2016-02 February

FGCC rides in February 2016

Saturday 5th February 08.00am ride post NGN
Tk message unable to secure a safe passage which was nothing to do with the excesses of NGN the previous evening, of course.
Start of the ride was more than a little delayed by 2 blasteets at Nepcroft (PT & CB), followed by one for JR at Pond Green and a fourth half way up Nepcote Lane for CB. So we didn’t really leave the village until around 9.45 for a four peaks ride(well ok after NGN the option of 2 1/2 peaks).
Effects of recent broken ribs cause PT to call it a day after the first Peak and plans changed so we could meet him for brek later.
Very strong winds blew us towards Llama lane but nearly blew us over at Chanctonbury. On the route down to Washington the FD insisted on the more challenging (due to the wind) route over the top just west of the dew pond, though JR sensibly followed the SDW.
Further debate as to whether to climb to high barn but went via back of Windlesham school so we could meet PT at 10.00 as planned.
A quick mention of Collarbone alley and kbs shot off but on seeing the flooded ruts rest went round the field, to part company with the FD at the gate.
Off to the left to head across the lower field towards the village, only to discover that the gatekeeper at the second gate ,MA, had forgotten JR who might have slowed somewhat after one or two drinks from NGN.
All well met at Julia’s for brek.
Total only 8 miles.

Saturday 12th February 08.00am ride
At the top of Stable Lane, one of the only two walkers met on the ride said “is it worth it?” to which the response had to be “some things just have to be done”.
So where we’re all the hardy types?Surely not put off by the steady cold rain and the freezing easterly wind.
A sticky ride up Stable Lane, round to Chanctonbury, down towards the A24 but left turn before the footpath and then the zig-zag to Gallops Farm and the concrete driveway to return to Findon down Stable Lane.
Total only 7.5 miles but felt more like double that.

Saturday 19th February 08.00 am ride – Not Monarch’s Way ride.
Monarch’s Way ride postponed to March 5th due to limited numbers so a ride to the Orchards planned instead.
Route Cissbury, SDW, concrete road – with a stop by RT and RK to confirm that the PT2 memorial is in need of maintenance the next time that PT is around – and to the Bramber roundabout.
Those on a time limit – ZA, KBS & RT – headed off down the Downslink, and back onto the SDW. At the entrance gate to Bacons for Belsen RT suffered a blasteet, to the relief of RT & ZA, with KBS heading off due to time pressure and RT/ZA fixing the blasteet and making slower return by turning left at the Steyning road and then right onto the track back to Cissbury. A short 7.5 miles for the three, but sticky and heavy going at the end as we headed into the wind.
Meanwhile the main peloton headed off up the Downslink for an extended brek at the Orchards. Return to Findon was via Knepp estate, Ashington and the A24 – exact route to be advised.

Saturday 26th March – Mead Trek ‘n Brek
PT, TK, KBS, CB, MA, RT. ZA road ride to brek. AM chef.
Initial plan 2 1/2 peaks to be back by 10.00 for the brek.
Up to Cissbury via the path, then to top of Stable Lane, at which point the FD suggested a dip to No-Man’s Land and up to Langmead instead.
Then back to Chanctonbury and split with PT and MA returning to Findon straight down to the A24 and the rest going via Washington, Windlesham and the bridle path in front of Muntham.
An excellent brek at Mr Meads, preceded by a flame throwing demonstration by Mr Mead.

Total 11 miles
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