2010.08 August

Saturday 1st August 7.30am ride.

It was decided that a repeat visit to Shoreham would suit everyone’s timings for the morning, but following the traditional route, up the Monarch’s Way, over to Lancing clump and down past Lancing College, across the footbridge and to Shoreham, where RT parted company from the peleton to follow almost the same route in reverse (via Shoreham Airport) and the 3 founder members visited Truffles for a brek.
Return via MA in Worthing?

Saturday 7th August 2010
PT, RT, JR and MA gathered, and in threatened but not actual rain took the road to Cissbury, then on to cross the Steyning Road and climb to Lancing Clump.
RT at Lancing
After a bracing run down the back of Lancing College, we took the old wooden bridge across the Adur, and headed downriver on the Downslink extension to downtown Shoreham. RT took his leave, and the remaining three headed for a Truffles healthy brek, rendered unhealthy by adding bacons.
Across the footbridge and along the coast to No 10 for a refreshing brew and chat chez MA. JR then led PT north to Warren Road and up to Cissbury through the golf course, finishing with a downhill run into Findon along the road. 19 miles, and climb Cissbury twice.

Saturday 14th August 2010
PT, ZA, FL, MA and GD were the ‘famous five’ representing the FGCC on this overcast and dank August morning. JR, unable to ride today actually made it out to bid us good day and wave us off.
It was a little late at 7.48am we set forth for a fifteen mile ride to the west of the A24 climbing a modest 1666 feet in total. Without KBS, our route took us west to Church Hill and up to Honeysuckle Lane. Once recovered, we turned north to Tolmare Farm then west to Spearfield Stud caravan site and onwards to the SDW and Chantry Lane car park. Visibility was down to a mile here and it was at this time that fifteen minutes of heavy drizzle set in.
Not troubled by the elements, at the SDW we headed west again past Kithurst Hill car park and on to a bridleway that took us south, back towards Angmering estate and Clapham. We made our way down to and across Long Furlong and up to Clapham Church and the woods.
Here we stopped to pay tribute at the ‘FL ‘broken rib’ memorial and then scrambled through the woods to Church Hill and a rewarding final descent into Findon. No breakfasts today just our farewells. It was another great morning’s ride enjoyed by all.

Saturday 21st August 2010
CB’s Barbecue Ride. PT, MA, FL, KBS, GD and CB were out today, it was scheduled to be a five hour ride as we intended to return directly to CB’s BBQ. Weather played its part foiling that, with 25mph winds, a constant drizzle and 100 yards visibility we only managed 21 miles. We did however climb just over 2400 feet overall and returned a little early to Findon just before Noon.
We set off on Stable lane towards Shoreham at 0740hrs, it was the Shoreham Air Show today and we hoped to see some aerial activity at some stage but with the low cloud cover there was little chance of anything taking off. KBS led us a merry dance through the woods above Shoreham venturing too close to some impossible terrain. This resulted in his name being changed from Bang Sorensen to MUD, for a short time.
Mr Budd didn’t jump!
With a massive assist from the SW wind we arrived in Shoreham having used very little energy, a leisurely brek in Truffles and we were off again to Truleigh Hill and up towards Devil’s Dyke. The weather took a turn for the worse at the top of Truleigh Hill so we decided to return on the lower road to the north of Truleigh. It brought us back via side roads through Edburton and the bridleway over Golding Hill to Upper Beeding and from there we took the concrete road back to the SDW and onwards to the base of Chanctonbury. We finally descended through Middle Brow (the grape vines) through the farm and onto the A24 emerging opposite Muntham Farm entrance. A quick burst past the fire station and we were home, soaking wet but feeling very good.
The drizzle stopped in the afternoon to allow CB and JB to host an excellent BBQ, a great turn out from members, wives, partners and parents resulted in a relaxing afternoon for all. Many thanks to Chris and Jo.

Saturday 28th August 2010
It was a ‘normal’ Saturday morning ride today, if there is ever such a thing. We, the gentlemen of the ‘FGCC’, are so blessed. The amazing routes we have around Findon make every Saturday morning an inspiring adventure. Today ZA suggested an easterly route around Cissbury; we have favoured the more westerly routes recently.
What a great ride, and what a change in the weather today, bright sunshine accompanied us from the start and with only a light westerly wind ZA, PT, KB-S, FL, MR and GD headed off to Cissbury via Nepcote at 0740hrs on the dot. K-BS took the lead, and for some reason, as we passed the Monarch’s Way, just north of Nepcote Green, KB-S stayed on Tarmac? A first.
Zach gets the Gate.
We ascended to Cissbury and circled in an anti-clockwise direction half way around the ring and then headed out towards the south east. The chalk paths were damp from the recent rain and were quite treacherous in places. From the south east side of Cissbury we took a bridleway south towards Worhing Golf Club and then turned left onto another bridleway that went easterly, parallel with the coast.
The views were stunning from here, Seven Sisters to one side and The Isle of White on the other. Because of the recent rain and the blue skies, everything was crystal clear and we were even able to make out the individual supports on Brighton Peir. We continued on and wound our way down Lychpole Hill towards Beggars Bush. There we turned north passing through Lychpole Farm and upwards.
Up from Beggars Bush
This path turned out to be a steady climb of 1.5 miles and it took us to the Langmead memorial at the top of Bostal Road on the SDW. KB-S was waiting for us all at the top not yet having broken sweat!
After a relaxing pause to admire the views and recharge our leg muscles (and wait for PT), we continued north on the SDW towards Chanctonbury, PT parted company at the ‘Findon slip’ to continue with the day’s engagements and the remaining chaps headed off to Chanctonbury summit. KBS 1st and MR a creditable second having gritted his teeth to pass a lone cyclist who was equally determined not to let him by. Up the FGCC!
From Chanctonbury we literally flew back to Findon reaching ridiculous speeds on our descent. KBS nearly dropped us all in it as he shouted, ‘Chicken,’ to two cyclists pushing their bikes through the gate at the cattle grid on the way down!
We arrived back in Findon having completed a modest 13 miles and approximately 1800 feet of climbing. A great route from ZA. Many thanks. September on the horizon now and Reg 17 to come.

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