01. January 2024

Findon Gentlemen’s Cycling Club rides in January 2024

Saturday 6th January 08.00am ride

TK, CB, MA, MB, RT with AM & ZA on road bikes

Yet again very soggy conditions so route to shoreham on mainly gravel and tarmac chosen.

Cissbury and over to the steep rise towards Steyning road, left up the gravel track and down the concrete road to Maudlin lane. Along the Downslink and to the airport for a brek. Return journey along the seafront to Grand Avenue, West Worthing and up the Valley to Findon.

Total 20.6 miles and 940ft.

Meanwhile ZA reported:

“Dep (on road bike) from OPG School Hill, Long Furlong/A280 to jn with A27 (Patching); continued along A280 (cyclepath unusable due to debris from recent hedge cutting)

At point on Angmering bypass where temporary traffic lights currently operating, chain broke. Retraced steps a short distance, pushing bike, to bridleway which runs W below Highdown, and thence down Hangleton Lane to cross A259 heading E along cyclepath passing Northbrook College to Durrington R’abt; N up Durrington Lane, Salvington Hill and (astride my stricken steed) down Bostal, A24/Findon Rd cyclepath, Cross Lane, Southview Rd/Northview Terrace and thus back to ‘base’ (c.10.15).

Note to self; acquire a chain tool, and – more importantly – book a Master Class either with the TM, or another similarly technically competent Gentleman, to learn how to use same!”

ZA’s route:


Similar route for AM on road but he arrived at the Airport.

Meanwhile, Mr Roche performed a marathon 40-miler to Brighton and back via Shoreham Fort (twice), as follows:


TAMITS: ZA Taking the place of the absent Dane on chain breaks.

Saturday 13th January 08.00am ride

JT, RK, ZA, TK, MA, JR, CB, TB meeting PT at Shoreham airport.

Morning after the APM and bling awards so it was encouraging to see how many riders turned up for a ride. TK reported from his ride over from Steyning that the Cissbury track to the Steyning Road had been churned up badly by farm traffic so other options were discussed and final conclusion was to start up towards Chanctonbury for North End farm/A24 – a long grinding start for those on analogues. Then onward at speed along the South Downs Way, past Langmead memorial and on to the Downslink via “Belsen for bacons” to Shoreham. Across the footbridge and into the airport where Mr Topley had booked a table for us to enjoy a sumptuous brek.

Return route via the seafront to Grand Avenue, West Worthing, TAB lights and Mill lane with a drop down the Bostal and into Findon.

Total 22.6 miles and 1,088ft climbed.

Andy made it out later for a 20 mile circuit “over to Rustington via West Worthing, the slums of Goring by sea and the ghettos of Ferring”.

Saturday 20th January 08.00am ride

TK, MB, RK, MA, RT with PT, ZA & AM on road

A recovering PT chose to accompany ZA on road route to the Airport with Mr Tsetse fly following a bit later. Meanwhile the peloton headed over the top to Shoreham via Lancing ring through the sticky mud. Original intention was to go via Coombes Farm, but RK suffered a blasteet necessitating a shorter route. Blasteet fixed with usual FGCC efficiency in spite of not much practice in recent times due to tubeless tyres and Stan’s sealant.

Return route via the seafront but heading north earlier via Dominion Way rather than Grand Avenue due to strong westerly winds challenging the analogues. ZA returned via road route to Steyning and Washington, and AM via A27 and other road routes.

Total: Peloton 17.9 miles and 921ft

Total: PT 19.2 miles and 295 ft


Saturday 27th January 08.00am ride

TK, PT, MA, RT, MB with AM & ZA on road.

A cold crisp start with there having been less rain offered good riding conditions. Late start up through the crem and on up to High Barn and the SDW but by this time the welcome sunshine had melted the frost and created sticky conditions in the field where we joined the SDW. Onwards to Kithurst, but MB needed to turn back due to time limit so a short diversion via Rackham Mount gave him the opportunity for a slightly longer ride whilst turning round to go back to Findon.

Peloton continued down past Burpham and through to Arundel where Mr Mead had taken over our usual tables ready for us. Unfortunately ZA got half way before returning home because of not feeling well.

Plenty of VT, but also a discussion on Bling award records, with the conclusion that a point on the Bling would be awarded for anyone riding and being in the company of the peloton, either at the start, the ride, the brek or the return.

After the brek the main peloton returned via Warningcamp, APE, Highdown and the gallops, with MA peeling off home as they went through Angmering. RT headed down to Ford, then LA, Rustington and the gallops. AM returned by the way he came along the A27.

Totals:  24.7 miles and 1,615 ft – Peloton

30.1 miles and 1,247 – RT,  25.6 miles and 1,634 ft – MA