off up to Nepcote then took the Monarch’s way and turned north to the SDW. Kim then navigated a route down the front of Chanctonbury through the woods, with stretches of terrifying steepness, until we emerged into Steyning for a calming cuppa and bacon sarnie. Heading back via Mouse Lane toward Wiston, another Kim-style route through the trees brought us eventually to the top of Llama Lane. Descending into the wind toward Cissbury, we returned down the Monarch’s way and to the Square. Kim took on Church Hill, while MA and PT boarded the new LSV and repaired to No 10 for a further Cuppa to celebrate Claire’s entry to Brighton Uni. 11 miles or so, in bright and dry but windy conditions.

ZA did the 4 peaks (clockwise, so to speak)16 Aug. He was at The Square on time that day, but no other gentlemen were in evidence.

Sat 23 7.30am Saturday ride
PT having attended an emotional gathering the previous night, it is with gratitude that Mr Avery’s account of the ride is reproduced here:

“Those of us members that assembled the peleton yesterday morning, being Richard, John and myself did indeed surmise and speculate at length upon your absence and in particular, which of Southern Rail’s sidings was favoured with your patronage (the war artist is preparing the plaque at this moment…)

The Mr Roche proposed a west bound trip so we set off to the tank the hard way, i.e. School Hill/Long Furlong to Tolmare then Monarch’s Way to Lee Farm etc. Spectacular sunny morning with clear skies and far horizons, marvellous. Added to by the joys of proving mud and straw mix very effectively to form a gear jamming compound and those little chain repair links recommended by the team mechanic really do work; Richard performed an illegal gear change upon leaving Lee Farm with the inevitable result…

The tank was arrived at after a slightly dis-orienting experience in the last 25m track through the copse. It appeared to have been replaced with a hedge as one of the trees had fallen across it. Nasty little track round it though was negotiated successfully to the tank but proved unrideable in reverse (I have the scratches to prove it).

The return took us along SDW to the barn thence via collar bone alley up Church Hill and on past the TV mast to High Salvington thence, flouting Worthing Borough Council’s byelaws, down the hairpin path to the gallops and on to Mr Roche’s ancestral home whereupon refreshments were taken with the closing stages of the Olympic mountain bike event presented on the TV; a pale imitation of an FGCC ride if ever I saw one.

We thence parted on ways homeward, Richard and John to the North and the urban sprawl southwards for myself.

As I say, marvellous!”

Sat 30 7.30am Trek ‘n Henfield
JR MA RT PT KB-S – The riders from Findon were meant to meet PT (who having LSV’d to Henfield, had descended the Downslink) at Langmead, but PT’s late arrival via the concrete road up Steyning Bowl meant that the peleton left to enjoy the bostal just as PT sighted them. Giving chase, we were reunited at the bridge at the bottom of the Downslink after a phonecall. Peleton of 5 then proceded on to Truffles, which has been gentrified beyond the point to which loyalty can be strained – cafetieres abolished, brek “streamlined” by the removal of tomato, mushroom and some bacons, and leaf tea substituted by the bagged sweepings. Gentlemen are urged to register displeasure at this collapse of quality by burning their loyalty cards (in exchange for which breks are no longer available in any case) and eschewing this chain of establishments until time or circumstance shall restore them to their former culinary splendour.

PT returned to Kevin House by LSV, the remainder of the peleton taking the Downslink, with MA and RT heding for the coast, and JR and KB-S to Findon on a sunny and warm morning.

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