2008.04 April

April 2008 FGCC rides
Sat 5 Monarch’s Way ride
PT arrives Worthing station to join RT MA and JR in a cup of tea at the caff opposite. RT MA JR entrain for Rowland’s Castle, while PT and bikes head for Findon to collect CB and then continue to RC. All meeet at 09:05 to assemble bikes then ride 100 yards to brek venue. Full englishes all round, then seconds of tea! Follow Monarch’s Way past Standen to West Dean for lunch of soup at Selsey Arms. Continue over the Trundle to rv with Carole and Emily. RT and bike loaded on car and depart for Findon. Remaining peleton make for Whiteways then to Riverside Tea Rooms in Arundel for tea and buns. Refreshed, head up toward Angmering Park, where CB’s shoe gives out and bodged repair by bike shop is revealed. Then to Myrtle grove and Tolmare, entering Findon down Long Furlong. Arrive at 8TC as rain starts. MA continues over Cissbury to Number 10, getting soaked in the process. JR and PT return to RC by car to collect van, in rain. 33 miles, in sunshine after early and before late rain.

Sat 12 7.30am Trek ‘n brek – ZA
JR AM PT FL MA KB-S RT EN The original plan was to retrace the route taken in 2003 to brek at The Vicarage in Rustington. This involved scaling Church Hill, dropping down to cross the Furlong and hurtle down by Tolmare then up and over to Mytle grove. Down to the tarmac and turn right, curve to the left then turn off the tarmac into the really muddy ascent into Angmering Park Woods. FL is pushed for time, so turns back at the top of the climb. Through the wood to the A27 at Hammerpot, then into Angmering Village and through Ham Manor to the A259. PT takes MA and KB-S on a scenic tour of Rustington, while the main Peleton heads direct to St Ovin’s. EN joins to make seven for a fine brek prepared at ZA’s own hand – cornflakes not pre-dispensed (there’s luxury for you). MA returns along the beach, while ZA joins in for the return ride by road along A259 to Becket and ffington then up the Valley. MA and KB-S disappear ahead, PT and ZA finally catch up with RT and JR at Roundstone. Total 21 miles in sun, with brisk westerly wind.

Sat 19 7.30am Saturday ride
RT KB-S and PT met in the drizzle propelled by a brisk nor-easter, and after a rapid adjustment of the much-punished wheel bearings of the Sorenson mount, climbed up via Muntham to the Tank. Rt having pronounced the club colours to be in good order, it was decided to hurtle south across Francis’ field towards Burpham then down to Wepham Wood, turning east to inspect the bluebells in Angmering Park woods before heading east to Patching and Clapham, through Clapham woods to the top of Church hill. KB-S returned home, while RT and PT sped down Church hill and repaired up Steep lane for a bike wash and excellent bacons chez RT. Only 14.5 miles, but felt like more.