2014.09 September

FGCC rides in September 2014
Saturday 7th September 08.00am ride
We were entertained to a rant from one of the members of the parish council about parking only being for villagers and their visitors, even though we are villagers with a couple of visiting friends and the deliverer of the message didn’t seem to be able to take that fact on board.
An Arundel brek selected for the morning. Up to the high barn to join the SDW past Kithurst and forking left, then forking right down towards North Stoke in order to inspect one of TK’s bridges from his environment days.
However just after the Burgh we came across three ladies out for a jog, but one collapsed on the ground with severely grazed knee. The combined resources of the FGCC present to clean up and protect the wound as well as to raise the spirits of the fallen and we continued on our way.
Left just before North Stoke to take a footpath over the suspension bridge and then to follow the river to Arundel for our brek.
Return route was via Poling to pay homage to Sir Colin, whose grave is to be found in the churchyard there, then North across the A27 and into the Angmering Park estate. At Patching hill left up to Michelgrove and over to Tolmere and drop back down to the village.
Total 20 miles?

Saturday 14th September 08.00am ride.
A “Zimbabwean” ride – RK & RT only probably due to the Sheep Fair even though others had vowed to be out in preparation for the Go West ride.
A 4 peaks ride, the first time for RK. RT on Mr Budd’s bike as his own was in pieces.
Anticipating fine weather we found ourselves ascending into low cloud at Cissbury, so decided to make it a 3.5 peaks instead. An uneventful ride finishing off with a brek at Julia’s.

Friday 20th/Saturday 21st September – The “Go West” ride.
Met at 8 Tudor Close at 09.30. Cycled to West Worthing station, with confusion over getting tickets, JR insisting on using his new Senior Railcard, KBS needing return ticket,etc. Watched the required train go by as it didn’t stop there, train to Hove, train to Brighton, train to Lewes, train to Eastbourne.
Then confusion over which way to the seafront, with the Dane getting back into “following from in front” mode, but eventually followed the Satmap to get there. No access to the pier, so group photo shot with the pier in the background, taken by Mark A’s new found friend whose eyesight turned out to be suspect, so another autoshot taken.
Up and onto the SDW for eventual lunchstop at the Jevington tea rooms, served with appropriate verbal abuse, including derision expressed at TK’s wish for his tuna sandwich to be toasted, though excellent lunch provided.
On to Alfriston for an ice cream stop.Then back onto the SDW, meeting ZA at the top of Bostal hill. On to Southease, ZA parting company again to continue LSV duties. A discussion on whether to take the road direct to Lewes or continue off-road resulted in a 180 degree viewing of Lewes and total exhaustion of all, including KBS who was observed to be at the back pushing his bike up a hill. KBS then parted company and took the train home.
Split accommodation with ZA and JR in the relative luxury of the White Hart, whilst the remainder enjoyed the wonders of the Crown Hotel. Drinks arranged in JR’s luxury bar at the White Hart, but all we could get was water – no Harveys in a Harveys pub in the home of Harveys!!! Over to the Rights of Man pub for an excellent selection of beers, followed by excellent dinner at one of TK’s network of Indian restaurants, the curry king himself being able to professionally advise on suitable choices for all. Attempt to experience Rector’s bitter failed as the pub serving it had run out, so back to the Rights of Man.
Next morning after a mixed breakfast for those at the Crown, all gathered at the White Hart. LSV and bags to Findon, along with MA.
Back onto the SDW and over to the Devil’s Dyke pub for lunch where we met ZA who had ridden from Findon after parking the LSV. On to the Nick Way memorial for its annual aintenance, then return to Findon with a “last drop” foiledm by three “blasteets” at the top of Stable Lane, even RT’s fully vulcanised tyre suffering a flint puncture.
Total 54 miles.
Additional detail as follows:
PT commented:
So many highlights:
Watching the train go by;
watching Kim walk up a hill;
sharing, with Mark, a room smaller than the others’ ensuite bathroom, while John and Zach luxuriate at the White Hart;
finding two pubs with no Harveys;
Finding the Rights of Man’s Harvey’s;
Crossing the London to Brighton offroad peleton on Truleigh hill;
enjoying distant views of Lewes, for ages;

there must be others…..
KBS commented:
I’ve never been so knackered after a FGCC ride and had difficulties in keeping awake on my train journey home. The same journey got a bit longer than planned as I couldn’t get off at West Worthing due to a short platform and continued to Durrinton while I carried my bike over all the seats so I could get off.
A very enjoyable ride. Sorry I couldn’t join you on your Harvey-less pub crawling 🙂

TK commented:
You can’t get a toasted sandwich in Jevington.
The Crown is a pub with 5/7ths of rooms.
Prohibition is alive and well and living in a Hotel called the White Hart.
The cry of ‘2 minute warning’ is not universally appreciated…..
The ‘last post’ at Findon is 45 minutes from Pond Green.

JR commented:
My own memories, like others centre around the marvellous views, particularly of Lewes (from all sides), it was good to see so much of the town. Also a splendid restaurant recommendation; the turnkey role of the PM being completed by an excellent recommendation of a Bangladeshi dish that I was assured is consumed daily by all along that part of the Eastern Indian sub-continent – and he assures, likely by my own Bangla pickers (people) in Tanah Rata as well, and all washed down by Bangla Beer!
Of course the pain of the rides subsides, mine quicker than others as (inter-rides), both at night and in the morning I was able to luxuriate in a bubble bath whilst my personal batman ironed the towels, (and the Daily Telegraph), whilst my scrambled eggs were mixed with the smoked salmon prior to being washed down by the old Moet and OJ!
A marvellous time and set of memories.Thanks to all for making it such fun.

Saturday 27th September – 08.00am ride.
Route Amberley loop as ZA needed to get back in around 2 hours.
All ok until we got to just before North Stoke with RK suffering a blasteet. He had only just mentioned that he had fitted self sealing inner tubes to the front tyre and had one for the rear but hadn’t yet needed it! Then RT suffered a chain break, resulting in the ride being a bit longer than intended. Brek at Julia’s to finish.
Total 16 miles