Monarch’s Way ride – Tuesday

Day 2 ride – Salisbury to Winchester

Events of the Day.

Doorstep sandwiches in the Tally Ho pub in Broughton

Paul trying to use e-power to drive through a muddy section only to embed himself in the mud

Chris’s puncture repair being assisted by bend-a-rim Kim and finally sorted by team mechanics assistant Avery overseen by twitching fingers team mechanic Topley

Debacle in Winchester with 6 going round in circles before finding the hotel and the remaining 4 left behind with battery drained on the Satmap – Andy chain problem

Bishop on the Bridge getting nil points on Buddadvisor (and zero FGCC llama ratings) for not allowing Julie in for a table of 5 and separate table of 6, resulting in move to a much better location.


Total 32.6 miles & 2,339ft


KBS – Bend-a-rim Kim award for aggressive method of tyre installation when gentle handling under the supervision of TM proved much more successful