08.2021 August

Findon Gentlemen’s Cycling Club rides in August 2021

Saturday 7th August 08.00am ride


A What’s App series of communications says it all:

[08:46, 07/08/2021] John Roche: With profuse apologies for absence. Confined to barracks here at World 🌍 HQ – club salute. Wishing all a safe ride and Roy a quick recovery 🚲
[10:52, 07/08/2021] Chris Budd: Sorry to be the debacle Barker this morning. Thanks to al for your help and company and particularly to Paul and Tim (and subsequently Richard) for letting me be on time for the viewing. Perfect timing actually. Tim- I’ll collect your bike from a very helpful Richard tomorrow and return it to you taking my failed one away!
[10:53, 07/08/2021] Paul Topley: Can’t beat a good barkle🚲😁
[10:55, 07/08/2021] Tim Kersley: Chris – glad it all worked out and good news , Paul gave me a lift to nepcroft so I swapped bikes at Richard’s so yours is now back in its usual store . Have a great weekend . Tin
[10:59, 07/08/2021] Chris Budd: You a star Tim. Thanks again . Agent just called saying the guys are going to make an offer this afternoon so worth the rush and tear I hope.
[11:00, 07/08/2021] Tim Kersley: Fantastic .. good luck 🤞
[11:46, 07/08/2021] Mark Avery: That sounds like a great result, Chris. I can’t wait to read the full account of the morning’s barkles…
[11:55, 07/08/2021] Zachary Allen: I’m sure it’s been said before – or at least something similar: The FGCC – ‘Les Debacles sommes nous’ 🙂Loud though Chris’ tyre bursting was, it was a few decibels short of the noise made by Roy’s tyre exploding on last October’s IOW Ride. Impressive operation undertaken by the FGCC’s ‘Trackside Recovery Service’ 🚲🙂
[12:40, 07/08/2021] Paul Topley: And a fine example of stoicism from your good self in continuing the ride to rack up a respectable mileage! Where did you get to?
[13:09, 07/08/2021] Zachary Allen: Parting company with Chris & Tim at The Barn, continued E on SDW, crossing A24 to take on ‘The Chanctonbury Challenge’ which I’m pleased to be able to report I was able to meet in full: after an anti-clockwise circumnavigation of Ch’bury Ring made my way back to Findon c.11.00 (‘You’re back early’!) via The Gallops procuring bacons for breakfast from Peckhams ..

Feedback informs the writer that the tyre exploded in the copse at the top of the hill above Kithurst car park where the SDW meets the track going to Amberley mount. Apparently CB jogged as far back as the high barn whilst TK cycled with CB’s bike alongside – a challenging task. At High Barn CB suggested that he took TK’s bike to meet his deadline whilst PT/TK organised bike recovery operations. Meanwhile ZA undertook a little challenge as mentioned above.

