2011.10 October

Saturday 1st October 7.30 am ride and section of JR/EW SDW ride.
PT,FL,KBS,RT,GD,MA & Tim joined JR & EW on the next section of their SDW charity ride.
Peleton headed up Stable Lane and then left up to the SDW, the sun quickly warming up to the point where FL switched to just T-shirt and shorts for the first time this year!
Le Peleton

Along the SDW down and over the Adur..


and then a diversion from the SDW to a refuelling brek at Shoreham, where the head waitress decided to spare the younger waitresses from the banter and took up the challenge instead – “talk to me Ed!” After this the continentals, MA and PT returned home and the reduced peleton sought the road up to Truleigh Hill, at the top of which Tim received his summons and had to depart too.
An overdue maintenance of the Nick Way memorial followed by a tea stop at Devil’s Dyke. Up Nyetimber Hill on the other side of which GD experienced a “blasteet”, with a second one at the bottom. Past the golf course, following the SDW, and then we diverted off down to the A23 and up to Falmer, for a refreshing couple of pints and chips (so much for the benefits of all that exercise).
Total distance 37 miles (?).

Saturday 8th October 2011
PT, RT, FL and GD emerged today after a rather sober EPM last night at the Findon Manor. Only three pints consumed and then off at closing time? A first however, back to today, at 07.30hrs it was a little dull with full cloud cover and a moderate north westerly wind blowing through Findon.

With sober heads we decided to go to Shoreham as GD wanted to check out a pile of poo and some hay en-route at Cissbury. With those tasks completed and a team snap In the poowe were off, east from the car park at Cissbury and onto the bridleway towards Coombe Farm. The new bridleway / road is not nearly as much fun as the old gullied and slippery path we all came to fear and respect. Fast but lacking in any technical difficulty!

On reaching the boundary of Coombe Farm PT stated he had never cycled through the farm land before and so, naturally, without further ado, we were enjoying the mile and a half or so of down hill riding to Botolphs. Coming out onto the road we turned right and entered Shoreham through Lancing and over the wooden bridge by the airport. Once in the town we headed for the market to search for our wayward member, KBS, who was supposed to be selling his chocolates. The area was searched with no trace and then inexplicably we found ourselves tucking a hot breakfast in Truffles, enjoying suggestive banter from the staff and supping hot leaf tea. Marvelous!

With bellies full we resumed the search of our elusive chum and found him laying out his stall in East Street Market. After a quick, “Alright Bruv.” and a shaking of hands, we bade him a good days trading and returned to Findon following the coast path.
The wind was slightly against the peleton on the homeward leg but the terrain was flat and it was not taxing on the legs. From Worthing we headed north on Grand Avenue through the magnificent trees, across the railway line up to Offington and home through the Valley.
About 17 miles in total and not too much climbing today. Farewells in the village and back to normality.

Saturday 15th October 2011
The not-Turvey House ride.
Plan was for a part Northwest passage ride, cutting across via Knepp Castle to the Orchards for lunch then return to Findon.




Saturday 22nd October 7.30am ride
A short ride was proposed due to AC & NW having not ridden all summer, so a 4 peaks ride was agreed. An uneventful ride – Cissbury car park, Chanctonbury and down to the A24, up to the High Barn with a halt quarter way up to allow catching of breath. Then on to Church Hill and return to Findon, though RT decided to accompany AC on his return home by going to the bottom of Mill Lane, Salvington and return via the Gallops to Findon.
Total 10 miles.

Saturday 29th October
PT, JR, GD & RT.
An Arundel ride on another sunny morning. Route to Arundel via Burpham, with JR wanting to do a “last post” from the top, from which GD returned to Findon due to other engagements. Three miles of last post proved to be chilling – why do we do it?
An excellent brek in Arundel followed by a direct return through Angmering Park estate and Clapham woods with a quick inspection of the FL memorial, but also a reprimand from the local woodman for using private pathways (KBS take note).
Total around 17 miles.