2019-09 September

FGCC rides in September 2019

Saturday 7th September 08.00am ride
“Tank” you for the memories ride
PT reports:
A well attended peleton of MA, MT, RT, RK, JR, ZA, TK and PT ascended to the site of the tank. A few moments reflection was followed by a recitation of the ode to the fallen, in memory of the lost landmark.

Surveying the scene

Tank lament
FGCC ode and salute

The Peloton then repaired to Wyvale, via Lee Farm, Chantry car park and Church hill, TK eschewing the passage along Collarbone Alley and over Church hill for a rapid descent through Muntham, the sooner to be available for uxorial direction.

Peloton refreshed by a brek

TM’s surgical interventions included a supervisory glance as RT tightened a lamentably loose rear mech at Muntham, and a hideously sticky removal of MA’s tyre (ably assisted by Theatre Nurse Kruger) after the ride

A fine day to wish bon voyage and Godspeed to Mark T as he heads off east again.

13 miles and 1427 feet according to Satmap

A further communication from Mr Mead under the heading “Cyclica Arthritica” who coincidentally went to the tank location the same day:
Went to the patch of bare earth formally known as the tank this afternoon.

The bare patch

All thats left

Findings from Mead archeological excavation

The path is very nearly impassable
Bridle path?

A sad day.

Saturday 14th September 08.00am ride and Findon Sheep fair.

On a beautiful sunny morning RT, RK and PT convocated at Pond Green, choked with vehicles for sheep fair day.

The Zim contingent plus PT briefly sojourned on Nepcote Green to inspect preparations for the fair, which were being efficiently despatched thanks to Tim “Captain Mainwaring” Kersley’s overseeing eye. The peloton arrived at the temporary, but yet imposing, head office of the Malaysian Tea Company (J Roche, prop) just in time to assist Mr Roche with his erection, by bodily lifting the edifice while Mr Roche inserted a baulk of timber underneath to level the structure.

Or assistance no longer needed, the trio of riders set off up to Cissbury, continuing over Lancing clump to the College, the airport and the beach for a return via the gallops and an al fresco brek at Not Wyvale.

A highlight was the lady on top of Lancing clump with three dogs, a lab, a smaller sausage dog, and an even smaller dog the size of a hairy rat and wearing a multicoloured matinee jacket. At our approach, the good lady scooped up the smaller two of her three dogs, lest they get jammed between our tyre treads, leaving the lab to fend for itself. The psychological damage this rejection and blatant favouritism must have inflicted on the lab should be brought to the attention of the RSPCA without delay. Happily, all dogs were avoided, and no bicycles were damaged by the encounter.

18 miles and 1351 feet climbed, according to Satmap.

18 miles and 815feet climbed according to Strava.

Lancing clump and seafront route

Friday 20th/Saturday 21st Go West Ride

TK writes:

Five go west in Wessex

Day 1 – Friday…
One by one PT , RK, ZA, JR and TK all gathered on the train to Southampton and on to Winchester.

A fine Brek was taken at Josies cafe a purveyor of fine Halumi … this allowed cycling to start in earnest around 1045am.. commencing with a photo with King Arthur, we headed towards cheesefoot Head , we were barely 10 minutes into the ride when we stopped to affect a repair to a way marker and to provide advice on Riding without a rear mech to a fellow cyclist…

Pressing on we encountered a trailer tank – although not worthy of a trek and brek it did allow a short pause before continuing on route to lunch

Following great views from Beacon hill and a swift descent we arrived at the Shoe Inn Exton circa 1pm and sat in the bright sunlight to enjoy a sandwich lunch , shandy when available and a rather disappointing beer spritzer..

Commencing again circa 2 pm we proceeded cautiously along the Meon Valley line and climbed the long ramp up to old Winchester hill .. we all chose to walk the extremely steep last 200 yds affording spectacular views from this Iron Age hillfort.. we then rode on across Meon Springs , first descending then ascending again back to the South Downs ridge whereupon RK paused to marshall some of his special agents who appeared to be in training for a hand glider assault on a despot … having used this pause to recover from the climb we proceeded to Butser hill and the great descent to QE2 park ( passing all the tents and transport for the 20,000 walkers due to take part in the Gurkha walk on Saturday ( 100 km in 30 hours – Petersfield to Brighton)

The QE2 cafe is much improved from last visit and allowed a comfortable 30 minute tea and cake break , following which we completed the route to Village Inn Buriton ( including the lovely woodland descent past village pond) drinks were immediately taken as we created a maze of 7 locks to secure the steeds for the overnight.

Dinner was taken in the 5 Bells as were copious amounts of refreshments allowing tales to be told and the golden gallon to be consumed by one of us ( who shall remain unnamed) , despite the presence of an apparently eligible maiden there were no ‘pronouncments’ or ‘offers’ , however we later established that this was due to the ( remote) possibility that the lady in question may well have been a descendent ..

Day 2

Strewth! More hallumi welcomed us to brek – where once sated we prepped bikes and headed off to the escarpment .. a very steep traverse landed us back on the SDW but right in the middle of the Gurkha walk .. around 7 miles of passing walkers and ringing of bells took us to Harting down where ( as tradition has it) tricky punctures are normally apparent … we were on this occasion spared this and hastily made our way across Harting down and turning right exited the SDW and the walking mayhem .. until this point the ride had followed last years route, however with a preference to avoid any further lengths of the SDW ( steep climbs and walkers) we headed along an adjacent and mighty fine bridleway to ‘Hooksway’ where we passed the Royal Oak pub , popular with walkers and apparently known as a pagan site of fertility ..

From whence we made our way up to Kingley Vale passing yew woods and a welcome ridgeway with great views of an additional location renowned as Roches mount , this one at the top of the trundle ..

Time was pressing for some under authority and unpuncturable tyres were proving otherwise .. this led to waving ZA goodbye and a rather deflated TK diverting to Bosham station .. PT, RK and JR continued to complete the Knut way to Bosham harbour where lunch was taken , followed by a short coastal ride to Chichester and dispersal to various homesteads

A great two days blessed with autumn sun , great views and no major mechanicals

PT adds:

Go West day 1

Go West Day 2
Josie’s cafe
The Shoe Inn
The Shoe Inn view
Hill Fort, Old Winchester Hill

Kim would have been proud to ride with us across Bosham harbour on day 2! See map below

Go West ride day 2 pm. Bosham to Chichester

Also picture of what the found tank will look like after a coat of paint.

Scores were:
Day 1 27.4 miles and 3736 feet;
Day 2 21.3 miles and 2125 feet, so on average well over 100 feet per mile!

Add to this the rides to/from stations for each.

Vox testiculorum much in evidence


Saturday 28th September 08.00am ride

Summary from TK: A summary of our ride Saturday

Paul T , Zach A , Roy K and Tim K gathered at pond green to trade bags / whiskey and fix the golden steeds rear brake . Alternative arrangements meant that PT was called away 👎

ZA / RK / TK took a fast route to Coombes , the youth wing generally opening gates , until at Coombes farm we made left to join the downs link that took us to the old toll bridge shoreham.. we stopped to admire the new monument to the shoreham air disaster .. proceeding on to a hearty brek at shoreham airport.. the ‘big 🥕 carrot windsock on the airport suggested a strong westerly wind , but undeterred we made our way to the sea front to battle back against the tempest .. ZA stopped this time to admire ‘Allen island’ a small parcel of land in wide water named after Zach’s late aunt and uncle .. despite the darkening sky we made it home via grand avenue , half moon lane and the gallops ahead of any rain ☔️

No blasteets!

19.9 miles and 812 ft (Strava).