2013.09 September

Saturday 7th September 08.00am ride
An EPM the previous evening attended by PT, JR, AM – others?
All agreed that it would be good to visit Arundel. Up to the Tank, almost without stopping. PT had negotiated strongly for the route to be across the field down from the tank – nothing to do with his being the only full suspension bike that day (RT on the Rockhopper due to the Stumpjumper being out of action) – but the recently ploughed field made the going relatively slow and bumpy even for him.
Usual route to Arundel past the Gallops pausing to introduce MT and SP to the Budd finger memorial.
Breakfast at Arundel and we were treated to a sermon on the mount on how foreign aid is a disaster in most countries due to corruption, as well as an enthusiastic description of the delights of Cambodia.
Return via Angmering Park estate and Clapham woods, following which the TM visited Nepcroft to administer advice on how to remove the bottom bracket on RT’s steed – advice that later resulted in a successful outcome (naturally).
Total 20 miles?

Saturday 14th September 08.00am ride
Statement from MT and SP
“This is just to prove that despite the pathetic show of support for this morning’s ride, there were two dedicated riders, willing and able to tackle a ride today! Despite the horrible weather promised for the weekend, it was actually a beautiful morning for a ride”.

However there was no detail on the ride itself so it could be that all they did was ride to Julia’s cafe and return home up Stable Lane!

MT & SP. Suspect proof of attendance on a ride
MT & SP.
Suspect proof of attendance on a ride

Subsequent statement from MT:

“For the record, we travelled along the following route:

To the top of Long Furlong before turning left up over the hill, through Richardson’s Wood (according to Google maps) and Clapham Wood, (making way for 3 ancient farm tractors on their way to the Findon sheep fair). We meant to veer off to the right into Clapham but didn’t do so soon enough, so arrived at the A27 (west of the Coach & Horses), crossing straight over into Forest Lane. Turning left, we travelled past the market gardens before arriving onto Adur Avenue. Making our way through the delights of Durrington (God, it all looks identical – bland and characterless: it could be anywhere, including any Australian suburb, although without the weather of course!); along New Road and Romany Road (turning right at the roundabout to start heading north again, as we had seen enough of Worthing by then!); and then back onto Titnore Lane via Titnore Way, to the overpass of the A27. Then off left onto the old Arundel Road and past The World’s End PH, before turning right into France Lane and on into Patching. We then continued heading north (in the opposite direction to last week’s ride), tracking the route of Long Furlong, before continuing to head north along Longfurlong Lane, before turning right across the fields (just before Long Furlong Farm), rejoining the A280 opposite where we had left it earlier, and then back on into Findon, arriving at around 10:30 (in good time to visit the sheep fair later that morning)!

According to the “My Tracks” Google App (thanks Samuel!), the total distance travelled was 17.5 km, taking 2hrs 25 mins. The average moving speed was 14 kph (significantly faster than last week’s ride I hasten to add!). The total elevation was 282m (although it seemed more like 282km).

It was a perfect morning for a ride, despite the inclement weather on Friday evening. There was a notable increase in the levels of mud experienced this week, compared to those evident in last week’s ride, which augurs further deposits as the warm and dry(-er) weather becomes just a distant (and unbelievable) memory again. Despite this (or perhaps because of it?), it is hoped that attendance levels will increase again throughout.

Friday/Saturday 20th/21st September – Reg 20.
PT & JR delivered bags to the digs after which all gathered at Tana Rata embassy (aka 8TC) for jugs of tea, setting off on the ride on time at 2.00 pm.
First stop the Collarbone Alley memorial for maintenance followed by the FGCC Ode to the fallen.
Most having not cycled much over the summer the going was slow, but the Flying Dane appeared to have regained his old form zooming up the hills as others maintained a steady pace. The pace was slowed even further by several stops to try to fix a problem on FD’s front mech, with a long stop at the bottom of Bury Hill.
The step at the top of West Burton proved a suitable location for a sermon after someone recklessly mentioned Mr Mead’s favourite politician, G*ve.

Mead Mount
Speakers step on West Burton hill

Onwards past Bignor and Graffam all of which the FD hared up as usual. One member had stated to him that the ride was all downhill after that, but had forgotten a long slight incline which proved too much and we witnessed the FD slowing down to a crawl, whilst others continued their steady pace past him.
Maintenance of the Budd memorial, which has now become a gatepost

Budd memorial
Budd memorial

and an even faster drop down to Cocking now that the track has been transformed almost into a motorway.
JR and KBS returned to Findon accompanied by PT who had decided to collect the LSV.
Checked into the digs and across to the Bluebell with T.E.A. straight from the barrel and an excellent meal, all agreeing that it was a most enjoyable evening of talking b****cks.
The following morning PT and MA returned to Findon in the LSV, with AM and RT returning by the southerly road route. Got slightly lost in East Dean resulting in us avoiding the off-road section through Chisledown. Discussion during the ride included the proposal that Mr Mead and third son go into politics – Mr Mead for Prime Minister with son Jake as Deputy. As for the party name – “The Anti Gove-rnment Party” or “The Teachers are Revolting Party?
A blasteet for RT after the long drop in Houghton Forest, followed by the traditional tea-stop at Whiteways.
RT suffered a chain break just before the top of Rackham Hill, which was quickly repaired with repair links. Arrive back in Findon just before 2.00pm. Total 44 miles – 20 miles there and 24 miles back.

Saturday 28th September 08.00am ride.
Solo ride for RT.
An uneventful gentlemanly (i.e. three and a half) peaks ride starting up Cissbury, and completing the loop just before the rain started.
Total 11.5 miles.