2018-02 February

FGCC rides in February 2018.

Saturday 3rd February 08.00 am ride
PT reports:
PT JR TK CB & SR (1st time out in 2018) convened at Pond Green for the Saturday ride.

Despite the Calendar having been agreed for a ride to Not Jackies, the discussion of the likelihood of having to swim across Amberley Wild brooks to reach Pulborough led the assembled Gentlemen to adopt an alternative route in the hope of avoiding the worst of the mud. Of course we plumped for a circuit which started by climbing to Muntham, and then turning south along Collarbone alley. The Ode to the Fallen was recited with all solemnity at the Roche memorial, which by the way could do with a touch up. [Insert own smutty joke here]

The peleton then continued south to Clapham Woods (never any mud there) and down to the A27. A brief respite from the mud was gained by heading along the A27 and up Cote street. Turning north at the top of Cote street, we then slithered down the south side of Church hill to the back of the Quadrangle and then south on the A24 to take the Border path from the north end of Findon Valley up to Cissbury car park, and then down to the village for a brek at Julias.

Very slippery conditions meant that the front wheel covered 9.4 miles, while the rear wheel made turns for about 15! 1230 feet climbed.

Saturday 10th February 08.00 am ride post Not-gala night.
A surprisingly large turnout considering the volumes of Cobra beer consumed, though with some members clearly suffering following the events of the previous evening. An Arundel brek selected, though with some branching off due to time constraints.
Icy conditions made for a relatively easy ride up to the tank (compared to recent boggy conditions experienced) due to the hard ground. A quick inspection of the tank and it was decided that the FGCC colours could wait until the brek at the tank for maintenance. Down across the field to test those with hangovers on hardtail bikes, especially the Dane who was riding a girls bike, his steed being out of action. Up to the start of the Gallops at which point SR, TK & KBS decided to return to Findon. Round the gallops to the CB memorial, which similarly did not need maintenance, and to Arundel for an excellent brek at the tea rooms there.
A damp return to Findon via Burpham, SDW and Muntham with sticky ground conditions as the frozen ground had melted making for a hard ride.

Saturday 17th Trek ‘n Brek ride to Tolmare Farm
Thanks to Mr Kersley for his summary:
Messrs Topley ( no clip), Roche , Budd, Kruger, Kersley and Bang Sorenson attended the KBS trek and brek ride.

After a lengthy but futile search for Paul’s cycle helmet clip we set off towards Cisbury, passing up the north East flank and descending the goat trail , turning right into the heavy mud heading to litchpole farm. Taking bridle way through farm to slowly climb up to Langmeads monument where we paused to address Kim’s blasteet. Emergency suppliers of medi tape from Paul resolved Kim’s ‘abrasive rim’ but having taken time to resolve the puncture the route was then revised. Whilst all initially proceeding towards Chanctonbury on SDW, Paul and Roy diverted to pick up cars from pond green and others proceeded to Chanctonbury where a combination of confusing discussion led to Kim, Chris and Tim descending towards North End whilst ‘intrepid’ John Roche instead sought a personal attempt at the more precarious descent down SDW towards Windlesham … Kim, Chris & Tim anxiously awaited the tea baron’s arrival at North End and retraced steps until such time as telephone contact was made… All then proceeded on quickest route to Tolmare ( for K/C/T this was through crematorium – for JR this was through Windlesham , down collarbone alley ( more bravery) ultimately arriving at Tolmare for a fantastic brek – rye bread, pastries , vegetarian bacon and all the trimmings.

For John, Tim and Chris there was then a return over Church Hill to Findon

If you can work out the distance and climbing from the circa 5 different routes taken then You’re doing well – so let’s guess and say

Probably an average of 64 chains and climbing an average of 800 feet
TAMIT – communication?

Saturday 24th February 08.00am ride.
A further summary from Mr K:

Messrs Kruger, Avery and Kersley left pond green ( 805) joined by flying Dane as we proceeded towards Cisbury Ring – Kim politely reminded us that we had a 10 minute ( not 5 minute) rule…

Chastened we hastened to Cissbury proceeding towards Chanctonbury diverting on SDW to Langmeads monument .( Kim and Roy via BNC and Mark and Tim on SDW) Then all on SDW past Belsen for bacons to Downslink – ride benefitting from the early morning Tundra .. Made way to Shoreham airport for a large breakfast ..

Intending to return via the sea front we were swayed by suggestions that this might involve too much tarmac so instead made way back past Lancing College over Lancing clump picking up several hundred weight of mud , continuing on shortest route home slowly climbing up to Cissbury then downhill through village to Kersley towers to clean down bikes .. A frozen garden hose led to a protracted and numerous series of attempts to clean the bikes..

Sticky mud at Lancing
Sticky mud at Lancing

18.2 miles 1,272 ft.

TAMIT. 10 minute rule?