2019-05 May

Findon Gentlemen’s Cycling Club rides in May 2019

Saturday 4th May 08.00am ride
After much debate on a route mainly caused by choice of where to brek a last look at the bluebells in APE became the guiding factor.
Muntham, SDW, tank inspection for the forthcoming trek ‘n brek there and down across the fields at the end of which we unintentionally startled a couple of horses, which were apparently spooked by being only able to see our heads as we rode through the field of rapeseed.
Then on to the head of the gallops and up towards the trig point, though RK realised half way up the hill that a blasteet was the cause of his struggling to keep up in spite of all his recent cycling training.
Taking shelter from the cold wind the peloton all helped to fix the blasteet with the usual critical support and we set off again along the ridge above the gallops for a fast ride through the woods to the west end of APE woods. However by the time we got there RK was again suffering from a blasteet. Investigations showed that the cause was the same thorn as the first puncture but which had got through both sides of the tube – insufficient checking after the first repair.
Return home via the Monarch’s way with a short diversion to ride through the drooping bluebells and another “last brek” at Julia’s before the changes take place.
Total 14 miles and 1280 ft climbed.

Saturday 11th May 08.00am ride
A westerly route selected. Muntham, SDW to Burpham with a delay due to ZA getting a blasteet. Onto tarmac and then first left up a steep concrete road followed by a great run down the track to join the Monarch’s Way. Alongside the gallops up to its other end and then down to Lee Farm, up to the SDW and return via Collarbone alley to part company with KBS, then up to the top of Church Hill and down to a brek at the garden centre.
18.6 miles 1,690 ft

Saturday 18th May Trek ‘n brek at Tolmare Farm
KBS, TK, RK (+ZA for the brek).
Choice of ride made by the brek host, so no surprise that a Lion trail route was selected.

Lion trail route

Total 12.7 miles and 1,226ft climbed.

Saturday 25th May 08.00am ride
ZA, RT (+JR for the brek)
Lancing clump, Shoreham airport, seafront, Grand avenue, Findon valley gallops route, ending up with a brek at the garden centre joined by JR.

Total 17.3 miles 1,226 ft