2012.03 March

Saturday 3 March 2012
A peleton of 9 left the Square for a “longer ride”. MA, ZA, FL, GD, MR, PT, RT, JR and CB climbed through Muntham to the SDW, descending the bridleway down Kithurst Hill to head North.
GD had to turn back early, on mucky business.
FL, ZA and MR turned for home at Wiggonholt church.
The remaining 5 crossed the water meadows and brekked (CB and RT more than most) splendidly at Storrington. North and west to loop round to Chiltington.
MA found some mud

Mark and mud

Mark and mud 2
Back up Chantry lane to Chantry Post and back through Muntham.
25.8 miles on Satmap.

Saturday 10th March
Bacons trek ‘n brek
CB, RT, ZA, FL, MA, PT, JR (+GD at the brek)
Route up Cissbury and over to track up to Langmead, Chanctonbury, A24, Windlesham, Puckamuck HQ and to a (potentially last) brek at Pomegranite Cottage. Just before Langmead LR needed to have his shoe surgically removed by TM.
Total 9.8 miles
Saturday 17th March
Ride to the Orchards
PT, JR, RT, CB, AC, MR, MA, FL and Tim Kearsley.
MA, FL and MR turned back just at the bottom of the concrete road junction with Annington road.
CB & AC dived into Truffles at Henfield for a quick bacons sarnie before a sprint home.
JR departed by car after an excellent brek at the Orchards
PT, RT and TK returned via Partridge Green and the Bostal.
Total 28.5 miles