Total 11.1 miles and 804ft

Saturday 14th August 08.00am ride

A peleton of seven assembled at OPG: PT by car from Horsham, MA having ridden over from Angmering and RT, IH, ZA and JR emerging from various locations in Findon.  The peleton was completed by the arrival of a new addition to the club, Mr James Lewis, sensibly equipped with a fine and very shiny Whyte bike.
To break the cycle of riding either to Teddies in Shoreham or the Moat House in Arundel, PT had suggested an excursion north to the metropolitan delight that is Dial Post, which proposal was in the main received well.  MA was under a time constraint, as he had nautical duties to perform in the afternoon, so he elected to accompany the peleton initially then peel off at an appropriate spot.
The route went up to Cissbury, then towards Chanctonbury and down Llama lane (short lie-down by IH on Llama lane produces grazed knee and jarred wrist, but no damage to bike) and continued to Wiston and then north on Water Lane and Hole Street to the junction with North Lane (mile 5.3).  Here the peleton split, MA continuing northwest to Ashington while the remaining six followed north to emerge at Woodmans farm.  Here an easterly footpath through the woods brought us to the quaintly named Grinder’s Lane, and a left turn took us past the campsite to the garden centre at Dial Post (mile 9) where brek was taken.
The return leg went through the Knepp estate, where dire warnings were posted exhorting us to keep to the track as a deer cull was in progress.  The peleton emerged unculled at Warminghurst church (mile 13), where we met several flower ladies taking a break from preparing the church for a wedding.  Following narrow lanes we progressed south to cross the A283 and start the climb up Barns farm Lane.  Time was by now pressing, so a short sharp climb up to the SDW at high barn was adopted.  Excellent view to the north.
and steady progress by the peleton up the climb
The return to Findon was via Puckamuck corner, Collarbone alley (with a stop to inspect the JR memorial) and through the crem where Ian decided to enjoy yet another lie-down in the wood section alongside the A24.
A grand ride under fine skies; thanks to all for your company and vt, and a hearty welcome to James!
Bonus mini-movie attached
Total 20.3 miles and 1,562ft
Strava confirms Mark’s return route (in blue, peleton in orange), which took him through Ashington
over to the flower ladies’ church, then down across the A283 to climb up to the high barn.  Along SDW to chantry then down to lee farm and through APE to Angmering.  As usual, he covered more distance than the rest of us (27 miles to our 20).

Saturday 21st August 08.00am ride

The assembled peleton of six (AM, JL, JR, PT, RT and ZA) was briefly joined by Ian before the ride.  However, in a worrying exhibition of possibly age-related forgetfulness, Ian had not brought his bike.  Instead he had with him a luxuriantly pelted and extremely laid-back dog, who was of course taking Ian for his morning stroll before getting down to the canine business of the day which was to take Ian to watch him get a haircut.
Discussion of a route prompted Andy to offer in advance his apologies for absence for the next few weeks.  He has planned a short staycation at Southlands, and must first self-isolate for two weeks. Heaped on this tale of misfortune is a post-staycation ban from riding for a month or so.  Please keep Andy in your thoughts in early September, as the might of the NHS intervenes on his behalf.
Following this bombshell, Andy was immediately made routemeister for the day (despite his strong reluctance) and a visit to Teddies in Shoreham became inevitable.  The route settled on was:  Cissbury, SDW, Langmead, concrete road, Maudlin Lane, Downslink, and back along the coast (the wind was from the east) with a detour to inspect readiness of defences at Shoreham Fort.
A planned stop at “Coffee Dave’s” on the seafront was foiled by the absence of both “Coffee Dave” and his mobile beverage emporium.
No lie-downs, blasteets, dehydration episodes (thanks to JL having Richard’s spare camelback) or other alarums and excursions marred the day, but the peleton could have done without the drizzle which came on as brek was completed.
An enjoyable morning, enlivened by bouts of vt, in which JL has clear potential to become proficient.
Total 23.8miles & 1,122ft

Saturday 28th August 08.00am ride

A peleton of four met at OPG (JL PT RK and ZA) on a bright morning, and taking time constraints into account opted for the classic “4 Peaks Anticlockwise” ride.  In a rush of zeal, the pelefour departed prematurely at 08.04.  The error was realised at 8:05 when we met TK hurtling down cross lane to effect his usual last-minute entrance.  After greetings and a short wait (while it was observed that Mr Avery would have taken a severe position vis-a-vis the early start) the five set off up towards Cissbury.

Then north to Chanctonbury, down through the old quarry (mile 4) to the A24, then across and up towards the high barn.  ZA peeled off south at the turn for Windlesham, to return to the village via the school (exactly how, via puckamuck corner and the crem, via muntham farm, or through the maize to Long Furlong, is unclear) and the remainder climbed to the barn then turned south to puckamuck corner and collarbone alley before crossing Long Furlong and climbing Church Hill (mile 9).  A fast but slippery descent to brek at the garden centre (mile 10), then back to the village proper. A shorter than of late ride, but no shortage of vt from all concerned.

Total 10.6 miles & 1,138ft.