2018-07 July

Findon Gentlemen’s Cycling Club rides in July 2018.

Saturday 7th July 08.00am ride
PT solo ride.
Pt reports:
A short ride undertaken entirely in companionable silence due to an absence of companions. PT assembled at Pond Green, and at the expiry of the ten minute rule was still in solitary possession of the village centre, FGCC-wise. Climbing to Cissbury and then Chanctonbury, PT descended to North Farm and returned along the A24 before retreating with fast unbroken to Horsham. Beautiful sunny day with hazy views from Chanctonbury.
Maybe a gent or two will be out next week, or the Bulldog Bling might yet be mine!
6.24 miles and 875 feet climbed

Saturday 14th July 08.00am Trek ‘n Brek at the Tank
An excellent trek and brek to the tank organised by JR. Met at Pond Green loading provisions and equipment into JR’s car who drove up to Kithurst and set the barbecues going such that all was cooked in perfect timing with all hands to the task and the brek was complete and we were replete by 10.00am – a record. Perfect sunny day for a great event – a pity that more gentlemen of the FGCC could not participate. RT cleared the advancing undergrowth to ensure that the club colours could be refreshed.
On the return ride PT & RT stopped to assist a participant in the BHF SDW ride who had a puncture but little idea as to how to repair it.

Who needs a cereal bowl

The breakfast kitchen
Full English

FGCC colours

Saturday 21st July 08.00am ride – The Flying Brit awards ride
KBS reports:
The peleton of TK, MA, JR, PT and KBS met and after the-out-of-town-bikes had been assembled with the correct number of wheels, we took off with the plan of reaching a bone dry APE. There was a short debate of going via Clapham Wood, however JR advised against this as he had recently been approached and told he was riding on a footpath when taking this route. Instead we followed our usual route along A24 and up the concrete to SDW, past the barn and turned later left at the vrooom…. bridleway towards Burpham Hill which we this time climbed up along the official bridleway as the farmer had parked his car at the top.
On top of Burpham hill we turned right to get another vrooom bridleway along the edge of APE leading to the Arundel corner. However, at the entrance to this bridle way we had somehow managed to split up the peleton, so the majority went along the tarmac road whilst JR and KBS went down the bridleway thinking the others were ahead. After a while we realised what had happened and agreed to meet back at Long Furlong. JR and KBS arrived first and had time to get a pre-meeting coffee at Tolmare before we all dropped by Findon to enjoy a breakfast at Julia’s.
During ordering JR tried to confuse the waitress, Sam, by ordering a vegetarian breakfast with an extra slice of bacon and one extra sausage in his attempt eventually to see two fried eggs on his plate.
Whilst we tucked into our breakfast, PT had a little surprise up his sleeve. Initially, TK thought he was the the receiver but it was KBS, the Flying Brit, who got both cycling and dinner shirts with not only one, but two flags due to his new dual citizenship. Also three red caps with same logo for The Flying Brit’s family. And not to forget a miniature bottle of Monkey Shoulder whiskey. A great finish to a Saturday FGCC ride.

The Flying Brit award

Saturday 28th July 08.00am ride
PT, RT and newcomer Christophe.
Short ride proposed because C has not ridden for a long time. Initially four peaks intended to give the opportunity to return to Findon if needed anywhere along the route. However, plan changed to visit Bloody Norse Corner for memorial maintenance. Cissbury, up to and along the SDW and then left for the track through to the jumps section but continuing along to BNC. A quick maintenance job and reciting of the FGCC Ode then up to Langmead. Down the gravel track then right to take us back to Cissbury car park and Findon for a brek.
No incidents but a good introduction to C of various types of track for him to experience.
Total. 8.7 miles 804 ft.

Blood Norse Corner memorial maintenance