04.2022 April

Findon Gentlemen’s Cycling Club rides during April 2022.

Saturday 2nd April 08.00am ride


Following Mr Roche’s “retirement from the wheels of commerce” EPA the previous evening, where late draughts of whisky were taken at the Kersley Kingdom, the peloton was surprisingly reduced to the just two who had been unable to attend. However, ZA was at the start post on the e-bike for a ride to Petworth and PT was present but not riding in order to rest the still-recovering wrist.

The peletwo set off west for Arundel having had frequent rides in an easterly direction in recent weeks. Muntham, Chantry Post, the tank location, up to the Gallops to join the Monarch’s Way and on to Arundel for a brek at the Moathouse.

It was at the brek that it was observed on phones that a message had been sent an hour after the peletwo had set off, inviting us to join some the revellers (JR, TK, AM) at Findon Garden Centre.

Return route via Crossbush then parallel to the A27 before turning into APE and a map-reading run. Down Swillage Lane, along the old Arundel Road and under the A27 to head up Highdown. At the peloton split with MA returning home via the south side of Highdown and RT home via Tesco and the Gallops.

Totals : RT 23 miles and 1,458,

      MA 27.5 miles and 1,983ft 

Saturday 9th April 08.00am ride

Today a pelefour of Paul, John, Richard and Tim was augmented by an addition to our number, one Tommy Brown (he’s the dashing young looking one stood next to Tim) who had no trouble keeping up as ha was astride a fine Specialized turbo levo hardtail.

Out of Findon up through the crem, passing the JR memorial on Collarbone Alley.  Then up to the SDW and along to Kithurst hill, spotting half a dozen deer in the field south of the SDW at Kithurst car park.  Past Kithurst on the SDW, then dodge south to the vinyard track to miss the SDW descent of Amberley mount.
RT has a little lie-down as we reach the road, when his pedal refused to release.  No damage to either party.
Hurtle down to main road, left and under the railway for the turn left to South Stoke, then the steady climb up the Burgh back to Kithurst.  East along SDW to drop down Church hill for a brek at the garden centre.
17.7miles and 1,608ft, and an enjoyable ride with much wildlife in evidence.
Meanwhile Roy was out and about in the desolate north, getting 31.75 miles in (and 1723 feet of climb) before next week’s trip to Cornwall:

Saturday  16th April 08.00am ride

AM, JR, TK, RT & PT2.

A bright day but only a few out as the Cornwall riders were taking a pre-event rest, the exception being TK who was undertaking a weekend of training riding. After the ride TK was seen belting round the village having had a good ride the previous day also.

Decision to go for a Teddy’s brek and, it being a Saturday with a necessity to get there early in order to get a table, the direct route via Lancing clump was chosen. With the thought of brek no doubt in his mind, an emf-recharged PT2 shot up to Cissbury Car Park way ahead of the peloton. Very dry conditions made for a speedy ride and arrival at Teddy’s to acquire our usual table. AM had fasted the previous day in order to have a Full Teddy’s though only one piece of fried bread requested – in the event two slices were brought and soon disappeared.

A visit to M’s cycles to purchase a pair of goggles for PT2 and then a very pleasant ride along the sea front with the haze blocking out the wind turbines but the sun providing a magnificent range of blues in the sea. From the pier we took the official cycle route up to the A24/7 where TK & JR took the route home via the golf course and Cissbury and the remaining pelethree continued on the official route.

Total 17.8 miles and 844ft

Tuesday 19th to Sunday 24th April Cornwall ride

A peleton of 6 set gathered at Cherry Cottage, led by Paul Topley (PM & Routeplanner) Zach Allen (LSV1), Roy Kruger (LSV2), Chris Budd (Whipadvisor), Andy Mead and Tim Kersley.
A summary of this event, scripted by Mr Topley, is to be found on the following link:-

Saturday 23rd April 08.00 ride for any not on Cornwall ride

KBS solo ride round his favourite “vroom” route and through Clapham woods. 13.3 miles and 1,221 ft.

Saturday 30th April 08.00am ride

PT and CB from Strava records, but were any others there?

AM reports that he was out that day and covered 33 miles on his road bike but has no idea where he went!

26.9 miles and 939ft